Sunday, January 31, 2010

I have been playing...

Okay...i am officialy tired of the bad weather now.I wanna wear NORMAL shoe's again!The snow had been gone for like 2-3 day's and all of a sudden it was back again.I was sooo grumpy that

Since i can't take pictures of my work,i decided to play with some pictures of mine.I used an overlay from Sausan Designs.I have to admit that i had no clue how to use these things in Photoshop.But now that i do know,i am really enjoying it.The overlay's from Sausan Designs are perfect if you want to create a more shabby/old look.(She also has really cool overlay's for boy's to create a grunge kind of look.)
The longer i stare at pictures,the more flaws i see.Am i the only one with this habbit or shall we say problem?Oh well...Which one do you like best?Or maybe none...You can tell me,i can take it.I

Happy Scrapping!!

Friday, January 29, 2010


Yes yes yes...I have a great TOOT to share!!Some of my work will be published in the April issue of Somerset Memories.I can't wait to see how it looks and i am very excited about this!Thanks for letting me share!!I'll be back with some eyecandy.Happy Scrapping Fauve

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Wanna win a signed Tim Holtz die?

Hop on over to the BlueMoon scrapbooking blog and check out the give away!!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Time to show some more.

Played some more with the Blue Moon Scrapbooking kit.Made a layout and a dubbelsided card.Not sure if this layout and card is my thing...Still have a feeling it's a bit unfinished.And ofcourse the whole card thing just isn't my thing.I bet there are cardmakers screaming at the moment,looking at this LOL I had fun though...I'll be back soon!No time now since my best friend Mari is coming over today,yay!All the wat from Dubai...(Well A'dam actually)
Happy Scrapping

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Is she really THAT crazy???

So i decided to make a picture from my eyeshadow color and show it to my girl Celine.She posted a message on her blog about her new fabulous color eyeshadow!I don't wear eyeshadow that often since i am more of a "natural" make up kinda girl,but i do like it.I just never buy,and wear it.Maybe i should change that??ANYWAY,i put some eyeshadow on one eye and made a picture to show.Like the color?It's a heavy color,for party's or maybe the runway?? LOL

I used ARTIST cream eye shadow color Dali 050 from P2.Since it's liquid it kinda looks like a lipgloss. :D
So after that i had to go and do some groceries.People were staring a bit strange at me,but i live in a pretty weird neighbourhood so i am used to it.So i continued doing my groceries and went to the cash register.All of a sudden the girl behind the counter(I do groceries several times a day,so they know me...) asked me why i was only wearing eyeshadow on one eye?

OW MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How embaressing is that???

Yeah,so this is a warning for all of you!!If you decide to make a picture for someone wearing something crazy,make sure you remove it BEFORE you leave the house.LOL

While i was making pictures from my eyeshadow,i made this picture where you can see me holding the camera in my eye.I thought it was freaking cool!!So gonna scrap this one.
Happy Scrapping! :)

7Gypsies Avignon Question Game

at BlueMoon Scrapbooking.Go check it out here.Win fabulous prices by just answering a question!!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Scrap in the crap...

So when i decided to clean out my Scrap/mess room,i had no idea it was going to be THAT bad...I mean,how can one person have so much stuff??!!(I should ask my friend Martine LOL)
I started on Saturday sorting out boxes with stuff.You know,Christmas stuff,old baby stuff and just random crap.I put the Scrapbook boxes aside and sort out all the other stuff and put the boxes back.But somehow in that process,a lot of loose random stuff was spreaded in the house.I guess that when i put it there i was thinking something like "I need to find a place for that,later".Only the later never came,because i still needed to sort out my Scrapbooking stuff.I decided to dedicate my Sunday to my Scrapbooking stuff.I'm not even close to finished...So now i not only have a huge mess in my Scrapbook/mess room,my complete house looks like there is a bomb exploded.Butttt they say you first have to make a mess to get it tight.So i am counting on that!Though i don't feel like sorting out anymore...That can be a problem LOL
I sorted out all my stickers and stuff,and i have to say...SICK,REALLY SICK!!No more buying stickers for me that is.(Beside thickers,but they are not really stickers right???!!!) ;)

So my friend Mandy showed a layout on her blog that was inspired by Celine's inspiration Tuesday.I was really inspired by it!So i threw my scrap crap aside and started scrapbooking.That's what i like best...Feeling inspired and just create,no matter the crap you're in!! :) Made this quickythe other day,i LOVEEEEEEEEEE the Mommy&Me line from Prima!!
Did you see the new sneaks on the Prima Marketing blog??I wan't it all!!I love the shabby soft but also the bright happy umbrella stuff.Hooray for new stuff,so inspiring!
Off to scrap in the crap some more!Happy Scrapping :)

Friday, January 15, 2010

Hugs and Kisses

Time to show 2 layouts i made for Blue Moon Scrapbooking.

