Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A productive weekend indeed!!+TOOT

My crop weekend at Martine turned out quite productive!We often end up chatting the whole evening,but we actually did some scrapbooking this time!It's always fun to see how different our styles are.Which is strange,since we like the same stuff!I will show you three layouts now,and some more later this week.Gotta save some eyecandy!

These pictures are some of my favorites from Julian.I love the vintage look it has,and that cap...i just love it!I used the title Nature Boy,inspired by the song from Nat King Cole.Such a beautiful song!I am still in doubt if i should some of the lyrics as my journaling...Maybe i'll add it later.This is one of my "just do it" pages...I burned my paper,used aluminum foil,teared kraft paper from an envelop etc.(Thanks Martine!)You know...A have fun page!!I simply can't get enough of this color combo too.And a kiddy page for Maxim.These are kinda hard for me,but i like how it turned out.And i used one of those Jolee stickers...WOW,somebody call the newspaper!!I never use Jolee's,they are just so hard to use.I think they are super cute though...And it's a Disney page.I believe you can use anything you like on a Disney page :)I also have two TOOTS to share.One of my layouts is going to get published in an Australian magazine,and two of my layouts in an American magazine.I won't spoil everything jet,but i will share everything with you when the magazines arrive :)

Martine took some pictures from me while i was staying at her place,and they turned out really cool.Atleast i like them...Now i can't wait to see the ones i took from her!! This is my fave!Gotta love the attitude :)Not a real flattering outfit,but oh well :)

Thanks for looking everyone,happy scrapping!

Friday, March 27, 2009

I Love Bam Pop!

So the people who have been following my blog,know that i have been a Bam Pop! fan for a long time!I loved their stuff from the beginning.So i thought it was time to make an ode to my favorite Scrapbook company.Hope they like it!!
I'm going to scrapbook this whole weekend,so much fun!I hope Martine is ready for it :D
In my next post,i will share some toots with you,yay!
Thanks for looking,happy scrapping!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

photoswap time!

So i did two photoswaps,one on SIS and one with my awesome friend Roberta!

This is the layout i made for SIS Amy Gleason.I used the OLW Ready for this one.I pimped up her picture,hope she likey!Such a gorgeous shot...And eventhough i am not good in scrapping action pictures,i had a lot of fun with this one!!

This was my first random photoswap.I only swapped with friends before,so i hope she will like it.This is the layout for Roberta a.k.a. ladybastard.She is totally Kawaii in every single way...Love her,and i hope she likes this!!I def. had fun playing with her awesome picture and all the cute Kawaii stuff :)And last but not least(I hope...hihi),my retro page.Wanted to keep it simple and focus on the picture.I used my sewing machine again,yay!!!So good to have him back...
I took a little break from the unpacking.It was getting so frustrating,i will continue with it tomorrow.Today is scrapbooking day...Same as yesterday :)

Gotta tell you something funny.We were in a real hurry getting ready for school(as usual),and as i was putting on Julian's shoe's i was getting really frustrated because i couldn't get them on.Now it's a fact that All Stars are a disaster to get on,especially kids.So when i gave up and took off the shoe,a little play car fell out.I had to laugh out loud!!Crazy kid...Why didn't he say something?Oh well...something nice for the scrapbooks :)

Happy Scrapping!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Pimp my Blog

My blog needed some changes...It was getting way too boring!!So i changed my background(totally luv the lion lady!!)and my banner.I think they match together very well.Maybe one day when i found time to learn photoshop,i can make a professional banner :)

So the last couple of day's i have been unpacking,sorting and moving things in my house.My whole house was filled with boxes and garbage bags.It was so frustrating!!I actually started crying once,because i didn't know where to look for it anymore.There was stuff laying around everywhere!I moved all the boxes to my scrap room,because i needed an empty livingroom.Feels better now!Although i am kinda hiding from my scraproom now...
Luckily i made a layout before all my stuff arrived,so i have something to show you :)
So what i wanted to ask you Scrapbookers...What are your all time favorite Scrapbook brands?

Mine is 100% BamPop,i love all of their stuff!And i can't wait for the new stuff coming out...I also love the amazing ScrapDiary pp,their stuff is so amazing!!!!!But since i am into all the shabby chic stuff now a day's,brands like Melissa Frances and Tim Holtz also catch my eye.

Well thanks for looking and Happy scrapping!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

carnaval 2009

Went for the retro look...Played with Gesso on top,i'm addicted to it.Not the most charming picture(I look like a man!!),but hey...I scrap it all! I am feeling kinda sick...I have this nasty cold,think i got it from my kids.Such a bummer since the weather is soooo nice!

