Monday, December 07, 2009

Look what i bought!

Yep,i am seriously addicted to Twilight now.Can't stop watching the movies,i think i am in love with Edward Cullen...Can't blame me right?I did some scrapbooking,but i can't show it.I also have some good news,but can't share it jet.LOL i am such a teaser!I prommise,i will update a.s.a.p. (Think tomorrow)

Happy Scrapping!!

p.s.Did you Dutchies had a great Sinterklaas??

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sausan Designs+Sassafras Lass

Okay time to show some more!Here are two layouts i made for Sausan Designs.I printed a lot of her digital stuff and used it on my page,love hybrid!Who would have thought that...I didn't!

I also made some layouts using some Sassafras Lass stuff,love me some color!Picture from Martine and me is made by Anita Mundt on our shoot last "summer".

Already scrapped this picture,but i had to use it again...It's one of my faves :)

Last Friday,Martine and i went to see New Moon.(again...)It was a first for her,so that was fun!Although i did get kinda annoyed by the people who chatted,kicking my seat and eat(think chips bags)during the movie.Can't wait for the dvd to come out :)

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

How the world hates Bella...

Last weekend my mom and me went to see the movie New Moon.I had seen the movie Twilight many times,and my mom have listened to all the audio books.So we have been waiting for New Moon for months now,and the moment was finally here!We were standing in line with a hundred 15yr old girls...It was taking longer because we had to wait untill everything was clean.The movie was just as great as i expected,maybe even better!!The coolest moment was when Jacob took of his shirt and all girls started Oewwww and talking.My mom and i had to laugh so hard!Ofcourse everyone is totally jealous of Bella,because she got these two beautiful guy's fighting for her.Although i must say that i wouldn't be to happy with Vampires chasing me...I know i have to go and see this movie again,hopefully with my girl Mari... :)I made this Shabby layout for SausanDesigns.Besides the music paper,all of the papers are from SausanDesigns.As well are the cute flowers,love them!Here are the names:

SingSpring - Sweet Tweet 30,5x30,5 cm paper

Altered Artistry - Doodled Paper Tags and Frames 2
Altered Artistry - Pressed Flowers 1
Altered Artistry - Pressed FLowers 3
Altered Artistry - Paper Frames

I finally got to use the fantastic Voila from Valerie that she made for Prima.Thanks sweety!What do you think of this picture?It's made by the amazing Anita Mundt.Love the fairytale look of it,which explains the title ha!

I'll be back soon,happy scrapping!Love Fauve

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Yes,it's a miracle!I am still alive and i have scrapped something...Can you believe that?I know i can't!!All the stuff i was creating these last few months was looking horrible.I have also been really busy with my kids and friends and school and and and and.Sorry for my absense but i still hope you are enjoying my new page.Will show more in the upcoming day's.

Love Fauve

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Friday, August 21, 2009

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Update time...

Yes,the summer vacation is OVER!Time for school and routine again...Not so happy about the "get up early" thing,but it will be better for my lazyness.

Vacation was fun,but sjeeeeeeez my boy's were so HYPER!!Even when i went outside with them,playing on the playground for hours...But what do you expect when you have 2 pirates?

Besides "just chillin" this vacation,i totally took over my mom's baking hype.Ofcourse cupcakes are my fave,just because they are so yummy!Here are the chocolate cocos ones that were delicious.Atleast my brother and neighbours thought so.I have to say that scones are high on the fave list too.Ofcourse you need to serve it with some Clotted Cream and Jelly.Although Julian thinks i could just skip the Clotted Cream and just serve it with Jelly. ;)
On request for my neighbour i also made a Chocolate Strawberry cake.It was my firs cake and ofcourse i didn't use a recipe or anything.Why?Well simply because i am really stubborn.Haha Next time i have to add some cream to the chocolate so it won't break when you cut the cake.Lesson learned...But looking at it in the end,i must say that i think it looks pretty cool for a first cake.Especially for someone who couldn't bake ANYTHING!

For the pathetic Cooks like me,i have to recommend recipes from this lovely lady.Nigella Lawson makes cooking fun and sexy!Her cooking program is so much fun to watch and her recipes are not complicated at all.Especially if you like quick cooking,she is the one for you!My mom found this cool Sushi cake on google the other day.At first i thought the idea was kinda growse...But when you get rid of the idea from the combination of real cake and Sushi together,i must admit that this idea is way cool.
My brother came to visit me for a few day's which was really fun!We played games,did water fights with the kids,ate a lot!! and more crazy stuff.I also squeezed in this layout.When school starts a finally have some more time to scrapbook more,yay!For this layout is used SausanDesigns paper and hybrid stuff.Her stuff is awesome,if you havn't seen it be sure to check it out!
This project by Jeongmee Yoon is awesome if you ask me.She did one for boy's and one for girls.

Thanks to Marieke,for creating this cute page.Her Designs are so much fun,you can see them here!
Okay that's it for now!Sorry it took so long to update,but you know vacations are crazy times!
Please share what you've been up to!!xoxo Fauve

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Quick update!

It's late and i am tired,so this is going to be a quick update.
First i wanna show you the beautiful cake my mom made for Mari.(My best friend)
As you can see it's a quilted Chanel clutch.Unfortunately i just realised that i broke the pink seem when i unwrapped the cake.Sorry mom,please don't hate me.She IS gonna hate me when i tell her that i forgot to make photo's from the cupcake's she made before we ate them.Well atleast it shows that we thought it was really yummy!!(Back me up here people!!)

I also wanna show you this cute couple.This is Julian's new friend,and i think they look so cute together!She lives next to us,they are the same age,so that makes her the perfect playmate.
Julian and Sherien.(Hope i spelled her name right...)
Nightie night!

