Monday, August 26, 2013

Glitz design Digital Design Team!

Yesss it's up on the Blog so i can share my good news :) I've been picked as a new designer for the Glitz Design Digital team,yay!Love me some Glitz and i can't wait to show some projects using the New Glitz collections that have just been released.I also plan to make some more projects using the Uncharted Waters collection,because these colors are just perfect for those Summer pictures i still have laying around!

Huge congrats to the other Glitz ladies,be sure to check them out on the Glitz blog! :)

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Knotsgekke Kaarten dagen

I went to the Dutch craft show called Knotsgekke Kaartendagen last Thursday and it was GREAT!I used to go to these shows and workshop etc. all the time,but haven't done so for a long time.So when i arrived at Den Bosch station it was filled with (elderly ha!) ladies who were all set and ready for the craft show.We were waiting for the bus that would take you to the building,since it was only 1 euro there and back again.

I had a coupon for 1 euro discount on the entrance,yes i came prepared this time! :) Obviously it was super crowded at the Card stands because most of the people there were obviously card makers.They had huge deals on paper like 0,50 cent for a pack of really thick cardstock!But i don't really use it so i didn't gave in because of the whole 0,50 cent deal.There were some super cute Scrapbook stores and of course i overspent as usual.SO many great Tim Holtz,Prima,7gypsies etc Vintage stuff,who could resist???Well quite a few people because i was noticing some people without any bags,while my hands were hurting from carrying all these plastic bags.(Note to self: Don't ever leave the house without your shopping cart!!)

And what does new goodies do with your creativity??Right!Gives you a creative boost :) I also have this with new printed pictures,don't ask me why...

Because of the Project Life spreads i had been working on,my regular 12x12 layouts were on hold.So it was time to get out that beautiful 12x12 paper and get messy.I wanted to create something Vintage and boyish because somehow i like this style best.The colors,images,textures and metal embellishments just work for me.I have this HUGE thing for trinkets and everything metal at the moment.AlsoWooden embellishments,every project or layout has to have one of these two things.I'll guess they're my favorite right?

Last day of school,i'll guess you can say i am a bit behind on schedule since school has already started ha!Being a scrapbooker,i started hoarding things...Okay thats total nonsense,i have been a hoarder all my life lol But i started saving tags and packing stuff because i would think they should be fun on layout.And they usually are,i think these create unique pages.Well on this layout i used bits and pieces of scrapbooking stuff i hoarded over the years.There are some new Prima Marketing and Tim Holtz stuff here,but also some really old Jenni Bowlin,Glitz Design,Heidi Swapp and Basic Grey stuff on there.I totally love the combination of new and old together on a layout.I bought some "old" Prima Marketing and 7gypsies stuff on the craft show because that stuff never get's boring!

Don't you just love my idea of stapling my staples? :) As you can see lot's of Metal and Wood!

Have you seen those new die-cut sheets from Studiolight?They are called easy Vintage and they are to die for and above all Super Cheap!!What's not to love?? 

Since school has started again,i didn't do many Project Life.I created one page with Dear Lizzy products,these colors make me so Happy!!Just random stuff like the Queens day flea market,new scarf,last minute shopping and my favorite Donut.

As i mentioned,my boy's started school again last week.Man!! this getting up at 7AM kicks me in the butt after the Summer vacation.I am NOT a morning person and getting up early is making things much much worse haha. Felt like Monday everyday for the last two weeks lol

My boy's on their first day.So big already...Totally fake smiles ofcourse,but hey atleast they listen to their momma!Mommy wants a picture,mommy get's one!Even though it's usually not what she had in mind haha
Such cuties,you should hear all the stuff they are saying on a daily basis.Too funny!
I'm off to bed now,happy scrapping!!

Friday, August 16, 2013

Going digital

I was just think the other day,i have been a paper scrapbooker for 8 years!Wow that sure is a long time...I remember that i was reading a Dutch scrapbook magazine and decided that this was it for me!Not sure if i was still pregnant or that i already gave birth to Julian.In that same magazine was an advertisement about a new Scrapbook store that was opening in Lelystad,the city i was living at that moment.I was really excited and couldn't wait!I had NO clue where to begin or what i actually needed to start scrapbooking...So i went to the store opening and i was so overwhelmed that i left the store with only a paper trimmer and a few 12x12 sheets of paper ha!The same week i went back to the store and signed up for a workshop to learn about scrapbooking.After that i was hooked!And my scrapbook stash is a little bigger now then just a paper trimmer and a few sheets of paper haha

I have tried several formats like 8,5x11 and 6x12 but it just wasn't for me.I am a traditional 12x12 scrapbooker and i really like it!In my last post i told you about my Project Life journey,i am hooked for sure!Love working on it and tell my story about daily life.Because that's what scrapbooking is all about right?I have to say that i used to do the same with my 12x12 layouts.Just telling random stories,not only the huge events in our lifes.I probably have more random stuff then big stories like birthdays and christmas stuff haha

Okay i am totally off topic here...I was going to share my new layouts using Glitz Design Uncharted Waters.And yes,they are Digital!!Who would have thought that??I have done a lot Hybrid scrapbooking but never really made digital layouts before.I always thought they looked kinda fakish...But this was years ago,and the digital kits have improved so much!!I mean you can staple,stitch and everything!I was looking online to find the Glitz Design Uncharted Waters collection and couldn't find it.After browsing some more i found the collection in a digital format on Jessica Sprague.Perfect!This way you can use it over and over again.Layouts,cards,just the embellishments,you name it!Hope you like it :)

I will be back this weekend with some Project Life.Happy scrapping!

