Monday, July 31, 2006

All alone

Clarence have left yesterday to Berlin for his work,so i am home alone.That means i have to sleep alone too and i really hate that!!So that will be a lot of scrapping tonight...
Up to challege 4, making chipboard accents.Well i know i promised to show you the challenge results,but Clarence took my batteries to Berlin(MEN!!)So it's going to be a little later,sorry about that.I have just ordered some new photo's so i can't wait to start some challenges about me.Okay that's it for now,see ya tomorrow!!


We are home and it is good to be back!!We had a great time in Tilburg,but now i can scrap again.
I am off to make challenge 3 and then i'll be back to show them.*smooch*

Friday, July 28, 2006

Soccer at the park

Just some photo's i made two weeks ago from Jack(my mother's husband) and Julian playing soccer at the park.As you can see they are having a great time!!

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Village fair

Today we went to the village fair here in Tilburg and Julian loved it!!It is the biggest village fair in Europe.He liked the small boats so much,i had to drag him out of it after the third round.
Unfortunately my mothers battery charger doesn't work anymore( i am part to blame),so i couldn't take any pictures.Which is a really disappointment for me but okay,i'll get over it!!

After that we went to the shopping centre and i bought some nice sakura gel pens for just ,50 cent!!I was soooo happy with them,the woman behind the desk would probably think i am nuts...We also went to the Karwei for 2 chairs,which turned out to be children chairs...(I felt so stupid!!)But we did found a nice parasol for my balcony.It has a nice blue color and you can bend it in two different directions.My mom and her husband gave it to me for my birthday :D

I can't wait to get home and finish my second challenge from Elsie's book.Isn't she the cutest??
Her style is really unique and sooo inspiring...I can't wait to meet her in person.

Well that's it for now,i'll be back tomorrow.Kissss

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Wow a new blog!!

Well i just started this new blog,and i can´t wait to make it all happy and Fauve :) I am now in Tilburg with Julian so i can't scrap.But when i get home,i will show you some of my latest Lo's i have been working on.I have started with the challenges from Elsie Flannigan's new book "52 Scrapbooking challenges",and i LOVE it!!I am now busy with challenge 2,but it is time to make some new foto's...Maybe at the kermis tommorow!!Well talk to you soon,i have to go and get some pampers for Julian.

*smooch* Fauve