We went to the playground yesterday.It was so much fun,untill...Maxim walked away!I totally freaked out because i couldnt find him anymore.And then a mom brought him to me...Such a relief!Hated him at that moment though.It's my own fault i know...I turned around to check on Julian and the next minute when i turned around,Mr.Maxim was gone.Ofcourse they didnt want to play with the same things.Sooo next time its going to be the little playground again!!

Tomorrow my parents are bringing my stuff over.When i moved here,i didn't bring all my stuff...So now it's coming for me!!My house is going to be exploded,that's for sure.I am one of those people that just can't throw away stuff...Now i HAVE too!!

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend,happy scrapping!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Haute Spot!!

SIStv is having a new competition called Haute Spot.The layout with the most comments that week wins a coupon for the SIS boutique.I won this week Haute Spot with my butterfly layout,yay!Thanks SISters and BigSIS!!
You can see it in this weeks SIStv episode 202.
My layout 'Remember this' in my last post got published on the Bisous website.How cool is that?
You can see it here.It's a good scrapbooking week!! Happy Scrapping

Monday, March 16, 2009

Remember this

Made with the new PDQ papers,they are gorgeous!Just a layout to remember these pictures.
Thanks for looking.Happy Scrapping!


I made this layout using some of the new pictures from my boy's.I went for a Graffiti/Urban look,with lot's of paint and colors.I also used buttons from KITTYROBOT!!The pink mesh on top is Anti-Slip :)
My friend Marieke made an incredible layout using Julian's picture.She used her own products from Marieke Vermeulen Designs for it,and as you can see...They are very cute!

Hope you all had a great weekend.Happy Scrapping!!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

If nothing...

ever changed,there'd be no butterflies.

This is my new thing...I am totally into the whole Shabby chic look.Pastels,lace,pearls,bring it on!!Happy Scrapping!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

inspired by Amelie Letter challenge

The new challenge @ inspired by Amelie is online.It's all about letters!Come along and play,we have a great price by A Million Memories.An awesome kitclub with cheap International postage!

I played around with some paint and gesso.WOW finally some real scrapbooking!I was done with the "quickies".... :) I like how this one turned out.I really enjoyed using all the clothing tags!! I recieved this blog award from my friend Miranda.Thank you so much!!I feel like i don't really deserve it,since i've been such a terrible blogger in the past...But it makes me really happy to have friends that still read my blog after all this time and all the non blogging!I am waiting for my new pictures to arrive...New pictures alway's give me some creative boost!!
Sooo,i'll be back.Happy Scrapping!

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Rock Star!!

Yesterday i decided to make some Rock pictures of Julian.I was LOL seeying him in his skinny jeans.He thought it was pretty cool :)This is his Rock face...
We are celebrating our 1 year anniversary on the Amelie blog.We are giving away fabulous prizes and are doing some fun challenges.be sure to check it out!

Friday, March 06, 2009

Picture update!

It has been a long time since i updated with some pictures.I didn't have any new ones,because i was too lazy to go outside and take some.(Not afraid to admit it!!) The weather has been terrible,and i can't stand the rain!We didn't do a lot these past day's,but yesterday i needed to go to the city and i brought my camera with me.We went to the skatepark,but unfortunately the graffiti in Lelystad sucks...My boy's look cool anyway :)

Tuesday, March 03, 2009


I have alway's been a fan of scrapbooking "weird" topics.The things that make you laugh out loud when you think back at them,or those moments that were sooo embarrassing ;)

Ofcourse we all scrapbook about important events in our lifes,but i like to remember the "weird' things too...So if you have a layout about a weird topic,please link them.I would LOVE to see!!

This is one of those "weird" topics...The messy room from my brother.He is totally going to hate me for this because he had no idea i even made these pictures... :) I made this page in honor of my loverboy Mc.Dreamy.He is sooo cute,and i wish i could drink a cup of thee with him... :)

Both quickies,which was kinda fun.Happy Scrapping!

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Love yourself

There were times that i hated myself.I thought i was just plain ugly,stupid and fat.Through the years i learned to love myself and accept who i was.I still have moments that i totally hate myself(When i stuff down a 2nd peace of cake!!),but most of the time i just love who i am.I am blessed with 2 beautiful kids,that i adore too much!I feel better about myself since i lost some weight.Still hoping to loose some more...but that will never change LOL ofcourse i am still busy getting my life on track,but i hope that when everything is settled i will be truly happy again.

So this layout is just one of those pages to remind myself of something.Love yourself!

Off to do some more scrappage now.Happy scrapping!!