Tuesday, February 27, 2007


My back is killing me!I guess i sat to long behind the computer on a wooden chair...
Now i can't hardly walk normal!So i guess no scrapping for me.Well maybe on the floor?

I found this cool website called swap-bot where you can swap a lot of things!
There are swaps that are scrapbook/atc related but also a lot of fun other stuff.
I just love those unusual stuff from other country's,especially from Japan :D

Need any fun ideas for scrapping?Come and join us with the Elsie challenges on Twopeas!
I think it's so much fun to see all the diffrent layout made from 1 sketch.

Sorry nothing to show jet,maybe when i am feeling better.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Elsie sketch 2

Okay here is my layout for the Elsie sketch 2,i had some trouble doing this sketch.So i didnt do the stamping,it was just not working for me...Kinda Elsie inspired this layout but i like how it turned out.Sorry for the bad picture.(Will try to make a better one today)

I am not working anymore for the Scrapland DT,since i havn't done any workshops and i guess i just didn't fit in their DT.Still i want to thank Nancy for this opportunity!

So i guess that makes it more exciting to tell my good news...Which i can't tell jet LOL I wish i could use a msn icon here as a devil :D

Not showing my Carnaval pictures jet,since i am planning to scrap them soon...

Sunday, February 18, 2007

What a busy weekend!!

WOW so much to do and not so much time...There is carnaval this weekend and today we are going to the parade.Yesterday Julian was dressed up as a pirate,but i forgot to take pictures!!!!!!!Owmy what kind of scrapper am i???O well,good for me his father took some pictures with his phone.Today he is going as Tigger,since my mother bought me this really cute suit from Disney.Will make some pictures today!

Also a lot of scrapping to do this weekens,but here is what i made so far....
The photoswap for Adrienne,i am Happy how this turned out.She is so Beautiful!!

And here is Elsie's sketch 15,i couldn't resist making this page this week...
I just love the whole design!But i sure need some practice with my sewing machine...

Okay off to find me a cute outfit...With my preggo belly,yeah right :S

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

I have a secret...

but i can't tell jet!I really wan't to though,cause i am sooo excited!!Don't you just LOVE good news?Will share my secret as soon as possible...

Please check tomorrow for some more layouts...

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Look at this!

I just saw the cute layout Adrienne made me for our photoswap,and it is sooo AWESOME!!

Love everything about this.The fun colors,embellishments and the cute color it flowers.

Will finish mine tonight,so much fun!

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Elsie sketch 1

So here's my attempt for Elsie's first sketch.This was fun!But i have to get used to these sketches...O well,i have 28 more to go :D

So come on and join us girls,i would love to see what you will make from it.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Come and join!!

The fun Elsie's sketches on Twopeas.I started them today and i will post a sketch every friday from today on Twopeas.I think these sketches are so much fun,going to start mine today!

Here is this weeks sketch:

You can place your layout here,or look at the other layouts.

Here is my layout for this weeks scraplift challenge.
This was my first time,but it sure was FUN!

Also made Ali Edwards Patterned Paper challenge 30 *Flaunt those curves*

And this was for Birgit's fun sketch!

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Can you tell

i just LOVE Easter?I was thinking about redecorate my room into the Easter theme already,but since it's SNOWING i think i will wait a couple of weeks :D So i went to the Xenos(cute dutch store)to look for Easter stuff and yes they already had a few things...Unfortunately i didn't like them.I so so so can't wait!Talking about Easter(spring),look at this cute Doodlebug ad. I just love those little houses,i think they are so much fun.Gotta try that sometime...I hope there will be getting a lot of new Easter scrapbooking stuff.

Here is my Easter spread from last year,using the cute Doodlebug stuff.

I am busy making a fun Easter project,so will show that as soon as i finish it.

*Edit* Owmy i just found this at the Doodlebug site!
The cute houses made from Chipboard!!

Also please take a look at this cool scraplift *beaglesonthebrain* made,so awesome!


Tuesday, February 06, 2007


For all of your sweet comments and emails with congratulations about the little boy!! Since my ultrasound i am all excited and really busy with sorting out baby stuff etc. Now i only have to think of a name...I think i already got 1...But i'm not telling it jet,sorry! :D You've gotta keep it exciting right?Hmmm guess it wasn't so secret with my last pregnancy... Almost everybody knew it was going to be a boy and a lot of family did knew the name too.

Well did some scrapping...I made this layout for the pubcall of Blueprintscreens,but i didn't won. I didn't like the sketch and so my layout didn't turned out so great too... Sorry for the bad picture!!I sooo need to buy a new scanner.I am saying this for months now,maybe it's time to really do it?? :D

I also made a layout for Birgit's sketch,which was SO much fun!I really enjoyed doing this sketch,maybe i should do this more often?I'm thinking of continuing with the 52 "Elsie" challenges.I always loved to do the challenges,but i stopped doing them since my "personal issues".

Also joined Pealift 30 which i finished today,will show that layout tomorrow.