Friday, August 27, 2010


Okay,i'm off to my mom but wanted to do a quick post with some of the eycandy i have been making.Hope you enjoy!I will be back soon with more.Love Fauve

Monday, August 02, 2010

Rainy day's

Sigh!I have to admit i am one of those weather complainers...Too hot,too cold,too icey...I am aware of that.But i really,and i mean REALLY can't stand the rain.It sucks,it's depressing and it gives me a headache.So when it rains outside,i decide it is a good day to just stay in :) Which is a good thing because it means SCRAPBOOKING!Yay,it felt good...I should do it more often,right??lol

First layout is a challenge;Show the true you.Title called Wake up,Journaling reads:
You keep telling me to wake up and see the real world.But somehow i just don't wanna listen and stay in my fairytale.I know i have to change that,because it is going to cause me trouble at some point.But for now i am so grateful to have you to protect me from harm.
I felt like making something sunny too,i enjoyed can you tell??I have been saving these thickers,i think they are THE BEST!
The more i scrapbook,the more i feel like some Scrapbook shopping.What was the last thing you bought??Please share with me!Happy scrapping xoxo

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Finally a layout+sneaks

Okay so it has been a while since i did some "personal" scrapbooking,just for me.I used to love playing with challenges and i really miss it sometimes.I decided to play along with the Pencil Lines July challenge.This is my result!I like how this style looks with my paparazzi pictures from my boyfriend.Love stalking people :)This is the sketch i used.I also did a Shabby article for the upcoming CMF,using everything Prima.(Sigh,how i LOVE Prima)Here are some sneaks.Sorry for the horrible look of these,i had to cut sneaks from my layout pictures.Since my mother's High Tea party i am totally into collecting my own High Tea stuff.I already had some etagieres and stuff,but i wan't MOREEEE.I also want some different china/porcelin plates and and and and :)
Happy Scrapping!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Most wonderful high tea b-day ever!

My mom really outdid herself again.She organized the most wonderful high tea b-day ever!It was totally Marie antoinette inspired and i loved loved loved every single detail.Like the shoe made of chocolate.And the beautiful cake which had the PERFECT color grey/blue.My mom had been busy for months and you could tell.Glad everyone had a great time. The next day (after the mail man came and my mom had to pay tax for something...)she told me she had another suprise.Something she started organizing back in February...She bought the most beautiful Marie Antoinette dress by Show Belles Costumes and Clothes.It is completely handmade for me and fits perfectly.It really is a dream come true for me,because i have alway's wanted a dress like this.I seriously can't wait to do a photoshoot with it!Besides the beautiful dress,my mom also got me the Marie Antoinette panniers.Sooo cool!And don't forget the perfectly matching necklace,earrings and shoe's.We had to watch Marie-Antoinette that afternoon drinking champagne,fun!After that we did my hair and put on the dress to show Jack and my dad.They loved it!Still can't believe it...Pffff mom youre the very best!Love you xoxoMy brother and his girlfriend got me this cute dress/top.I picked it out myself :)
It just screams Paris,i so need to wear it when i am going to Laduree's with my mom!
Okay so that's it for now,i will be back soon.Love Fauve

Saturday, July 17, 2010

It's my B-day!

Still young,but feeling so old!!24 years of age and wishing for a good year filled with happiness!

Ow no,i did it again!! was me again.I havn't blogged in a million years.Atleast that's how it feels!First of all i hurt my wrist,so i had to take some rest.Then i was so busy with deadlines and kids,that i had no energy left for anything else.Ow,and let'snot forget my little home make over.Fun!

First of all i wan't to thank everyone who voted for me as a Pencil Lines March favorite!I was really supprised to found out i won.This was my layout;
Here are some layout's i made for CMF using cute Prima stuff.Picture by Anita Mundt!

Hope you like them!I sure had fun creating them.Who doesn't love Prima??

It's my B-day upcoming Sunday and my mom is preparing a high tea,can't wait!!Will be back with lot's of pictures.

xoxo Fauve

Friday, March 19, 2010

Prima BAP+BlueMoon Scrapbooking

I wanted to play along with the Prima BAP sketch this month.I had these fantastic pictures from Molly that i needed to scrapbook so it was time to pull out some matching Prima stuff.Think i will make another Alice in Wonderland layout with these pictures.I stamped and stitched the background and added some fun Prima goodies.Used some crystals to add that magical sparkle.Here is my layout for BlueMoon Scrapbooking.Check out the blog for more details!I wanted to show these cute stickers i bought yesterday.Sooo adorable! I believe it's called My Little Pet shop??Maybe i need to buy some more :) I've got such a small sticker collection...uhum
And the winner of the Shabby give-away is:
Silvitanova said...
That's all so lovely!I'm visiting your blog on a regualar basis, but I woulkd like to follow you to!

Thanks everyone for adding me as a Google friend,hope to see you around some more :)
Have a great weekend and happy scrapbooking!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Did you see this??

Just look at all this yumminess...Check out the prima blog here.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Give away!

You might have noticed that i love the shabby scrapbooking style a lot now a day's.I am so attracted to all the lace,pearls and pretty flowers.Not to mention all that new Prima stuff...Need it all!!As i mentioned in my last post,i made a trip to the thrift store and picked up some cool shabby/vintage goodies.When i came home,i realised that my lace stash is really growing.Time to share the Love!! In this give away or RAK(whatever you wan't to call it),i wanted to add some of my thrift findings as well as some of my favorites.This is what's in there:
5 pieces of creme lace fabric
old pink wide lace
creme wide crochet lace
vintage knitting pages
salmon tassel ribbon
creme tassel ribbon
Sausan Designs vintage note
3 designs of paper lace
angel transfers
tile transfers
Prima Marketing crystal frame
paper doilies
plastic doily
wood flakes
crystal ribbon slides
pearl brads
pearl buttons
vintage roses
pearl pin
Making Memories Vintage findings pins
small paper tags
satin roses
7Gypsies tab
Pink Paislee stamps
7 pieces of lace in various colors and designs

Looks like fun right?So what do you gotta do to win this...Just become a follower of my blog and leave me a comment.I just added the Google Friend Connect to my blog and as you can see,i don't have many followers...I NEED NEW FRIENDS!! :) This is what you get when you neglect your blog for such a long time.I know...totally my own fault.What can i say,life just get's busy sometimes!!

I will pick a winner next Wednesday!

Just to tease you,here is a little sneak peek again! :)
Ow and before i forget,here are the thrift findings i found last Tuesday.
Yummy creme lace fabric,tassel ribbon and some lace.

Some hardware and

And my cute umbrella for only 50 cent.This one was actually kinda sneaky because i already looked at the umbrella and when i stood at the counter i asked how much the umbrella's were.The girl probably thought they were just ugly old umbrella's...She probably didn't think of this one :)

I'm off to create,but i'll be back tomorrow with my BlueMoon Scrapbooking layout.Happy Scrapping!