Tuesday, February 26, 2008

He met his Hero!

We left friday night around 4 AM (European time) and arrived in Paris around 10 AM.The trip went well!Both kids behaved great and slept most of the time.We first went to the Carrefour and did some shopping.Seriously,i have no idea how these French people get to stay so thin with all of that yummy food!After that we went to the hotel and checked in.Around 12 AM it was time...We were off to Disneyland Paris!!The weather was nice,no sun but not cold.My mom bought me a passport and i am SO happy with it! :) When we entered the park we saw a train parade with all kinds of Disney characters,including Julian's hero Captain Hook.He cried his longs out when the captain left with the train.It was sad but also kinda funny LOL We first went to the castle from Sleeping Beauty and lookd at the dragon.Julian is a big fan of the dragon and the prince from Sleeping Beauty so he was pretty excited about seeying the dragon.After that we saw the sword in the stone,and ofcourse Julian had to try...He went on the carrousel with grandma(thank god!!) and picked out a horse.No suprise there.No idea why he likes horses so much,I think they're scary LOL At 4 PM it was time for the Once upon a dream parade.We had a great spot and Julian was sooo impressed by it all.Really cute to see!!And ofcourse the big Hero Hook was there too.He even got a handshake from a pirate and a big ribbon from the "treassure".Unfortunately Captain Hook was too far away for a handshake and you could see from Julian's face he was kinda dissapointed.We went to the boat from Captain Hook which as sooo boring Ha!But ofcourse our pirate fan totally loved it.We were all exhausted,so after we ate something we went to the hotel.We were all a sleep around 8.30 PM!!Next day we woke up early (suprise!!),ate some breakfast and checked out.Today we were going to the "new" park Walt Disney Studios and i was really curious since i had never been there before.The weather was REALLY beautiful,we were walking without our coats on...And it's still February!I thought the park was kinda cute,but not all that if you are used to the "real thing".It has many rollercoasters,so we couldn't go in there.I loved the Monsters Inc scene where you could take pictures with Mike.Julian and me went into the Cars attraction and it was great!Julian had a blast,that's for sure!While we were walking we spotted a big pair of black ears.Yes it was Mickey Mouse and ofcourse we needed a picture!I liked the kiss on the cheek so much,i'm eally glad i captured that.Next to it we found a rat from the new movie Ratetouille(Hope i spelled that right LOL),so ofcourse more pictures...Right before we wanted to leave the park,we saw a large group of people standing...It was Stitch,so i grabbed Julian and took a run for it!I'm good in pushing people so my turn came up quickly :D And suprise suprise,Lilo was standing next to him!So a little bit more pushing and some more pictures...Haha you must think i'm sort kind of witch now,well i am!So after that we went back to the "normal" Disney park and guess what?My battery went dead,so no more pictures for me!I said to my mom i didn't really care as long as we don't see Captain Hook.We wanted to do Pirates of the caribbean but it was sooo busy we decided not to.Then i spotted something.Ow no,is that what i think it is?Ofcourse...Yes MR.Captain Hook was standing right in front of us.I couldn't believe it!We were in Disney for two days and my battery went dead only 15 minutes ago!I had to try and make a picture!So we took another run of it and made a picture with "the Hero"!!Julian was totally overwhelmed and it was just amazing.He was talking about him 24/7 and now he was standing next to him.He shaked hands and just kept staring at him.I wanted to take a picture of him with Peter Pan too so we stand in line ofcourse.When two big girls came up,peter pushed them a side and said he was here for the little children.Then he pulled Julian next to him and smiled.My kind of Peter Pan :D Ofcourse i did my homework by smiling at Peter Pan before we were standing in line...We decided to do some shopping and then take our way back home.It was a fabulous weekend and can't wait to go back!

I made a layout a couple of weeks ago about our Disney in April last year.Sorry,terrible picture though...

I'm getting pretty excited about my weekend at Scrap-a-licious!Are you going?Happy Scrapping!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Disneyland here i come!!

Just a quick post to share some things...I'm off to Disneyland tonight and will be back on Sunday evening.My family and me have been really looking forward to this and i can't wait to take some great pictures.I can really feel the "magic" over there!

So remember the blog i showed you ;inspired by Amelie?Well this is so exciting!!I don't wan't to share much about it,but all i can say is...It's going to be amazing!!I have found some awesome girls from all over the world to join me on this journey,and you are going to LOVE them.(But you probably already do!)So be sure to keep an eye out for the first challenge and the fabulous girls!

