Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Relax girls...

No baby jet :D I went to the hospital yesterday and the baby was fine.I had to stay for almost an hour so they could check the baby's heartbeat.I have to come back this Saturday,and they will then decide if they are going to get it then or on Sunday...This is really taking forever!Guess this baby is really relaxed LOL I am still feeling great,but i can't sleep that well anymore.Oh well,guess i can't complain about that...

Have to do a lot of asignments this and next week but i also finished a lo for Birgit's sketch.I just had to do something for me.I think these pictures are just too funny!!

Friday, June 22, 2007

Baby update and SAZ/Scrap! layouts

Okay so i went to the doctor yesterday and the baby was doing fine.My bloodpressure was still good,so i don't have to watch what i eat.Lucky me!I have an appointment at the Hospital this Tuesday to check if everything is okay.Then i finally get an appointment to pull this baby out of me LOL But i have a "feeling" it's not gonna last that long...I think the baby will be here on Sunday,what do you think??Or maybe that's just hope? :)
Okay time to show some stuff!Here is the cover of the felt album i started at Celine's workshop.I really wanted to make this album about me,so i thought a style diary would be nice...

These are the layouts i made for the first paper issue of SAZ.

And these are the layouts i made for the latest Scrap!

Time to order some new pictures and getting busy with my new assignments.Happy scrapping!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Nope no baby jet...

Sorry to keep you girls waiting,but this weather is killing me (again)!!I can't scrap,shop or do anything useful...It's just way too HOT!I think this baby thinks it's just fine inside of me because he is not planning to come out anytime soon.Well ive got news for him LOL I am going to the doctor this afternoon so i hope i get an appointment for the hospital.My feet,hands and ankles are really swollen up,sooo anoying.I feel like a muppet :D

Anyway enough for the complaining!These things are not huge so i can really say i am blessed.The last time my bloodpressure and everything was okay,so i hope it's still okay and i can still eat salt and everything.That would make life so much easier lol

Will update this afternoon with the baby news and some layouts i made for the first paper issue of SAZ.I also finished my cover for the mini felt album i started at Celine's workshop.I really LOVE working on this project!I have never had that with a mini album...

Okay i'll be back :D

Friday, June 15, 2007

Photo op

That's the title of the page that Amber (Skolnick)made me,and i LOVE it!!I'm a huge fan of the color combo yellow and orange.I guess that's why i used it for Julian's babyroom...Do you see all those little details??Gotta try the framing with paint sometime,i think it looks awesome!

I also did some scrapping myself...It feels so good being creative again,i really missed scrapbooking a lot!Guess it's time for some shopping :)
For the second layout i used 1 of Elsie's sketches,this was FUN!

Are you girls going to the xtreme weekend in Katwijk aan Zee??Please share it with me,because i am curious LOL I will be there on Saturday and i think it's going to be LOTS of fun...

I have a lot of asignments coming up this week,so i hope to do some fun scrapping this weekend...

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Yes i did it!

I did some scrapping again!I dragged myself to my desk yesterday and scrapped all evening,it felt sooo good!They are both verry different but i had fun making them both.I guess i will be scrapping these last couple of days before the baby arrives...

Sorry no pictures of the baby room jet,i wanted to scrap instead of take pictures...But hey i give it a week or 2 maybe.My duedate is this Saturday,but the doctor says i am going to be late again.Well we shall see :)

I did take a picture of Julian yesterday so i could show his dad i cut Julian his hair myself. Still i like his hair big and messy but i guess i was the only 1.LOL He looks so big on this picture,he is growing up way to fast for me...
Be sure to check back,because i will be uploading more layouts this week!

Friday, June 08, 2007

Baby sheets

Okay as promised,here are the pictures of my handmade baby sheets.I also made a purple sheet with some lace,but i forgot it at my mother's house,so i will show that 1 somewhere this week.

I am doing great,although the weather is just terrible!It's so HOT that i can't wait for some rain...Just 1 more week (or 2) and i will deliver another baby boy.I really can't wait for that moment when you see your baby for the first time.It's SO special...My mom said that when i held Julian for the first time i kept saying;He is sooo beautiful LOL

I have done some scrapping for Cj's,and hopefully will do some scrapping for me tonight...
Will make some pictures of my scrap/bed/baby room,so you can see how it looks :D

P.S.Be sure to check out Marieke's blog,this girl totally rocks!!She is way talented,love you girly!

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

If you can't scrap...

you SHOP!I always scrap in the evening,because i can't scrap when Julian is awake.But now a days i am sooo tired in the evening that i can't find the energy to start scrapping,and most of the time end up on the couch watching a stupid movie...So instead of scrapping my mother and me went for some nice (crochet)lace shopping.I found this really cool little store that sells ribbon,lace,fabric and buttons.They are only open on every first Saturday of the month and every tuesday for 3 hours.Which makes it a bit mysterious right?LOL

So i had to do something with all of that lace i bought,so my mother teached me how to make a baby sheet.Okay i am totally addicted!It was my first time making something on my sewing machine,and i loved it.Hope to make some more cute stuff on my sewing machine...So if you have some cute projects to start with,please let me know.Please keep in mind that i'm a newbie :)
I had to make this picture of Julian's cute rainboots to make sure i will never forget them.It was LOVE at first sight in the shop.Can't wait to scrap this picture!

Okay will update my blog tomorrow with some pictures of my baby sheets and hope i can show you some scrapping stuff...