Thursday, June 25, 2009

Cupcake workshop

So last Tuesday we (Andrea,Marion,my mom and me) went to a Cupcake workshop in Den Bosch.We had a great time!We decorated 6 little cupcakes and 6 big cupcakes.We learned some cool techniques and used a lot of awesome products.Kids in a candy store that's for sure!The blue one is my fave.My mom bought the Wilton print rol(?) and i think it's the coolest thing ever!You can also use it to make little roses,see my mom's blog.
I am planning to make some more cupcakes this weekend,i'm hooked!
I'll be back with some scrappage,have a great weekend!
p.s.Be sure to check out this movie!It was so much fun...

Monday, June 22, 2009

Still alive...

No i didn't move to another planet and yes i am still alive.So sorry it took me ages to update you all but i had some major computer problems.It's not completely solved jet but atleast i can update my blog again.So what have i been up to?Well nothing much i have to say,ha!I enjoyed the weather a lot!!People probably think i live in the playground...

Julian is doing really great on school!So happy about that.My youngest is almost turning 2!!On the 1st of July we are celebrating his second year on this planet.Not sure what we are going to do,probably going to the Efteling.

My mom showed me how to make Sushi yesterday,and i am happy to share that it was a succes!
I am going to try it again at home,and i will make some pictures to show you how they turned out.They were gone before i could take pictures,that's a good sign!!We also went to a carboot sale yesterday.These are so much fun!!I bought a big straw bag(1,50),leather jacket(3,00) and a small leather bag(2,00).Score if you ask me!

My mom,her sister in law,my sister in law and me are going to a Cupcake workshop this Tuesday.I am sooo looking forward to it!We are going to "De Taartwinkel" in Den Bosch,which means The Cakeshop.We are going to learn how to decorate cupcakes and i really hope we will learn a lot of cool things.I think my mom is already an expert,but she doesn't agree with me.I think this will be a piece of cake for her,but it's still a lot of fun!She wan'ts to learn about Royal Icing,somebody got a recipe?Thanks in advance!

I did some Scrapbooking but i have to try to get the pictures on my computer(oh oh!)Will show soon!!Happy Scrapping people,good to be back.Will show my Cupcakes results after the workshop!xoxo