Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I was making

Cupcakes today!Bright and pink with a strawberry filling and a white chocolate topping.Not as pretty as the cupcakes from my mom,but hey they tasted yummo!And i was wearing a Orange dress with vintage earrings and lot's of beads.It's holiday and it's a fact that i've got nothing to do haha
(Well i have a million things to do,but i don't feel like doing them...)
I'll be back!!

P.S. My mom think's i have an attitude(on this picture) LOL
P.P.S.My best friends say's:
You look bored!Like *sigh* I am looking fabulous and my earrings are fantastic


MaRi said...

Girl you are looking fabulous!!! ( like always ;) ) Please please tell me you saved me at least one cupcake!!
Strawberries & White chocolate!!! my favo combo! But you already know that cuz thats why your my sweetest BFF!!

P.s I am counting the days!! 3 days!

Laura said...

Your cupcakes look super good!!!! i want to eat a BIG pile of them!

Denise said...

you look lovely Fauve and those cupcakes make me want to lick my fingers!

TheresaK said...

I want one of those cupcakes ...RIGHT now!!!! LOL!

Great photo of you!!!!!

~Nancy~ said...

Oowww... look at those cupcakes... yum yum yum... (yup.. I'm hungry.. haha) And love your outfit girlie! Have a great week! XOXO

I am... said...

yumm they look good!!
how are you babe havnt chatted in ages.
just dropping by to say hello

Daffie Online said...

looking good;both you and the cupcakes :-)

M@rtine said...

oooooeh does look GOOD! Love your outfit here! But I think your mom is a bit right LOL (dont hit me!)

Mandy said...

You and your cupcakes both looks fab! I would LOVE to sink my teeth in the cupcakes though!
You smooch layout is stunning!
Read a thread on a siscrop on the 15th of August is that still on? xoxo

D@nielle said...

oooh they look yummy !