Friday, April 25, 2008

Something went wrong...

I prommised an update on Tuesday and it's now Friday...I know,i am terrible!I fell a sleep around 8 PM.TWICE!And since i can't really do anything around daytime,there was no time left to update.Sorry,but i'm working on it :)

The DutchSIS crop was great!Finally a time to chill and relax.It's scrapbooking,but it's for fun and not for work.Although i had some deadlines to work on...So i even finished a layout.Woohoo for me!It was the first time i actually produced something on a crop.I can't really focus when i have people around me.

I got REALLY spoiled!My girly Karin brought me all these cute Kawaii goodies,and i am sooo happy with them.I love goodies,especially Kawaii stuff!So thanks Karin,<3>
I send a PM to Linda,asking where she got that cute CupCake deco tape.And she brought me some to the SIS crop together with some other goodies,yay!
I made another layout with the March Dozens kit.I already recieved the April kit,and it looks so yummy!!This layout is a bit different then normal,and i'm not sure that i like it...Oh well I think i can share the news that i 'm a Freelancer for the Dutch magazine "Creatief met Foto's" now.Which means creative with photo's :D It's completely different then Scrap! magazine and i don't have my own article.So i have to adjust.Which is new to me LOL (I'm sooo spoiled!!) But i think it's going to be fun!

And yay for me since i got my own article for the SCRAPBOOK magazine!It's about non-scrapbooking items,because they rule my scrapbooking :D

BTW,have you seen this??Sooo cool,i LOVE BamPop :) Got my first issue from the SCRAPBOOK magazine and it has a 6 page BamPop article in it from me.I was sooo pleased with the way it looked!!

Are you enjoying the sun?It looks like the sun finally came out! Lovin it :)

I found the coolest shoe's on Ebay!I love converse,especially the limited editions.So when i found these i was beyond thrilled!When i recieved the package i showed them to my mom.She said,they are sooo you!Love it when people say that LOLI already owned these,and they are my favorite shoe's!Unfortunately mine are not so neat anymore...I'm off to scrapbook some more.Happy scrapping!

Monday, April 21, 2008

New Mojo is up!

Tomorrow i will do an update from yesterday SIS crop and some more stuff!For now i'll show you my layout for the new Scrap Mojo challenge!Sorry again my blog readers,i'm really going to update more starting this week!Please bear with me :) xoxo

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Big update soon...

for now,a new Dozens layout.xoxo

Sunday, April 06, 2008

ScrapMojo and The Dozens layouts

Sooo the new ScrapMojo challenge is up and boy did i have a hard time with this one!Our fabulous Lindsay challenged us to use office lingo and office supplies on our layout.well i had no inspiration at all for the title,but in the end i really like how it turned out.I love that picture i took of Maxim,he was totally knock out LOL

I used the March kit from The Dozens and i loved it a lot!(As usual...)Thanks for looking and Happy Scrapping!!

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

It's been a long time...

but i am back again :) Unfortunately i can't show that much...I go from asignment to DT work,so i can only show something when it get's published.I am having a good time with all the asignments though!And i LOVE my Design Teams! Sorry,but i will show anything a.s.a.p.!!

A new challenge is up on the inspired by Amelie blog.I created a memory box for my childhood toy's.I am not really good in altered stuff (as you can see LOL),but oh was fun!Check out what the other girls did,they are wayyy better in this then me :D

This was my layout for the last ScrapMojo challenge.It's almost time for the new challenge,so be sure to check the blog!These girls are so inspiring,check out their work.It's amazing!

I have this great TOOT,i can't show jet.But sjeeeeeeeez,i can't wait to reveal!But i do have a TOOT i can reveal...I will be working for the "Creatief met Foto's" magazine as a freelancer.It's a well known scrapbook magazine here in The Netherlands.So verry happy about that.

My Maxim is 9 months old since yesterday!For several weeks he has been sitting on his knee's to check everything out.But during our Easter weekend,this boy decided to stand up!I was totally shocked,but not shocked enough to freeze and not get my camera LOL So i've got proof.I thought Maxim was gonna be slow,but standing straight with 8 months is pretty fast if you ask me!!My oldest was walking when he was only 10 months old,so i am praying this one will not be the same... :D

I made some pictures during Easter,but they are terrible!I am not so good in taking action shots LOL And i can't believe we forgot to decorate some egg's!!

So i will be back with my new ScrapMojo layout!Don't forget to check out my article in Scrap!Unfortunately 1 layout looks so dark and ugly,i am really dissapointed about that.Well i hope next time it looks better!Happy Scrapping :)

Do you have a beautiful/funky picture from your dog...And you wan't to get published...Send me your pictures to