Be sure to check out the blog.There is a weekly giveaway,and a chance to win a $10.00 for the store.All you have to do is answer a question!!

First one is about my Love for Twilight.The people who have seen the movies or read the books,know that the vampires sparkle in the sun.That inspired me to use the crystals from the alphabet as sparkles.I cut pieces from the Pink Paislee boarderlines to add some color to the layout.Second one is my very first Valentine layout EVER. :) I never really celebrated Valentines and never had the right pictures,so this was fun!On the picture is my brother with girlfriend,hope they like it.Guess it's time to make some Valentine pictures myself...
Here are two sneaks,cute colors huh??
Didn't do anything this week,it has been a terrible one.Kids were sick,i was sick...Guess snow is NOT our thing!Luckily it's melting and hopefully it will be completely gone next week.Our toilet wouldn't flush.Maxim broke Julian his Nintendo DS,and the list continue's.I did make some pictures from Maxim today,we had fun.
I will be back with an Autumn page.LOL Happy Scrapping!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Hugs and Kisses

So i played with the Hugs and Kisses kit from Blue Moon Scrapbooking,and here is the layout i made.It's been a while since i played with a kit,but i have to say that this kit really inspired me.I also have two sneaks to show.As you know,i never make sneaks...But it looks kinda cool like this right?? :D

So who celebrate's Valentine???I have never been a huge fan of Valentine,but i alway's have to do SOMETHING.Hmmm maybe breakfast with everything heart shaped??Not really refreshing,but who cares lol

My "little" toddler started pre-school last week.WOW it's all going way too fast!Luckily he still acts like my little baby.He really enjoy's being the "baby",so that's kinda funny.I better enjoy it now i still can...
And last but certainly not least,i wanted to show you this cake my mom made.My Mari gave her a book about cakes,and it inspired my mom to make this for someone at work.Cute cute cute!
So since it's still snowing outside(Ulgh!!),i spent my time watching movies,listening audio books and scrapbook.What are you doing??

I watched movies and scrapbooked this weekend at Martine,that was fun!Loved watching Mr& Mrs.Smith.Brat is SO HOT!Well,so is Angelina... :D

Happy Scrapping!

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Where to begin...

Okay once again,my big plan was to keep my bloggin up for atleast 3 times a week...And yeah once again,i failed.LOL I blame the holiday's and stuff,so i am going to try again from now on.(Don't kill me if it doesn't work out!!)My boy's are taking all my spare time now a day's.But my youngest started pre-school last Monday,so i am hoping to spend some more quality me time.
Okay so i guess my suprise TOOT'S are a bit And probably not a suprise anymore,but oh well!First i wan't to tell you about the new paper collection from Sausan Designs.It is AMAZING!!Beautiful colors and fun designs,see for yourself.
I played and made this layout.It's called "Special Made",and it's about the picture i made for my boyfriend when he was away on vacation.Just to showcase how i looked that day,lol!! I loved using Sylvie's cool stamps too,look at that lettertype...
This one was just for fun :) Title say's; Hey curlyhead!Picture is edited by Adrienne Looman.And the other good and exciting news a.k.a. TOOT is that i am a new Design Team member for Blue Moon Scrapbooking.An amazing store with their own beautiful kits.I am playing with the Hugs and Kisses kit,and it's a MUST HAVE!See all those great embellishments??Yeah,perfect for that shabby love i have going on at the moment./;
Talking about shabby,does anyone know where i can buy this magazine online??I LOVE Marie Antoinette and this style of scrapbooking,so it has to be the perfect magazine for me.Thanks in advance for the help!!
Be sure to check out the Blue Moon Blog for give away's,and great inspiration.We also have a blog for the Blue Moon designers,and i will share some stuff (about me) on the 8th of January.

See you there,xoxo Fauve