Tuesday, December 30, 2008

New Year-New Goals

2008 has not been a very good year for me.I am not really a person who set goals for the new year,but i think it's time to change that!My goal for 2009 is to create structure in my life.I never was the kind of person who had structure,but i really need it now.Hopefully i feel better when my life is more organized.Not really sure where to get started,but i am busy making a list with things i need to do in the next couple of weeks.Maybe somebody knows a book about structure in your life??Any help is welcome...I am alway's wondering what people are doing everyday,since it feels like my day's just fly by.Which bring me to the second goal for 2009.Being less lazy!!No more PJ day's untill noon...Get up and do SOMETHING!But i guess that will change anyway when i create structure.The fact that i need to do everything by myself got me really depressed.I always expected other people to help me and make me happy.But i know the time has come that i need to do things by myself.Doesn't make me happy now,but i hope it will at the end.Hopefully it makes me stronger and more mature...

Since i am going to stay in Lelystad for a while i need to do a make-over in my house.It has to become more Fauve,so i feel more at home.I don't have the money to do everything at once,so i am doing one room at the time.Not sure what style to choose for my bedroom...I loveeeeee bright colors,but i am also using those in my scraproom.Yes,i am blessed to have a spare room!Somewhere in my house i want to paint the walls a mint green-teal color.That color just makes me happy!Maybe in combination with pink :) I also love the brocante Shabby Chic style,but not sure where to use it.I have this beautiful brocante chair,mirror and comb set.Which doesn't go with anythinggggggg in my home haha Oh well,going to brain about that one...Again,any tips and decoration tips are more then welcome!

Okay,over to Christmas!We started off with the presents on Christmas morning.And as you can see from the pictures...Way too many presents,like really REALLY crazy!!My kids got rotten spoiled,with so many toy's i don't even know how to take them home with me.They got this big yellow hummer,which is fantastic!Julian was way excited about the huge car,and became a real pro after some practice.Ofcourse he got a big pirate ship,since he has been asking for it for over 6 months...Julian got one and maxim got one,both different.Ofcourse they wanted to play with the ship that wasn't theirs.I couldn't care less :)
I was trying to make some good Christmas pictures but sjeez...It was almost impossible with my two kids.They didn't want to work with me and were very annoyed LOL So they were constantly turning their heads,and Maxim was NOT going to take his soother out.Oh well,maybe next year :D

I missed taking pictures!And i am planning to do some more shoots soon.I am thinking about taking my kids to the graffiti park.I just LOVE those Urban shoots.

Talking about pictures...I really like this picture from my brother and his girlfriend.Well i guess that's about it!Hope you all have a fabulous year coming up,may all your dreams come true!I have big scrapbooking plans for 2009,so thanks for everyone who kept me going and didn't give up on me!You are the best <3

Monday, December 22, 2008

*We wish you a Merry Christmas!*

And a Happy New year.(If i didn't update my blog before that...)These really really cool dishes got me in the mood for Christmas.It makes me Happy just looking at it...I bought them at the AH supermarket,but unfortunately a lot of the stuff was already sold out.That's what you get when youre late with buying your presents....But luckily my mom already has most of the stuff for her place.This way i can steel it when she's not looking :D
They also had these cute Matroesjka(Is that the right name?) doll candles.Not really Christmas if you ask me but i like them anyway.I am staying at my mom's for a while,so no Scrapbooking unfortunately.

But i did got a chance to shoot some fun pictures together with Julian :) Next time when Maxim is awake,we are going to make some Family pics from the three of us!

My new LOVE...Red lipstick!

Can't wait to Scrap these...Happy Scrapping!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Somebody call the news!

I did some scrappage!!Seriously,one layout in like what?3 weeks??Thats just sad!!Hope i can pick it up some more when i recieve my pictures.

This layout is about my Love for weird,vintage,colorful(and so on...)clothes.I loved tearing pages out of my magazines.Normally i alway's save them,but this was for a good cause :)

Hope you like it!
Happy Scrapping,Love Fauve

Friday, December 12, 2008

Scrap! magazine

Sorry,it took me so long to update!My intentions were good.but somehow i failed again... :D
Didn't do any scrapbooking,so i didn't have a lot to share either.But then Scrap! magazine came out and i can show you my layouts.I got to play with a lot of Cosmo Cricket stuff.And these primary colors just totally fit me.First i thought it were the really bright pink and applegreen colors that suits me best.But these colors were just so much easier to work with...Maybe it is because i have two boy's???

So this is my new favorite layout :D Like i said,i really like the colors.But i also like the picture together with this title.For me it just all comes together.(And i don't think that way about my layouts very often...)

Another new favorite...Love this weird picture :)
I had a lot of fun layering all the pictures.Ofcourse cutting them was not that funny...

I also made some layout's for the Cosmo Cricket Mr.Campy line.That stuff was fun!!Some of the colors were a bit too soft and retro for me,but it opened a new world for me...

Simply adore this picture...And that background paper was my favorite from the Mr.Campy line.

Seeying this picture,instantly made me think of Joey from Friends.(Joey doesn't share food...)Had to use it for a title...
I've got some serious creative parents.My dad came up with this title.Me likey!
Gotta love that tree paper...

So at the moment i am visiting my mom in Tilburg.I had a date last Tuesday,which was a lot of fun!Still this whole dating thing is nothing for me...I was so nervous,i thought i was going to faint.The guy score some huge points by saying WOW when he saw me... ;)

Yesterday i wen't to see Madagascar 2 with my brother and Jeff and it was sooo Funny!!Seriously,i LOVEEEEE Moto Moto...If you havn't see it jet,you should go and see it!

Here you can watch the clip from Moto Moto

See you soon,Happy Scrapping!

Monday, December 01, 2008


So it's been a while!Didn't do much these last couple of day's.I still feel like i am living in some kind of show...I am mostly doing laundry/cleaning,and talk with friends/family online.I wish i wouldn't feel so lost at the moment.I am still questioning myself why these things are alway's happening to me.It's not that i pitty myself (well,maybe a bit),but i just feel like my life isn't going forward.I wan't to enjoy the little things in life again.My most precious and beautiful kids...And with all these things happening to me,i feel like i can't REALLY enjoy it.Well,change is gonna come.It must!

I made this layout using a sketch.I don't use sketches that often but i like to once in a while...I wanted to use some retro colors for this.Not really my thing,but it was time for something different.I love these pictures so much!
I'll be back soon with some more stories.Take care,Happy Scrapbooking!