Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Geoff (Pencil Lines 75)

So i thought it would be fun to try out Corinne's sketch for the Pencil Lines blog.I have never done one of their sketches before,but i had fun with this sketch.I wen't totally messy with this layout with lots of paint and crayons.Since i wen't to Scrap-a-licious i am all about the messy stuff.Don't ask me why?? :D

After i was finished with my layout,i asked my brother to do the journaling.He absolutely hated it!He had no idea what to write and i had to convince him it was going to be fun to read this when he is older.I think it gives it a special touch!!
Don't forget to check out the ScrapMojo blog to see who is our great Guest Designer.You are going to LOVE her!

We also have a great tutorial up on the Amelie blog.Cindy shows us how to make these wonderful skipping stones!Go,and check it out!

Monday, March 17, 2008

I am sooo tired!

Or you can call it lazy...Tired just sounds better to me.During day time i don't have much time to scrapbook and when it's evening,i just don't have anymore energy left to scrapbook.Kinda frustrating since i do wan't to scrapbook...Sounds confusing and boring right?Yeah,i think so too!

I wan't to give a big shout out to my B-day girl Celine.Hope you have a fun day girly!I had this picture laying around,so i made her a little Happy B-day card.Last Tuesday my best friend Marianne came to visit me!She lives all the way in Dubai,so we don't see eachother that often.But it's sure that when we do,we have the best time ever!So after we dropped Julian at his school,we ate some fish and did some groceries.(Like we ALWAYS do...)She brought me this whole pile of clothes that were sooo cute!Thanks again sweety,mwuah!We decided to go to the park and take some pictures.Isn't she lovely?She is one of those girls that is so pretty,you just feel ugly walking next to them LOL
And a pictures from my little chubby :DI'll be back with some new layouts,including my layout for the new ScrapMojo challenge!!Happy Scrapping :)

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Scrap-a-licious weekend!

Sorry it took so long to update!I have been so tired lately,i needed to catch up some sleep...Okay,so somehow i always end up taking pictures with other people's camera's,so not many pictures to show...But i can tell you some stuff about the weekend.I went to Utrecht all by myself since my friend Martine couldn't come.I wasn't paying attention and ended up on Utrecht Overvecht...Great,just my luck!I was glad i had a train earlier,so i was still on time for the first workshop.

I knew a lot of people that were attending and i wish i had more time to say Hi to everybody.Still i got the meet a lot of people i know from blogging and from SIScrops etc.It was so good seeying some good friends of mine!I was sitting next to Natasja,and we had a great time together with lots of laughs!The first day we made an Art Journal,Hambly mini album and a layout.The Art Journal was my favorite since i learned so many technique's from that one.I never played with Gesso and water soluble crayons before,and yesss i'm hooked and need it all now!We had a nice lunch and talked a lot!I used the ranger ink applicator for the first time at Corinne's workshop and guess what?NEED IT!We stamped on 3d wallpaper and the results were way cool!I must admit that i didn't do much during the last workshop since it was so HOT because of the heater that was broke and the airco that wasn't working.I couldn't really focus so i was chatting a lot with my girl Celine.This girl is so crazy,she was cracking me up all the time!

This is my favorite picture from the weekend!I'm doing "my pose" and Celine is looking like what the f*ck??Love it!
During dinner i was sitting together with my girls Silvia,Antoinette,Natasja,Nat,Anke and Celine.Seriously i was laughing so much i got a bad headache.But ow so worth it since i had the best time ever!These girls are so crazy and we were laughing so loud!The dinner was yummo,and i think i choose the perfect combo!I had a goat cheese salad for start,followed by chicken with french fries and ice cream for desert.Not really diet food,but who cares!

After that we had a crop but we were all wiped out so we didn't do much...We all bought some tickets for the lottery and we all won something!My friend Anke won the cool spindle with cards from all these fab designers.No i wasn't jealous or anything :D
Afterwards we went to the hotel we were staying,which turned out to be a hostel.I thought it was great!Only the vegetarian breakfast was disgusting!!

