Saturday, March 31, 2007

Yesss it's Spring!

Finally i can look outside and see some sunshine!!It was really annoying it was raining all the time.Now it's time to enjoy the lovely weather and make some great Spring pictures!

So here is the scrapjack using Adrienne's layout as inspiration.Ofcourse i was too late with entering,but i'm still glad i made it.

And here's a layout i made for Scrap! 2 months ago,not my best period but i didn't think the picture in the magazine did my layout any justice...So i thought i show it here again.

Okay i'm off to enjoy the weather,and will update my blog on monday.Have a nice weekend!!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Back to FUN scrapping!

So my computer is working again,but it's verry slow which is sooo annoying.I have been working on some asignments for Scrap this week,but unfortunately i can't show them jet.I really like how they turned out,this was some FUN scrapping!Here are some "old" layouts i made some time ago when i wasn't feeling so great.I am not verry happy about them,but i thought i show them anyway.

I am off to scrap and fix my balcony,because the weather is starting to look nice :D

Sunday, March 25, 2007


1000 visitors within 20 days,who would have thought that!!It makes me really excited :D

The Lipsmacker "winner" is Emine Pala,so send me your address and i will send you your smackers!

Lot of asignments to do this upcoming 2 weeks so not much too share i am afraid.But i have lot's to show from the past couple of weeks,so keep checking.Back tomorrow with some pictures.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Quick update and Lipsmacker give away :D

Well the computer is still not what it used to be,so another update from my mother's computer.I havn't done much scrapbooking lately,i just wasn't in the mood :S But i am planning to do some scrapping tonight,i guess more Elsie sketches.I am little bit behind schedule.I finished sketch 3,but the colors i used were just not working for me.Which were pastels...I guess i have to practice with the new baby coming up :)

Only 12 more weeks to go for the new baby arrive,can you believe that??Yes i'm excited but also a bit scared LOL The last time they gave me some good medicine,and i didn't feel a thing.I was all high to the sky!!So this time can't be just as easy as the last time,since i was already dying at 4cm...Oh well,it has to come out anyway.I just keep in mind it's the last time!!

I recieved my swaps for the Swap-Bot lipgloss swap,which are sooo cute!I love lip-gloss and especially "my childhood memory" Lipsmackers :D Now a days there are so many flavors,you can't even imagine!!You can see them @ I recieved the flavors ice creamies and some cool Kool-Aid sticks,which i had never heard off.So i was glad that she added a package of the Kool-Aid drink.

And a big WOW for the counter!!Almost 800 people within 16 days,that's so cool...

So i thought it would be fun to do a Lipsmacker give away :D I know i know...this is for little girls but hey...WHO CARES!!Leave your name in the comments section,and let me know if you would like to recieve 1.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

ow no!!

My computer crashed!!I CAN'T live without my computer,and especially not without Ebay LOL
I know...I am really addicted to internet/Ebay.But my computer is my nr.1 entertainment next to my cute son Julian :D I am sorry for the people who emailed me and havn't got any response.But as soon as my computer is running again,i will update everything and show you some of my recent work.Which isn't that much because of the lovely weather!!

Will be back soon(i hope...)

Thursday, March 08, 2007

It's time to...

reveal my SECRET!I am the new designer for the German magazine Scrap-Art-Zine :D I am really excited about this and i can't wait to get started working with this great Designteam full of talented scrappers.They recently switch from digital to a paper magazine and i can't wait to get my hands on the first magazine.Here is the link to the website,so you can look around and/or order the magazine.

Many thanks to Andrea and Jana for this great opportunity!

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Cute Celine

So here are some pictures of Celine and me.Unfortunately they are all yellow because we made them inside.At the moment i dont have photoshop,so i was wondering if any of you would like to help and photoshop them for me??Of course i will be giving that person some goodies as a thank you!But they do have to look good :)
I havn't got the chance to finish my projects jet,but i am pretty sure i will finish them.I really REALLY like them,but it's not a small project so it takes a few days.Gotta do some scrapping today,i really feel like it.Just some FUN scrapping,i guess the Elsie sketch of this week.

Monday, March 05, 2007

Wacky Workshops

So yesterday Martine and i went to the Wacky Workshops in Veghel.And i had so much fun!The workshops were great,food was nice and i met a lot of friends.@ 10 am we did the workshop Funky Fabric book from Celine Navarro,and i can tell you:She is just the Sweetest!!We had a little chat with her and she wrote me a little message on fabric,so cute :D
But besides the fact that she is Sweet she is also verry talented!!Boy i just loved her fabric book.
We cut the pages out of thick red felt and embellished it with fabric,felt flowers,buttons,fabric tags,doodling,journaling etc.I am not a fast scrapper and i started with stitching,so i only finished the front LOL But i don't mind,because i really think i will finish this one...

So after that we had time for lunch and just time to chat and relax.Loved to see all of the people i know from blogging etc. in real life.A lot of people recognized me,which i always think is Fun!
But i am not to sure why that is?Well i guess it's just the preggo belly :D

It was time for the next workshop which was given by Corinne Delis.We made a mini album using paint,hambly,cherry arte pp,buttons,stamps,felt etc.Got to finish the front of the album and some of the pages,some just need some more embellishments...Great workshop with cute techniques and lot's of give away's.So thanks to Marcia,Celine and Corinne for this great weekend!Can't wait for the next cool Wacky Workshop weekend,count me in!!

Pictures will be added later.