Thursday, January 31, 2008

Breath in,breath out...

I have been so busy these last two week that i didn't do any scrapping for me,only finishing asignments.Which was fun,but i am glad it's almost done LOL Next week i can just relax and maybe clean the house a bit he he. So i've got loads to show,just sit back and relax :D
Lucky enough my kids like Disney movies(especially Peter Pan),so we will have a fabulous time when we go to Disney on the 23th of February.I swear my oldest son lives in his dress up suits.He changes all day from Captain Hook to Prince Philip from Sleeping Beauty.All good since i'm kind off a Disney freak myself and i LOVE dressing up!And since it's carnaval this week i guess i better find me some cute outfit to wear.Too bad i hate the carnaval music...
I would love to have a pretty vintage dress from the victorian age,but no luck jet.

I went to a thrift store the other day and i score!I found some really cool children books and a beautiful pin-up book.I've always had a weakness for pin-ups and this book is a dream come true for scrapbookers!So i guess you will be seeying them a lot in my upcoming layouts.
I have a huge weakness for the fifties.(And everything Pre 1900)Not only do i love pin-ups but i also love the clothes,furniture and children books.I think the first book is dating from the fifites...
So i prommised to show my layouts for my first article in Scrap! magazine,but i forgot to take a picture from 2 layouts...Will make them for my next post okay? :D
My SISters also made me a great layout on the second Dutch SIScrop and i LOVE it!!

I also got spoiled by two of my friends,Lucy and Anke!Yes,my friends are the BEST! :)

Looking forward to seeying these two friends soon in The Netherlands!Anke is sharing a hotel room together with me and three other girls.Can you imagine?"sleeping" with me in a hotel? sleeping for them!! :D And you better bring youre cute PJ party outfits girls,be prepared!

Okay i guess that's all folks...I am probably forgetting something,but that's okay.I'll save it for my next post!Happy Scrapping

Thursday, January 24, 2008


kids can be really funny!I had this conversation with Julian today:

me:Julian come over here and leave the curtains alone!!If you don't listen,you go straight to bed!!! (This was after i asked it for over 10 times!!!)

Julian:listen for a moment,i am no cat!

(By the way,thanks forthe inspo Mandy :D)

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Okay don't hate me...

but i have another fabulous TOOT to share!!I hope you're not getting bored of me... :) Okay so let's spill the beans.I am the news designer for THE English magazine called "scrapbook magazine" by Practical Publishing.I am so HAPPY with my new "job" and can't wait to get started.

So yesterday we had our 1st European/2nd Dutch SIS-crop and it was fab-u-lous!So many friends came over to have a blast together and we sure did.So if you weren't there,remember to come next time because you sure missed out!Finally i got a chance to catch up with my friend Martine again,we havn't seen eachother for ages!My dear friend Lucy came all the way from Sweden and we had an awesome photoshoot together with Corinne.I so can't wait for the next one!These are the pictures taken with my camera.Most of the pictures are taken with Lucy's camera.Unfortunately a lot of the pictures were bad because of the dark light inside the building.
Sweet side...
Bad side...

One of my favorite girls!

My sweet friend Martine and me


Arabian princess...

Have you seen my new banner?I hated my last one,but i am not sure if i like this one either.I so need to go and practice with photoshop!If i could only find the time...


There is going to be a fabulous creative weekend in Pistoia,Italy with some great workshops.The verry talented Donna Downey will be teaching some workshops and i am sure you don't wanna miss it!You can find all the info here on Scrap4all.I would love to go but i can't.But to everyone who does go,have a fabulous time!

Okay so i made two layouts,1 for Lucy and 1 for Karin,but i forgot to take pictures from both.I am SO terrible,and i call myself a SCRAPBOOKER!!Oh well,maybe the girls can send me a picture.

Sorry,still no Scrap! layouts,i know...BUT i was busy and the weather was terrible!!Next post okay?? :D Happy scrapping!

Monday, January 14, 2008

The Dozens is up!

So my layouts are up on The Dozens site,so i guess i can show them too.I had a blast with this kit and i can't wait for the next one!Any comments on The Dozens site would be highly appreciated LOL
So will be joining the SIScrop this Saturday in Ede,and i am looking forward to see all of my good scrapping friends again.Unfortunately i won't be staying for Dinner,hope to do so next time!!

So what have you been up to??

Friday, January 11, 2008


WOW WOW WOW,seriously people!Somebody pinch me!!I just had these crazy days,with lots of good scrapbooking news.And not just Yay! news but like really really cool news.I know i have been the worst blogger ever the last few weeks,but i prommise to make it up the upcoming months!You wanna know why??Because i finally have internet :D

I wanted to update my blog with my layouts for Scrap! magazine,but the pictures i took before i send them out were terrible.So i will do that later this week.I think the magazine looked really beautiful and i loved the way my article looked.My own article,wow!!I can't tell you enough about how excited and grateful i am for the things that are happening at the moment.Really,you helped me do this!But enough cry cry for now LOL.
Look what i got...A brand new Canon Eos 400D with a 18-55 kit lens.I am SOOOO happy with my new camera.I have to work on a few asignments first,but after that i am going to read the whole manual and play 24 hrs a day! Here are my layouts for the last issue of Scrap-Art-Zine.This magazine is so much fun to read,and all the layouts in there were amazing.Talking about inspiration...

I am almost ready with my layouts for the kit club The Dozens.And let me tell you that their kit club is going to be huge!They are going to the TOP!Their January kit is already sold out,how crazy is that?Anyway i'll be back soon with Scrap layouts and The Dozens.(I know know,i said the same in my last post :D)Happy Scrapping!

Friday, January 04, 2008

The news is out!!

Remember i told you about that exciting TOOT??Well,i can finally share what it is!Brianne from Fresh Pages Co was so nice to let me share it on the blog.And i would love for you to leave me a nice comment :) I am so excited!!

So i know it has been ages since a little update,but you know...Holiday times are CRAZY!!I did a lot of scrapbooking,but unfortunately most of the things were asignments.I did make a quick layout i can show.It's kinda simple,but i wanted to really focus on the picture.
I recieved my Hip Hop kit from The Dozens yesterday and it's so awesome!I had a blast reading all the YO MOMMA quotes.So if youre looking for a really cool kit to kick up your Mojo,be sure to check their kit out!

I didn't make a lot of Christmas pictures this year,because i just wanted to enjoy everything!I did make some pictures from the beautiful ice/snow the other day.I have to admit that i'm not easily impressed by the beauty of nature,but everything was so pretty that day!

Okay i'll be back with The Dozens and Scrap! layouts!Happy Scrapping