Tuesday, December 25, 2007

I wish all my blog friends...

a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

Card is by Thumbelina Card Co :)

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Wanted!! Scrap-a-licious roommates!!

Okay,so i just got off the phone with the hotel and there is no 4 bed room left.The only thing they have left is a 6 bed room.Sooo my question,is there anyone who wan't to share with us??I am still looking for 2 people.If you know anyone who is going PLEASE share!Thanks a lot!!

You can contact me :fauve.van.maanen@home.nl
The room is 17 euro a person.


Edited:only 1 spot left,who's in?? :D

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

A new TOOT!

Okay long time no "see" :) I am still waiting for my internet connection,how frustrating!!And since i have been wayyy busy with asignments,i didn't have time to create something i can show now.But no worry's,i will be sharing some new stuff soon!!

Okay lot's of great stuff going on at the moment,and i am so Happy to share a new TOOT!!Next month,i will be the first Guest Designer for kitclub The Dozens.You all know how i loved their first kit,and i can't wait to play with January's upcoming kit.So be sure to check out their site,they absolutely ROCK!

Fresh Pages Co is having a fab-u-lous deal on their website!!Brianne made some goody bags filled with paper and embellishments from previous kits for an amazing deal.So what are you waiting for??Grab your bargain while you can!!They are also giving away a fab RAK,so check out the blog!

Thanks for the great comments on my roommate search,that was fun!I found 2 extra girls,wow we are going to have a blast!!There is also a new Dutch SIS crop coming up,so check out the SIS messageboard for further details!

Okay i'll be back soon,with some new layouts and hopefully some more info about a verry cool TOOT!Happy Scrapping :D

Monday, December 10, 2007


WOW seriously time flies people!Sorry i have been such a bad blogger AGAIN!But i am waiting for my internet and i am still unpacking some boxes.Okay i can leave some...I mean a lot!

I have been picked for the Fresh Pages kitclub Designteam from Feb-May!They have some wonderful kits and you can even apply some kit ideas.If youre kit get picked you will also recieve a kit yourself.I am so excited about being added to this DT!It was my first time applying again after almost a year.And it looks there are going to happen some great things for me...Hope to share some more info about that soon!

I made some new layouts with The Dozens kit from last month.This kit was really made for me!So sorry about the non edited pictures,but my mom doesn't have photoshop :S

For my sweet friend Silje,and her adorable puppy Cupcake!Seriously the best name ever for a doggy :D

For my adorable Micayla,who is just the cutest right?Loved youre pictures doll!Hope you like it!
And i also got spoiled again,with a beautiful layout from a swap with my friend Andrea.Thanks sweety,i'm luvin it!Okay hope to be back soon!Happy scrapbooking :)

P.S.Who want's to share a hotel room with me and my friend Martine at the scrapalicious workshop weekend?We wan't to book a room with 4 beds,which is 18 euro a person.So who's in?