Monday, July 30, 2007

I Love De Scrapbookwinkel!

So i went to Heesch yesterday and boy do i love that store!!They have so many cool things that i couldnt decide what to take home with me.But after browsing for almost 2 hours we finally left the store.My mom was also excited about the store and she says we can go there every month woohoo!Guess that means i have to make her something pretty LOL

So here are my found treasures...

Scalloped edge scissors,hambly rub-ons,thickers,baby pooh stickers,
Heidi swapp stickers and white Signo pen.

Doodlebug,Elsie Fabric,Tinkering ink.,Rhonna Farrer,
MOD,creative imaginations,Bo-Bunny,Sanylion paper.

Creative Imaginations,Tingerink Ink.Making Memories,
Rouge Du Garance,Hambly Screenprints,Scenic Route,Ki Memories paper.

Studiolight,Sandylion,Paper Salon paper.

Can't wait to use all this yummy stuff but unfortunately i have to wait untill i have my pictures.
I created a spread since i dont know how long,sooo not my style anymore but i still had fun making this 1.The first layout was "playing at the zoo" and the second called "with daddy".

I also started a Inspiration/altered journal and i am trying to add some pages every month.
I am also busy with a challenge on SIStv and i want to do the One Little Word challenge too so i hope to be back soon with some more layouts.I am still browsing true my stuff looking for things to add to my RAK,so i will be giving this away at my next post.
Happy scrapping!

Friday, July 27, 2007

Scrap-Art-Zine autumn issue

is now available for preorder.I think this magazine is great with lots of information and new ideas.So if you are looking for some fresh ideas,be sure to preorder because last time they were completely sold out!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Biggest village fair of Europe

Every year in the summer there's a big village fair in Tilburg.It's huge and full of big attractions and yummy food!We go to the village fair every year and we always have so much fun!This year it was Julian's second time at the village fair and he really get's it now.Last year he was only 1 year old so he was a little bit too small for the attractions.So yesterday afternoon it was all about the kids and so we went to do all the children attractions.As you can see,he is having a blast!

Can't wait to scrap these :D

Talking about scrapbooking,i made a layout yesterday.These pictures are from Artis Zoo and i had a real hard time scrapping them.I am not really good at using a lot of pictures on 1 page,so i am working on that.Going to try that more on my future layouts.I like the result though :)

I am still busy sorting out my scrapbook stuff and i think i am going to do a bit of a non scrapbooking RAK,with vintage and unusual/non scrapbooking items.So don't forget to check it out next week!
Maxim is already 1 month old next week.Wow time flies when youre having fun.He is already changing and he also smiled this week,so cute.Have to make some more pictures of him,i totally forgot this week.Guess it's because i am REALLY tired...5/6 hours sleep is not enough for me LOL
I am going to Heesch "de scrapbookwinkel" this Sunday and i am sooooo excited!I havn't been there for a while and i can't remember the last time i did some scrapbook shopping in a store instead of online.If youre going too this Sunday,let me know!I love seeying a familiar face.Okay happy scrapping girls,and have a great weekend!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Sorting out my stuff

No new layouts to show because i am busy with sorting out all my scrapbooking stuff.My room went from "a beautiful mess" to a huge mess,so it was time for a make-over.So i started with Julian his layouts and put them all in albums.I didn't know i had so many layouts of Julian...

So when i was sorting out his layouts i saw a lot of old pages i totally forgot,including my first spread.My style has really changed since then but still you can see some similarity.I love to stitch on my pages,although it's been a while since my sewing machine is at my mom's house...

Ofcourse my first spread is really simple and ugly,but that's why i had to show it to you.I really cherish it because i think it's really special i am still scrapbooking after so long.I have never had this with any other craft.I would love to see your first layout!So if you have a link,please share it :D

Will be back soon with some new layouts and a cool RAK!!So be sure to check it out...

P.S.Does anyone know how i can link a picture in my sidebar??

Thursday, July 19, 2007

YAY i am a Rockin girl blogger!!

I think it's so cool that i am nominated four times for the Rockin girl blogger award,it means a lot to me!I think it's so cool when people tell me they are inspired by me...So many many thanks to Micayla,Lucy ,Eefie and Jacqueline for tagging me :D
This is so hard,choosing 5 Rockin girls!

Spread the love girls and choose 5 Rockin blogger girls yourself!
I did some scrapping YAY!Finally a lo just made for me :D

Sometimes it's hard living together with 2 super models LOL I think my boys are sooo beautiful and cute on these pictures.I took them on my B-Day,which was a relaxed day with a nice trip to the Efteling(themepark) and my all time favorite food Soto soup(Indonesian chicken soup)

Have a nice weekend girls with hopefully lots of scrapping!
P.S.I totally forgot to thank everyone for their beautiful baby cards and presents,i didn't expect anything so it was such a nice suprise!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Time for a picture update and some sneaks

Sorry i didnt update for a long time but i just had no time.I had some asignments i had to finish and now that they are all done i finally have some time for myself!Things are going great here and Maxim is doing so great.I can tell you a whole story about how much i hate letting Maxim burp(He doesnt burp when he sleeps....),but thats a bit boring :)

So here are some pictures and sneakpeeks.Hope to be back with some funky layouts!

P.S.Tomorrow it's my B-Day!I totally forgot LOL

My cute baby pooh mobile

My basket presents

My beautiful BIG boy!

My beautiful LITTLE boy!


Saturday, July 07, 2007

The story begins...

So i went to the hospital on Saturday to hear what they were going to do.After they checked everything they decided to get the baby on Sunday.On Saturday evening my water broke and i thought it looked a bit yellow so i called the hospital.They said i had to come over so they could check the water.This was around 1 AM,my mother wasn't so happy about that :D When we came there they said everything was fine and i had to come back 8Am.So when i came there they checked everything but i wasn't having contractions,so i had to wait for a while to look if they would start in a "natural"way.But they didn't!So around 10 Am they gave me something that would start the contractions,but it didn't work all that well in the beginning.Around 12 Am i was still having 4 cm,but after that everything went REALLY fast.Around 12.45 my mother had to call the doctor because i said i had to push and she said that was fine because i was having 10 cm.I only pushed for 4/5 times and there he was!

My mother made these really cool baskets for me and Julian,i think they look wayyyy cute!Julian get's to unwrap a present everyday and he enjoys it big time.He is sooo proud of his little brother which is so precious to see,i will cherish that forever.Ofcourse he was having some trouble in the beginning with the bottles and soothers of his little brother,but it is going great and i love to see that everyday.

I wan't to thank you all for the sweet comments and congratulations,it really felt good reading all of them.Sorry if i havn't respond to your email or anything but i need to recover a bit more.I didn't get any stitches(i was sooo happy about that)but i do have some other small things that need some recovering.So now it's time to enjoy,thanks again girls!

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

It's a boy!

Maxim Nathan

3990 gram

Fauve van Maanen
Mozartlaan 527
5011 SM Tilburg
The Netherlands