Wednesday, February 25, 2009 NOT my thing!

Yes,i went to Carnaval with my brother and his girlfriend Andrea.We watched the parade,which was way boring!I mean come on,look at the brazilian carnaval and then look at the Dutch carnaval...Seriously??!!

Afterwards i went to my brothers place to "chill" and eat.It looked great and comfy,fits my brother that's for sure.Around 7Pm we went to the city looking like this!Notice my brother didn't catch much sleep the night before.LOL Andrea went as a girls scout,totally cute!My brother went as Super Mario and i went as a "sexy" (UHUM) Secretary.Totally hate that 2nd picture of me,but oh well...It was sooooo crowded!We didn't really enjoy ourselfs so we were home around 12!!WOW a new record ha!

We watched a movie and went to bed.Guess Carnaval just isn't it for some people?Oh well,maybe next year we give it another try :)

The next day my brother and i went to my mom's for a sleep over.We had a really great evening with lots of laughs and alcohol hihi
Didn't do any scrapbooking but i can show you my layout for the ScrapMojo challenge.Didn't use stitching for a long time...Kinda liked it,so you'll might see that again on my next layouts...

Julian is finally getting potty trained!I tried everything,but nothing worked.He just didn't care LOL It is going really well and i hope he will be done with the diapers very soon!

Okay that's about it,nothing more to share...i think.Happy Scrapping!

Thursday, February 19, 2009


Yes,i'm probably the only one who is making Autumn layouts around this time of year...But,ask me if i care?Love this picture of my boy's.And eventhough they don't really look a like,they are obviously brothers.They are alway's playing and having fun together.I am not really an Autumn fan so these layouts are rare :)

Yesterday i wen't to my mom because i am staying here for a couple of day's.On Saturday i am going to stay at my brother's new "crib".Very curious to see how it looks!We are going to the carnaval,so i am guessing we will make some pictures to show you afterwards.

Thanks for looking and Happy Scrapping!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Don't look for Mr.Right,look for Mr.Right now.

My favorite quote from the movie 'The sweetest thing'.A really great girly movie with Christina Applegate,Cameron Diaz and Selma Blair.I made this layout to remind myself to just enjoy dating and stuff,and stop looking for that Mr.Right!I used the prince playing card from Heidi Swapp(Thanks Larissa!),and turned him into a "regular guy".The notebook paper is from a magazine called Flow.Seriously can't get enough of that magazine...I used my tiny alphabet stamps again.And eventhough i can't stamp straight,i love using them a lot!

Happy Scrapping!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

No internet...SUCKS!

It has been FOREVER!I know that...I didn't have internet connection,and i was going CRAZY!But i'm back and can't wait to visit all my bloggin friends again :D

Havn't done a lot lately...Had some dates with a nice boy,so that was fun!I am not a big fan of dating since i alway's feel like it's some "meet inspection".But i might change my mind about this one ;)
Alway's wanted to be on a great Design Team??Well good news for you!ScrapMojo is having a Design Team call,and if i were you...I would totally apply!!I LOVE being part of this team,these girls are amazing.
Did some scrapbooking,but not much...Hope i am not loosing my groove!!Well i have had a lot on my plate,so i guess i am still busy on my comeback.Too bad it's taking longer then i expect.I guess it comes and goes with fases.
Anyway,here they are,hope you like them!I am probably forgetting something...But hey,this way i can update tomorrow :)

Happy Scrapping!xoxo Fauve
p.s.Will i get something for Valentines???