I also wanted to share that i'm a new designer for KITTYROBOT.The owner Jodie makes these amazing buttons,and the designers get to use these on their layouts.Can't wait to have the little cuties in my hands :) You should really check them out if you are in to owls,cupcakes,rainbows,mushrooms etc.

I have some other great news,but i don't think i can already share it so...I hope to share it in my next post!Now i am off to bed,and i leave you with some pictures from the Urban photoshoot the other day.Have a fabulous weekend :D

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Urban photoshoot+RAK winner

Last friday,i did a photoshoot of my brother at the skate park.I knew it was a cool place to take pictures,but i had no idea it was THIS cool.We only had little time because i had to pick up Julian from school,but the ones i took really turned out great.My brother is really the most crazy person in the world and he is just a natural when it comes to taking pictures.He comes up with the most fantastic stuff,i would never even think of.So we decided to go back the next day!I still have to load them on my computer...But i will put them up soon.Look at this cool tree,it's full of shoe's!!Guess it's time to reveal the winner...I let my father pick a number and he choose 23.So that makes Charlotte the winner!!Woohoo congrats girly,just email me and i'll send it out to you.But don't worry if you didn't win this time.I'm planning to do another RAK soon!!

Okay off to do more scrapbooking for Fresh Pages Co,be sure to check out my work on the site these upcoming months!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Slicker then your average,RAK time!

Woohoo more then 20.000 visitors!!That deserves a RAK,don't you think??Thank you all my blogging friends,i wish i could give you all a nice RAK but unfortunately i'm not Oprah Winfrey :) These are the worst picture ever!I know that,but i was in such a rush...So i made a list with all the supplies included.I made a RAK with some of my cute finds,and things i have been saving like forever to use for that "special" layout.I thought it was cooler to give away a non-scrapbooking RAK,instead of including all kinds of products you can get at your local scrapbook store...So just leave me a nice little message and maybe you win my fun RAK!?
1x K&Company Smitten felt stickers
1x candy puff stickers
1x napkin
1x vintage piece of fabric
1x umbrella
2x mixed color gelpen
1x Doodlebug nameholder
2x laces
1x iron-on heart patch
1x leather ricrac
1x puff donut sticker
10x Cinnamoroll sticker flakes
8x Pompompurin sticker flakes
3x neon paperclips
2x hedgehog buttons
1x rollerscate button
1x owl button
1x elephant button
2x pink anchors
1x sun charm
2x metal crown
1x green glitter button
1x pink glitter button
1x pink lace filefoler
1x green lace filefolder
4x origami paper
2x vintage Kawaii envelope
2x windmill notepad paper
2x Dutch boy and girl notepas paper
1x Cinnamoroll notepadpaper
1x Cinnamoroll envelope
1x pink notepad paper
1x Care Bears stickersheet
1x blue star journaling spot sticker
1x Urban Lily quote
4x flower journaling spot
2x Kawaii notepad paper
1x David Walker envelope's
1x Cinnamoroll sticker sheet
2x scraps
1x cupcake border
3x tissue paper
1x Around the Block paper treats
1x Creative Imaginations chipboard alphabet
1x Sei Kitty's place alphabet puff stickers

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Camera Love

Did i already tell you how much i love my camera??And a little photoshop doesn't hurt nobody :)

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Some things...

are just not meant to be.I had this feeling from the moment i entered for the SIStv fashionista call.I had so many deadlines and other stuff to do that i had to finish my layout for SIStv on the last moment.It didn't turned out like i planned and so i didn't make it to the next round.Which is okay since there's probably something else in store for me.Like i said,it just wasn't meant to be.But i'm still gonna show you my layout,since i know how curious you ladies can be :) I think i'm going to change the layout,since i do like the design.Any ideas are welcome!!By the way,this fab picture is taken by my friend Corinne Delis.
So Maxim has a new food schedule,and it's completely different then before.He has to eat something every 2-3 hours.So if you are wondering what i am doing all day...Well feeding my children!!The good part is,they both go to sleep at 8 PM and sleep till the next morning.Atleast Maxim did so on Mondag night,but last night he woke up like 10 times...
So here are a couple of pictures from my boys :)
Yes,yes i know.The cutest kids on earth right?They got that from their mom LOL I am probably forgetting something,but i can't remember so i'll be back soon!Happy Scrapping