Thursday, July 31, 2008

Totally random...

Okay,time to share some stuff!First i wan't to show you 3 layouts i made with the new Dozens kit.

This layout is for my friend Cindy.She is fantastic and i love so many things about her.She has a really warm personality that is so inspiring.She is one of those person's that just inspires me to be a better person.From now on i will call her "my Amelie" :D This layouts is about Antoinette and Natasja.They were having a fabulous time at the Scrap-a-licious weekend and i am glad i took this picture.I think it reflects a bit from the weekend and how much fun we are having.I seriously love these kind of events!
This one is about the fun moments my best friend Marianne and i are having when she comes to visit me.We have some sort of routine,and that routine is not good for your diet LOL I miss these moments a lot,but i am sure we can catch up when she comes to visit me in a couple of day's!

I wanted to stitch the journaling spot,but i had no sewing machine around.Will do it later...i think. I stole this picture from Corinne's blog...She made this layout about me for the CMF magazine.Isn't it pretty?I did a photoswap with my friend Dana.She made me this layout and i love it!She is the master of little embellishments and i think her work is amazing.It kinda reminds me of the layout Amber made for me some time ago.This style is really attractive to me.Gotta try it sometimes...Just for fun!Many thanks to Chantal who gave me this award!Unfortunately i won't be playing along.I have to many scrap friends that deserve this awars,and i can't just pick a few of them.Sorry!(It made me really happy though...)Don't forget to check out the Amelie blog today!Larissa did a post about the locations from the Amelie movie,and it is really amazing to see.Who doesn't love Paris??

Be back soon!Happy Scrapping!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Did anyone see my mojo??

Because for the last 2/3 weeks my mojo totally left me.I think it has flew of to another country together with the bad weather.It's crazyyyyyyy HOT in The Netherlands,and i can't handle this weather at all!I have been wanting to scrap,but nothing really came out of my hands.

I made this layout about Disney,but i am not sure if i like it...Doesn't really mather because it was the picture and journaling that mattered.I like to go all dressed up in Disney style when i am going to Disney...Because in Disney,everyone can be a kid again...

Journaling say's:
All dressed up in a Minnie Mouse shirt and my new Minnie Mouse bow,Disney here i come!
Then my rescue team send me a package and my mojo was slowly coming back to me...Thank you Dozens!!So i created this layout using the photo stickers Julian and i took at the fair.We had a great time at Europe's biggest fair here in Tilburg,The Netherlands.I wen't in a lot of "sick making" attractions...

So if you wonder why i don't have the new thickers jet??Well there is you're answer :D I made this layout using The Dozens June kit too!It's for my dear friend Larissa.Hope she likes it...By the time i was creating this layout,my mojo was finally coming back to me!Just need a little bit of creativity and i'm the old me again.Wish me luck!
Edit:Whaaa,made it to the catwalk with this!!

Happy Scrapping :D

p.s.Special shout out to everyone who send me sweet cards,emails and PM's for my birthday.I really appreciate,it was so much fun to read.I love you!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

My Bday trip was AWESOME!

Didn't see too much from Paris,but that's okay.It just means i have to go back,soon!What a beautiful city,i really LOVE Paris!So ofcourse it started with some trouble...It wouldn't be the same without it,ha!When we arrives at our hotel,they told us they didnt recieve our reservation and we had to wait and wait untill we got a new room.I was meeting Larissa around 11.30AM but because of the hotel trouble's i was running late.She gave me her number so i could call her,but somehow the number or my phone was not working in France...I was getting all freaked out since i was too late and i couldn't reach her.I was just gonna call the Amelie cafe when she called me.I was so happy when she told me she would wait for me!The trip to the cafe from my hotel took forever and i felt really bad by the time i arrived.There she was,my sweet friend Larissa and her husband Flavio.Talking about gorgeous,sweet and honest people,wow!I loved them and i am so hoping we will meet again.Maybe next time in Paris??Or maybe i should go to Brazil??

Afterwards i was suprised that i didn't take so many pictures,but luckily Larissa did :D I was far too busy talking their ears off to take pictures...We went to all kinds of Amelie places,and it just felt so magical!Can't wait to scrap these new pictures.At the end of this super fun day,we had a Bday dinner at the Cowboy cook out in Disney Village.It was soooo yummo!The other 2 day's we spent our time at the most magical place on earth...Disneyland :) Can't get enough of it!Which is good since we have a passport.When we go with the kids,we spent most of the times waiting in lines for the little kids attractions and the parade.So this time we decided to do all the things we couldn't do before.I just loveeeeeed the Tower of Terror and Crush Coaster.We also went in this Rock rollercoaster,but that was wayyyy too much for me.I thought my head was going to explode!After all,i am already 22... ;)

So it was a really good weekend and i got really spoiled with a lot of presents.My parents gave me a HP scanjet.So finally i can scan everything i wanted to scan for the past 3 years or so.I got a lot of bags,shoe's and clothe's from Clarence.Yes,i picked them out myself!I got more shoe's from my parent's (shoe addict??Ces't moi??)and some really cute scrapbooking supplies and beautiful bag from Larissa all the way from brazil.And as top of the cake...My brother fixed me 2 really cool movies called S*x and the City and K*ngfu Panda.Which i can't stop watching...

So that's it for the Bday weekend,let's move on to the scrapbooking stuff!The new ScrapMojo challenge is up and it is a fab one as always.Come over and play!
I have to scrapbook more!I am in sort of a scrapbook rut,and i have to get out.Any tips?Well you Scrapbook for me okay?Happy Scrapping!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Friday is my Bday!

And it's going to be a really special day!I am going to Paris for my Bday and meet my Brazilian friend Larissa!We are meeting at the Amelie cafe,and we are going to have a great time :) Can't wait to take a million pictures.

I am becoming 22 this year...

All the people who dropped on the floor,can get up now... :D
Yesss 22 years old,you heard that right.I feel like 30 though...haha

So all the people who like to send me a little card(BIG HINT HERE!! :D ),can send it to:

Fauve van Maanen
Spaarnwoudelaan 3
5035 HN Tilburg
The Netherlands

I can't wait to show off my Haute Couture in Paris.Well Haute Couture a la Fauve that is :D

So i knew i had this Big cruch/addiction of Sex and the City going on,but it's seriously bad now!I think i am dreaming SATC.Can't get enough of all the clothes in the show and movie.I think i am going to see the movie again this week,before i head off to Paris.

Question for my Parisean friends...Any cool spots where i must shop?Like any cool cheap vintage thriftstores?Let me know:

Okay so on to scrapbooking.I wanted to show my layouts from the BamPop article.They are from a while ago,but i think they are still fun.
And a cute picture of my boy's i had to show!Not a masterpiece picture,but just everyday life!!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Friday, July 11, 2008

Quick Hi!

again,i know...Just wanted to share that the Amelie challenge went up on the 7th of July,go check it out!Deadline is the 21th!
I have some layout's to show,hopefully tonight or maybe tomorrow!

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Popping in... say Hi.It has been way too long since i updated.Big apology's here...Since i have seen the Sex and the City movie i have been kinda addicted to watching all the seasons again.I am only at season 4,so i have more to watch...But i hope to be a better blogger this week!Sorry,i can't help it.I remember again why this is my favorite show.

I wanted to show a few layouts i made a while ago for the English SCRAPBOOK magazine.The article was about tissue paper.Which is one of my favorite non scrapbooking products!

I'll be back soon with an update about my BDAY boy who turned 1 this last Tuesday.Happy Scrapping!