Friday, January 23, 2009


Just a quick update about my layout for Scrapmojo and a layout which was just for fun!The Mojo challenge was about hero's.I totally wanted to use "hot mama" since people are always calling me that :D YAY,for them!!Come and play along,it's such a cool challenge and an awesome priceI was really in the mood for something tough and Urban looking,so i played with some pictures from my brother.Totally love this color combo!You can't see it on this picture,but my smilie turned in evil...

I've got a new hair-do,hope to post some picture tomorrow!Goodnight for now...

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Uhuh,uhuh uhuh uhuh!

I'm coming back in the groove baby!

What i meant to say was...I did some scrappage,but you get that right?This layout felt so good!Not a lot of thinking,just doing it!Those are the best.I just Love this picture from my brother,last year in Paris.Really looks like he is pieing...
Journaling say's:have fun and dont care at all.

As you can see,i'm a real stamp dork.Totally messy,and i like it :D

This was one of those pages that i started and got stuck half way.Still not really satisfied,but i was done with it....

Journaling say's:So much to discover.Everything is new...Sometimes kinda scary,but most of the time a lot of fun!It has been a long journey.Who know's where it will lead?

Don't you think that Cheshire cat is the cutest?

As i mentioned in my last post,i bought a Wreck Journal.And i swear,this was the best purchase in 2009 so far...I love playing in it.Here are two examples:

On the left page it say's; paint left overs...from my finger. Haha gotta love it!
And this one felt sooooooooooooooo good!You have to do this when you are in an annoyed/angry kind of mood...Just scratch it!!

Or you can go and burn a page... :DYes,i have a thing for Alice in Wonderland...I don't really like the movie,i just really like the characters.I bought these customized shoe's,and they are so pretty!A lot of stunning details,and so much to see.Unfortunately the magazine Scrap! is going to quit.Really sad because i loved working for it!This magazine started my scrapbooking journey and i am really thankful for it!

Happy Scrapping!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

I'm still here!

Can't believe that the day's are flying by so fast!But i did manage to settle some things.Like for example...the kindergarten for Julian.He starts on Tuesday 20 January!Which is really soon,so that makes me happy as can be.He really missed school,and he can't wait to go back.I know that, because he has been asking me everyday since we've been there...

I did some scrapbooking!!I had a rough start,but i think they turned out cute.Have to get back in the groove worries,it will come again.(That's what i keep telling myself.)

My boy's in their banana boat.This picture keeps crackin me up!I can only show you one,because the other one is for the upcoming ScrapMojo.Which was so much fun to work on!I really missed playing along with ScrapMojo,but i had to get back on track first.

Which brings me to my Amelie blog.I took a break from it at the end of last year,but i am going to pick it up again.We are starting this year with a new Design team call and a blog make-over.So if you are interested in being part of a great group of Amelie designers,please enter!Keep an eye for the blog,it will be up in the next couple of day's!

I played with my camera again.Seriously can't get enough of my Canon!I still need to finish reading my manual...But then again,there are so many other things!!As you might see,i lost some weight.Feel much better about myself now.Gotta keep this diet up! So i played around in photoshop and i can't decide which one i like better.Opinions please!
And these two are only a bit different,but still i am not sure which one i like best.So i would like some opinions about this picture too!Not really sure why i named this picture "attic",because i don't even have an attic.I guess it just looked like that to me...I also think of Cowboy's when i look at the picture above.Don't ask me why... LOL
I am really happy that i finally purchased this.Who want's to play along with me?Talk soon,Happy Scrapping!

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Hi!,I am

Fauvella.Cinderella's sister...For the past couple of day's i have been cleaning,cleaning and more cleaning.Seriously,life is so much easier when you only clean in the weekends :)

I have to admit that i feel so much better!Finally things are getting back on track.I found Julian a new kindergarten today,and i am going back tomorrow to settle everything.Ofcourse i still need to take care of things,but it will come eventually.

I wanted to make some pictures of Maxim with his Buzz Lightyear toy's.He has this little Buzz Lightyear doll that he holds all day long,Everyday!!So i need to take some pictures from that doll only,but i already like these a lot!As you can see,the doll is already missing a hand.Those are the signs that he is loved...
My kids got this little tent from Hema and i LOVE it so much!Luckily they like it too.Means i didn't buy it just for myself LOL Gotta love these colors too...It is covered in little animals,mushrooms,cakes and more.
Ofcourse the day wouldn't be complete without some kisses.Maxim is totally in to giving kisses,complete with mmm sound :)

So tonight i am hopefully going to do some scrapbooking.I tried yesterday but nothing would come out of my hands.So maybe tonight!

Happy Scrapping!

Friday, January 02, 2009

First eyecandy!

The new year has started!I am still at my mom's,but i will be going home today and start the "new life" on Monday.Which includes the words; Diet,structure and bye bye Pj's.(Gonna miss my Pj's!!)I found a helpful site that put's up schedule's for dinner and house cleaning.Unfortunately it's only in Dutch,sorry!But for the Dutchie's that are interested,HERE is the link.

It's really cold outside!But it's not cloudy or anything so i feel like doing some graffiti shot's by the cool walls i found in Lelystad :D Who knows...Maybe tomorrow!My plan is to finish reading my camera manual,since i Love photography but there is so much more that i can do with it.

Here is my first layout in 2009 and i hope there will be many to follow!Happy Scrapping <3