Friday, August 27, 2010


Okay,i'm off to my mom but wanted to do a quick post with some of the eycandy i have been making.Hope you enjoy!I will be back soon with more.Love Fauve

Monday, August 02, 2010

Rainy day's

Sigh!I have to admit i am one of those weather complainers...Too hot,too cold,too icey...I am aware of that.But i really,and i mean REALLY can't stand the rain.It sucks,it's depressing and it gives me a headache.So when it rains outside,i decide it is a good day to just stay in :) Which is a good thing because it means SCRAPBOOKING!Yay,it felt good...I should do it more often,right??lol

First layout is a challenge;Show the true you.Title called Wake up,Journaling reads:
You keep telling me to wake up and see the real world.But somehow i just don't wanna listen and stay in my fairytale.I know i have to change that,because it is going to cause me trouble at some point.But for now i am so grateful to have you to protect me from harm.
I felt like making something sunny too,i enjoyed can you tell??I have been saving these thickers,i think they are THE BEST!
The more i scrapbook,the more i feel like some Scrapbook shopping.What was the last thing you bought??Please share with me!Happy scrapping xoxo