Monday, November 26, 2007

We're moved!

Yes we are moved...Still in Tilburg but a bigger house.Our new address is:

Fam.van Maanen/Dosoe
Spaarnwoudelaan 3
5035 HN Tilburg
The Netherlands

I can't believe how much (s)crap stuff i have :D Seriously,how many addictions can 1 person have??Well still unpacking everything,which can be really frustrating with a 2,5 year old running around and a 4 month old baby screaming your ears off.BUT the good part is,that i can re-decorate my scrap corner!!I am so happy with my new thickers.I bought 20 packages (whoops) and can't wait to use them...

So last evening i was having a break from all the unpacking and started creating some stuff with my awesome The Dozens kit.So many great things put together,like it was made for me...I was inspired by all the crazy girls at the Dutch SIS crop and this is how it turned out:
Too bad i was too late with the OLW challenge,but i have no internet yet.I'm updating at my mom's now :) I will be creating more with The Dozens kit soon,check out their cool kits!!

At the Dutch SIS crop we did the round robin from the episode on SIStv,and i had such a blast!!It was kinda scary first,but i think we did pretty good :D I started with the woodgrain Hambly,the pink brick Hambly and the picture.And here is what my layout looked at the end...

I also asked the girls to write me a little message,and i totally like how this turned out!!What a great idea,if i can say so myself LOL

Okay i'll be back soon!!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Dutch SIS crop part1

Here are some pictures of today!I went a bit wild with photoshop :) It was such a fun day with a lot of food,nice chatting and crazy photoshoots!Wow can't wait for the next one!!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Whaaaaaa i made it to the catwalk!!

It has been a week since i updated my blog,wow thats crazy!!Somehow i couldnt find the time to update...My kids are both sick and when children get sick...they get annoying LOL But inbetween the crying and feeding i managed to make the OLW challenge delight.And i can't believe i made it on the catwalk on SIStv!!I feel really honored!!And i seriously like this picture my friend Helene took of me,i think it really shows my crazy side :D

(Don't mind the old chair,i was too lazy to photoshop it...)
Edit:WOW i also made it to the OLW favorites,this must be my lucky week :)Thanks for pointing out Marie!!Now i wish i'd photoshopped it LOL

Okay girls,if you have a weird sense of humor like me,you should definetely check out this site.It's so funny!!The artist(Meghan) from this site made me this really cute cupcake and i'm so Happy with it! So i packed my big sunglasses,the M&M's and my scrap stuff so i'm almost ready for the Dutch SIStv crop!I do need a haircut before saturday,any cool ideas??Be sure to check back for some fun pictures :)

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

It has been like forever...

since i updated my blog!!But i have been so busy,i just didn't have any time left for blogging.I'm happy to say that i finished my asignments and it's time to play again!!So here are some sneaks from the stuff i have been doing in this past week.

Besides scrapbooking,my mom and me have been busy experimenting with cupcakes.Which was so much fun!Seriously my mom is like this baking roll model to me,everything she makes is sooo good.Really annoying LOL

Don't they look cute?I think they look great for making cupcakes for the first time!!

Here is a picture from my cutie who is already 4 months old!Wowww time flies :) He is so sweet,always smiling!

(Does anyone have an idea which photoshop action i used here??Can't find it anymore LOL)

Okay i'll be back!!Love Fauve