Sunday, April 19, 2009

Fantastic weekend!

Martine and i just spend a fantastic weekend @ Anita.We had a really great time and a lot of laughs.Here is an example of the styles we did.Anita thank you so much for the great time,you are amazing.You can find Anita's website here.Check her out,her work is mind blowing!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Sewing maniac :)

I was so excited to play with the digital stuff from Sausan Designs that i couldn't wait to get home and create something.My mom let me use her printer to print some amazing "hybrid" embellishments and papers.(Thanks mommy!)

Since i couldn't scrapbook last week because of my wrist,i wasn't able to create a layout for the new inspired by Amelie challenge.I was totally bummed about that,but i was in REAL pain!!
I am happy that it's over now!Turned out...i over used my wrist LOL I gave it some rest the last couple of day's.So now i can scrapbook again!Just have to make sure i don't over use it again! :)

So this layout is for the Amelie blog using only Sausan Designs stuff!(Besides the paint and thickers) :) As you might see i went a little crazy with the stitching.My sewing machine must hate me!What can i say...i just love MESSY!
I made another page using the fairy pictures from my friend Larissa.(and making another one tonight!)I seriously can't get enough of these pictures!Not to mention that she is wearing my favorite color dress.This new Prima stuff is to die for!Seriously i love it all!Especially those pearls,wow!What do you think of my handmade flowers??I think they are kinda cute!! :)Remembered i had a little TOOT to share?Well i am one of the new girls for the challenge blog "The story matters".I realised i need to focus more on my journaling,and i really think this challenge blog will help me to improve that.So i am looking forward to work with these fun girls and enjoy the challenges.

Hope everyone had a fantastic Easter!We had a great weekend with lot's of food and family time.We were also celebrating Jack's(My mom's husband) his b-day,and it was great.My mom made this really cool Mario cake and it was delicious.Hop over to her blog Contagious to see how it looked.Cool huh?

Somehow i ended up hosting the next Dutch SIStv crop.Fun!This means you all need to come to this amazing event,and spend time with me and all the other SISters.It's going to be spectacular,i am going to make sure it is!I have been to the previous Dutch SIS crops and the atmosphere was amazing,great fibe!So don't be nervous,and come over and chat with us on the Dutch SIStv crop thread here.Would love to see you there!!

I'll be back soon!Happy scrapping :)

Friday, April 10, 2009

Sausan Designs Design Team

I am very happy to announce that i am one of the new members for Sausan Designs.Sylvie her products are amazing and she is a real sweetheart,so i can't wait to work with her!Huge congrats to all the other girls!You can find her blog here,and the website here.

I am off to the doctor for my wrist,will update soon.Happy Scrapping!

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Little Fairy

For my sweet friend Larissa.Her daughter is a beautiful little fairy and i just needed to scrap this picture.Used some of my favorite colors,gesso,sewing machine and more.

Oh little fairy wont you come out
Oh little fairy i do want to see thee.
Oh little fairy i wont pester thee
and i will wait till you come out for me.

Monday, April 06, 2009


So i don't know exactly what it is that i have...But i have this pain in my wrist that has been killing me!!Going to make an apointment with the doctor tomorrow,because this pain kept me up all night.I was hoping it would go away,but it is getting worse!Maybe some kind of infection??It's my left wrist,so it's not from Ebay browsing all day :)

Made a layout yesterday evening(before the REAL pain started!!)for Angie Delarie.It's called Rock on! and enjoy...inspired by my "Model" layout.I used the handsign chipboard from Angie,her products are awesome!!

I went to the Art Specially event last weekend together with Martine.We had a great time!The event was fun,but we couldn't really find the scrapbook stuff we were looking for.There was more stamp stuff then scrapbooking stuff.And ofcourse we were nagging,because we were looking for particular things...So when we were waiting for the car to drive us back to the station,we saw a friend of my who was going to the new store from Papers&Pictures.She asked us to ride along with her,and ofcourse we said yes!!Thank you so much Irene,you are the best!!!The store was beautiful and had A LOT of products.Including some things we NEEDED,like the New Prima line Mommy&Me.I already bought the beautiful ribbons at ScrapDelight,which made me SO happy.I just love those cute little animals!!!
And ofcourse some Melissa Frances and Prima for my Shabby Chic thing.I am working on a Fairy layout for my friend Larissa,and i love how it's turning out.Will show it soon!!

I also have a new TOOT,which i will share in my next post.Did i tell you that i love Scrapbooking again?I really do,and i am so happy i am enjoying it to the fullest again.

My mom made these new cupcakes that i just LOVE!They look so good.If i could only try them all...Well it's probably better that i don't!! :)A fewday's ago we watched the "new" movie Bolt.My boy's liked it A LOT!Especially Julian.I thought it was okay...I prefer Tinkerbell :)

Be back soon,Happy Scrapping!

Friday, April 03, 2009


Seriously,why does everything always have to be extreme in Holland?Talking about the weather here...Seriously it was HOT today!And that after a week of rain rain and more rain.I saw kids playing in swimming pools.Not sure if it was THAT hot,but maybe it was,cause i was really dying outside.I just can't stand it when it's so hot.On the other hand i hate the rain...So yeah i am a complainer...But seriously it's Spring!!It's supposed to be nice and sunny with a light brease...Not hiding inside,away from the sun!LOL

Well enough about the weather.I finished two layouts i started last weekend,yay!
Life can be Enchanted.Well my life has been crap for a long time(still is now and then...),but i like to keep it possitive.I made this "fairytale" layout,to remind me that life CAN be Enchanted.(I need a lot of reminders)Just have to focus more on the little things.I used one of the Angie Delarie Cinderella tags on this.This one is about my brother and his girlfriend.They were here,together in 2008.So if someone finds my scrapbook in 2200 they would know "they" were here in 2008...Makes any sense,no?Hmmm okay moving on.(freakshow...)
Julian and i made homemade cookies.Well i am not a really good baker(like my mom),but they turned out fine.Not better then the store bought ones,but good for a first timer!Atleast we enjoyed ourself yesterday! :)My mom also started a blog.It's called contagious,for her (cup) cake addiction.She is really good!

I have a TOOT coming up,fun fun fun.Waiting for permission to share!So i'll be back...