Next day we started of with the vintage mini album workshop by Celine.She brought these cool tree stamps,which i loved!Can't believe i didn't use them!We also did a workshop by Corinne using a custom made wooden album(verry cool) and a layout by Celine.I finished the layout yesterday!We used a Brayer for the paint on the background,and i used tape from the technique we learned the day before.I love the way it turned out!A mixture of Celine's style and mine.At lunch time we made some pictures outside.The weather was terrible and i looked like crap!!Oh well... :)
Sweet Danielle,the owner from memorylane Scrapbooking was there the whole weekend and her store was filled with yummo goodies.I bought some things,i was meaning to buy for a long time!

So to make a long story short,it was a really cool weekend filled with cool new and old friends,awesome workshops and yummo products.Can't wait for the next one!And for the people who weren't there...You misted out BIG TIME!LOL
Happy Scrapping!

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Oh,the places you'll go!

That's the title i had to use for the new ScrapMojo challenge.It was a rough one since i didn't know the book,but youtube helped me out!I had so much fun making this page,i love the bright colors!I also love to cute out shapes from paper.I think it gives your layout a unique touch.The shape is inspired by the book from Dr.Seuss too!Go check out what the other girls did,they are ROCKIN these challenges!

Scrap-a-licious is almost here yay!SO many friends are coming over and i am really excited to see them!My friends Anke and Nat are coming all the wat from Germany,how cool is that?I did a photoswap with Anke,hope you like it my dear!!I used the OLW Time for this one.

Can't wait to see my cute friend Celine again.I havn't seen her for almost a year!So can't wait to hang out with her and my sweet friend Corinne.I am looking forward to the pyjama party i will be having with my friends Martine,Silvia,Antoinette and Anke.So i better do some shopping for that!!I bought some fabby PJ's from Ebay with cupcakes on it,but unfortunately they're not here jet.I better start shaving my legs...

And to all the other ladies who are going,come over and say HI!Love that :D

It's fun to see that so many people are inspired by our Amelie blog.I think it's going to be a great succes.And even if it doesn't,oh well we are having fun anyway!

So i had whole list i wanted to share,but now i can't think of any...I better start writing things down,these kids are eating my brain!I hope to be back before i leave.Going to be creative these upcoming days.And if i don't...Well then you have to wait for my LONG update from Scrap-a-licious.This is going to be a weekend to remember that's for sure!!Happy Scrapping

Monday, March 03, 2008

Does she inspires you?

Okay first of all...Sorry,i'm still a bad blogger!!I'm gonna work hard this week to change it,okay?Hope to visit all of your blogs this week and leave you nice comments.I have been working on asignments but i couldn't show anything!Now that's no fun right?But...Now i can,yay!
So remember this post?Well there wasn't much to see then,but there is now!I started this great challenge blog together with my girls;Larissa,Sofie,Cindy,Lucy,Celine,Dina and Rhian.It's called "inspired by Amelie" and as you may have guessed,it's based on the movie Amelie.It's a wonderful movie full of beautiful colors,music and idea's.So come on over and play with us!You must see what the other designers did with the first challenge,it's amazing...And if you havn't seen this movie,go rent it NOW!

Here is my layout.It's called "enjoy the little things from everyday life".

I love the little details that are being discussed that has nothing to do with the actual story.Amelie enjoy's these "crazy" things like sticking her hands in a bag of seeds and breaking the top of her creme brulee.She inspired me to look different at everyday life.Like for example,watching your children play and discover new things.

I can also show you my work for Fresh Pages Co. with the January kit.Beautiful kit,but it was a tough challenge for me since it had these beautiful soft colored papers in it and a lot of kraft.But you should def. check these kits out,they are so much fun!

And here is the announcement of my verry cool TOOT...I'm the new DT girl for SCRAPmojo!!Woohoo :) I love that blog!!And the girls are so fabulous.I also wan't to give a big shout out to the other new Mojo girls,huge congrats!These girls inspire me so much.And i have been wanting to do every challenge but "unfortunately" other things came up.But from now on,i can actually focus on it and really enjoy it!Can't wait to play play play!Will show you my layout for the new challenge,soon!

So what have you been doing?