Friday, August 09, 2013

The new addiction

Summer vacation is almost ever and i can't believe we are starting school again in just three day's!!I am so not ready for this...The weather is not as HOT as it was the last couple of weeks(Thank god,i was melting!) but it's still nice Summery weather outside.Not the kind of weather to sit inside a school all day if you ask me...BUT the kiddo's can't wait and that's most important ofcourse.

I have been busy creating these last couple of day's...A new addiction(Yes,i have many!)has struck here,and i simply can't/won't stop creating.I wanna keep that creative boost as long as possible!It feels really good being creative again,feel like cut and pasting all day :)

Ow,yess the new addiction...It's probably not new for a lot of people/scrapbookers,but i started Project Life this week and it had been a creative journey so far!I am truly a 12x12 scrapbookers,it's just what i do!I have tried the other sizes like 8,5x11 and 6x12 but it just wasn't for me.So i was afraid that the sleeves with all the small faces were just not gonna work for me.Well i have to admit,it was a bit of a pain in the beginning...but after that...WOW,doors went open and there was just a whole new world out there for me with countless possibilities.Okay,okay...That's maybe a bit much,but you get where i'm going right?!Can you tell i'm excited about this?? :)

So without further ado,here are my spreads.Let me know what you think!?
The boy color,love these!Playing with these colors just works for me.It just comes naturally without too much thinking.


The girl colors are a different story.I seriously LOVE the Dear Lizzy collection and these colors are way too cute.But all the soft and sweet stuff can be tricky sometimes,i have to worry about not add too much stuff so it will look like a circus.( No not the pretty vintage kinda circus look...)I think i did well,i really like how it turned out. 

It's a pain to photograph these,wow!I did like the suggestion from...(can't remember!)to photograph your layouts in the Project Life box.It works for me,maybe for you too?? ;)

Here is a glimps of our day's this summer vacation!Check out my Instagram for more pictures of our daily life.My username is todaysmommy :)

I have been busy reorganizing my workspace.I had/have this Expedit full of stuff i don't actually use.But the biggest issue for me were all the different color/size boxes in there.I have these wicker Bränas Ikea storage baskets that are great!I bought two new one's so i have a full row of them.I bought two metal baskets on the fleamarket 0,50 a piece.I also bought this fantastic etagiere in a copper color for 1,50 which was a huge steal i think!Also bought serveral other things that i will show once i finished my space.Maybe i should actually sort out stuff instead of creating layouts?But like i said,i wan't to take full advantage of this boost i am having :) I was browsing on Pinterest for the Industrial Studio look i wan't and i found many great ideas.I just love Pinterest,i feel like i can find anything on there!So much inspiration on one website,so overwhelming!

Here is a layout i made using the Studio Calico Atlantic line.It's about Maxim going third grade yay!

So how are you spending your summer vacation?Only one weekend left,i feel like doing something fun tomorrow!!We are going to make our own pizza's this weekend for sure,can't wait!Mine will be Quatro Formaggi cause i'm a cheese-o-hollic :) Happy Scrapping!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Summer update

I am officially (old) 27 years young :) It was my birthday the 18th of July and i had a fun celebration with family and cake.On the Saturday after that i went to see Mari in Amsterdam and of course we did some Primark shopping as usual.This week i went to the movies with the kids to see Monsters University,fun!!I can really recommend this movie.We enjoyed the HOT weather in the tub and the kids played outside.I however spent my time inside...creating!Bought myself a daylight lamp,so now i can scrapbook again at night.

I played along with OLW and the word this time is Fierce.I don't really think i am one of those persons that is really Fierce...I think i'm a pretty strong woman, but i can be a real scaredy-cat too sometimes!So i decided to use the pictures of my boy's rollerskating for the first time.Ow my...this was fun!(Evil grin)Julian had fun and was doing alright,but Maxim was not that amused!He kept falling on his bottom and was getting really mad and frustrated.Do not touch the bottom...sensitive spot.But he is like me and when he want something...well...he won't stop until he get's it right.And after some practice he was doing alright!The encouragement from his brother and me definitely helped him! :)

Be sure to play along,these ladies are really inspiring!Especially wanted to play after reading Revlie's story,wow she really is one of those Fierce woman!

I played along with the Studio Calico challenge to use many or little embellishments on your layout.I dug op some fun embellishments i had laying around forever.Like the cut out pink label from a shower gel package.The green circle,rope,die-cuts,Prima flower and more.The layouts tells the story about the day my bff and i were going to go shopping here in Tilburg, but it was so warm i had to home and change before i was going to pick her up from the station.Arriving there my bff was dressed up in jeans and blazer,she is a die-hard!So i had two outfits of the day :)


Finally i created this layout about the flowers i got from my mom for fathers day.Really nice gift which meant a lot to me.Being a single parent, day's like that can be hard.But the flowers were a reminder that i get to be both parents,which is a blessing not a curse. <3>

 The other day i was playing with some Sun flare on my balcony.Okay the pictures are probably not perfect,and no i am not a professional photographer...but i really like this technique and this picture!

I have some great models here at home who are happy to pose for mommy. Even though i end up with silly faces,big nose holes etc.
So how is your Summer going?We are going to the fair this weekend!Happy Scrapping :)