Monday, August 03, 2009

Hooray for Mari!

Well it isn't her B-day jet,but we celebrated her B-day at my place today.We had a great day,with lot's of cakes and presents.Unfortunately she couldn't come on my B-day so we were sort of celebrating it together today.Girly it was so nice catching up and gossip about everything,missed you like crazy!Here are some of the pictures from today.Don't mind my attitude look,i guess i don't know how to look normal on pictures anymore ha!People who don't know me must think i am a huge B*itch!Believe me,i am not :)
Will upload the cake pictures tomorrow!

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Get that Diva out.

Felt like playing this morning.Time for 2 of my favorite colors,Pink and Black.This layout is about those day's when you feel fabulous,wearing your favorite dress and heels...You know,walking with your head up high...All the men looking at you like your their favorite candy...LOL
There is a person that knows exactly how to make a woman feel good about herself.Just as she is!!!A hero in my eyes...Ofcourse i am talking about Gok Wan from How To Look Good Naked.What a fantastic show!My mom totally got me hooked.He also got a "new" show called Gok's Fashion Fix.

Ofcourse i couldn't help myself making some more cupcakes...I tend to make flower cupcakes,but they didn't turn out that nice.Too bad,better luck next time!My mom also came by to drop off Mari's b-day cake.WOW WOW WOW,that's all i can say!The cake looks absolutely fantastic.Will show it a.s.a.p. She also brought A LOT of cupcakes and strawberry's covered in white chocolate.Need to go on a diet soon...

Wanted to show you this picture.The other day i had this HUGE wasp in my home.It doesn't look so big on the picture,but believe me.It was huge and way scary!I needed to catch it and throw it out of the window.Not the coolest thing to do,but i succeeded ha!We are spending most of our time on the playground,especially when the weather is nice.If the weather is bad we are inside drawing,playing with clay and watching movies.The routine is out and my kids are often freaking me out by running in the house.Love my kids,but sjeez i miss school haha That's about it...I'll be back soon!Happy scrapping :)

Saturday, August 01, 2009

New scrappage!

Yes,i've got stuff to show!Woohooooooooo
First of all,my layout for the new challenge over at The Story Matters.It's about your 10 favorite things.Not a lot of journaling though...Try to work on that with the next challenge!Picture is by Martine Rijnbeek :)Then i made this Retro wall hanger.Which was the coolest thing i've made in a while.Not so much the result,but it just felt GOOD.You know...Don't think,just do!?Picture is by Anita Mundt.And last but not least.This simple layout i made about my Maxim.Title say's:Look Mommy,No Hands.And the journaling say's:What do you mean may not,can not?A lot is possible,if you allow yourself.

It felt good to scrapbook again.I wasn't really inspired lately,and all of a sudden i felt like scrapbooking again.I was very happy about that!Hope to create some more today or tomorrow.

I also made some more cupcakes.My favorite are still the pink ones with strawberry filling and white chocolate topping,but you have to variate sometimes right?So i made banana cupcakes with a Milk chocolate topping and banana on top.And i have to say they were really nice,and refreshing.My best friend Marianne arrived in Holland today,all the way from Dubai :) Good to have you back girly!She is going to be my cupcake taster,and i am going to stuff her this whole vacation!

By the way,can i introduce you to Beth Ditto!!This girl is crazy but oh so fabulous.She is a proud big woman,and let's thank her for that.Not that i think we should all look like beth,but i think she is a perfect rollmodel to show people you just have to embrace yourself as who you are!And it's time for a change,no more skinny ass models! :)

Ow and for the people who live in Europe.I will be demonstrating at HobbyFarm the 13th of September.Hope to see some of you there!

I'll be back soon,Happy Scrapping!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I was making

Cupcakes today!Bright and pink with a strawberry filling and a white chocolate topping.Not as pretty as the cupcakes from my mom,but hey they tasted yummo!And i was wearing a Orange dress with vintage earrings and lot's of beads.It's holiday and it's a fact that i've got nothing to do haha
(Well i have a million things to do,but i don't feel like doing them...)
I'll be back!!

P.S. My mom think's i have an attitude(on this picture) LOL
P.P.S.My best friends say's:
You look bored!Like *sigh* I am looking fabulous and my earrings are fantastic

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Xtreme Home Make Over @ Fauve's...

I decided to give my "walk-in "closet a make over,because it was a mess and i couldn't find anything!Unfortunately my son wrecked my scrap closet.(Don't ask how he did it!)And the two parts were standing in my closet space untill i got a chance to throw it away.I decided to use it untill i find a better way to store my bags and stuff.This is how my closet looks now.Kinda cute for a closet from home (s)crap right? Look at my cute pink underskirt i bought for 25ct!Next to it is my too expensive scarf from DKNY,gotta love the mix! I wanted to show you a little peek in my closet too,lot's of vintage and black clothes.The other closet is a bit of a mess,but oh well who cares.I was counting my coats the other day...There are 24 coats and 14 of them are Black,so crazy!You can see some of my sunglasses,i have a thing for them.I am very happy with my "new" gold Vintage Dior sunglasses,will make a picture with them sometime soon.I also love necklaces,especially Pearls...I won't show you the rest of my collections,or you will all send me to a home for lunatics.

I will show you this awesome Vintage magazine i bought back from 1939!!It's extremely thick and has all these advertisements and articles for Woman in it.It's called the Libelle and probably known to many Dutchies.It's so beautiful i am afraid to cut it up.I love thrift stores and carboot sales,it's the best place to find unique things.A lot of people i know think it's yuk and stupid,but luckily my family enjoy's it too! :)Yes,i also did some scrapping.Here they are!Happy scrapping,i'll be back soon.