Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Just wanted to share this with you girls,and hope you can get some inspiration out of it.I know i can :D

I also made a list on the right,with some good links for Inspiration.
Check out Karen Michel's page,it's so inspiring!!

And if you like altered art,please check Teesha Moore's site.(thanks daphne)

Some news to share...

I wasn't feeling so good the last couple of weeks,so i made an appointment at the hospital.I went last friday and i turned out to be 10 weeks pregnant.Although this is not really planned :),i am really excited and happy about it.Don't really know how things will work out,but i am sure we will be fine.I will show you the pictures from the ultrasound as soon as possible!!Love you all :D

Thursday, November 16, 2006

i {heart} you

Here is my new attempt @ Freestyle,inspired by the lovely Elsie Flannigan and Celine Navarro.I removed the staples from the
ribbon,because it didn't turned out that nice...
Love this picture from Julian,he looks so Happy :D

Who's going to the opening of the new scrapbook store in Amsterdam?
It's the second Scrapland store in The Netherlands,hope to see you all there Saturday!!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Best buds

Okay so i guess it's just my new photo's that really got my MOJO back.
The page is a bit simple,but i like it.Really loving this picture!!

Okay so now another question...Has any of you Dutchies seen "REPORTAGE" this week?It was about the UFO in Roswell,New Mexico,and wow was that tape looking real or what??It was so interesting,but also kinda scary.I believe i have dreamed about aliens the whole night LOL.So let me know what you girls think...

Hope to show you some more soon,Happy Scrapping

Monday, November 13, 2006


That is the exact right word for this layout!!It was sooo Yummy to make this page.FINALLY!!The scrapper in me is back :D The whole page just flew out of my hands,and that's really something that was missing the last couple of weeks.So get ready for some layouts this week girls,because i have some catching up to do!!Hmmm Where do i start...Any suggestions?

Thursday, November 09, 2006

A day in the forest...

Love these pictures i took of my brother and Julian in the forest 2 weeks ago.We also went to the playground and Julian just loved it!!I lost my camera cable,so i couldn't upload my pictures.But here they are... :D

Thursday, November 02, 2006

I did some scrapping

but i am not sure if i like it.I think i can do better then this,so i guess i havn't got my MOJO back... These are for the Scrapland DT,so i hope they like them...

Hoping that my scrapbooking will go better when i recieve my Elsie pictures...

I also wanted to show you my new ribbons,can you see i like polkadots??

I started my own art/inspiration journal,on advice of the lovely Elsie F.And i would love to see some for inspiration,so if anyone of you have an art journal...Please show me ?:D