Thursday, July 25, 2013

Summer update

I am officially (old) 27 years young :) It was my birthday the 18th of July and i had a fun celebration with family and cake.On the Saturday after that i went to see Mari in Amsterdam and of course we did some Primark shopping as usual.This week i went to the movies with the kids to see Monsters University,fun!!I can really recommend this movie.We enjoyed the HOT weather in the tub and the kids played outside.I however spent my time inside...creating!Bought myself a daylight lamp,so now i can scrapbook again at night.

I played along with OLW and the word this time is Fierce.I don't really think i am one of those persons that is really Fierce...I think i'm a pretty strong woman, but i can be a real scaredy-cat too sometimes!So i decided to use the pictures of my boy's rollerskating for the first time.Ow my...this was fun!(Evil grin)Julian had fun and was doing alright,but Maxim was not that amused!He kept falling on his bottom and was getting really mad and frustrated.Do not touch the bottom...sensitive spot.But he is like me and when he want something...well...he won't stop until he get's it right.And after some practice he was doing alright!The encouragement from his brother and me definitely helped him! :)

Be sure to play along,these ladies are really inspiring!Especially wanted to play after reading Revlie's story,wow she really is one of those Fierce woman!

I played along with the Studio Calico challenge to use many or little embellishments on your layout.I dug op some fun embellishments i had laying around forever.Like the cut out pink label from a shower gel package.The green circle,rope,die-cuts,Prima flower and more.The layouts tells the story about the day my bff and i were going to go shopping here in Tilburg, but it was so warm i had to home and change before i was going to pick her up from the station.Arriving there my bff was dressed up in jeans and blazer,she is a die-hard!So i had two outfits of the day :)


Finally i created this layout about the flowers i got from my mom for fathers day.Really nice gift which meant a lot to me.Being a single parent, day's like that can be hard.But the flowers were a reminder that i get to be both parents,which is a blessing not a curse. <3>

 The other day i was playing with some Sun flare on my balcony.Okay the pictures are probably not perfect,and no i am not a professional photographer...but i really like this technique and this picture!

I have some great models here at home who are happy to pose for mommy. Even though i end up with silly faces,big nose holes etc.
So how is your Summer going?We are going to the fair this weekend!Happy Scrapping :)

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Summer is here!

And i have all the time in the world to Scrapbook :) Well not really because you know we parents have to entertain the kids,but when they are watching movies or playing video games when the weather isn't so nice outside...I can play!Which is exactly what i did these last couple of day's.

You know my layout for Dove of the East i showed earlier,here is a better close up from the layout.Can't tell you enough how much i love her products!Doveen has been busy with a few things and i am so happy for her things are working out.

I decided to work on a layout for OLW,i used to play along and always loved it.Very inspiring,especially if you want to improve your journaling.Something i am alway's trying to do...My layout is about something that happened a few weeks ago.I was walking home from bringing my kids to school,and decided to make a picture for my friend Marianne to show off my new red lipstick.While using my Phone and the reverse camera button,i snapped a few pictures.All of a sudden this woman comes "running" towards me,asking why i was making pictures from her house???WOW,this sure was embaressing!I had to tell the woman i was not making pictures from her home,but i was making pictures from my new red lipstick...I think i better stick to my balcony for making selfies :) The OLW for this challenge is Crazy,and i am pretty sure it's the first thing that comes to mind when you think of me lol

My other layout was inspired by a technique i saw on TwoPeas using gel medium and a stencil.Well,let me just say that i wasn't using the right stencil and forgot to mix some Gesso so it didn't really turned out how i wanted it.So using the same stencil i decided to just used regular acrylic paint and some crackle paint for a nice effect.I like how this turned out!And the seagreen color is my absolute favorite color on this moment.(Although it has been for a few years now...)Pictures are from my Summer Wardrobe,which i absolutely love!I should move to a country where the weather is always nice,so i could wear summer dresses everyday.Too bad i can't stand the heat,so it should be around 25c.
I think it turned out kinda cute,a mix of Navaho/Aztec and Soft flowers like the prints in my wardrobe.Don't you just love to mix and match old and new Scrapbook stash?For me it's always nice to have new goodies because they always inspire me just like new pictures to work with.But going through my goodies i collected over the years and complete my project with them is just as much fun.
I have two more layouts that i don't think i showed here before.A Fall layout for Julian's album and a Halloween layout,both totally different :) I remember having the best time at that Halloween party.Dressing up in the car on our way and turning my BF into a Ghost pirate (eventhough he hates this stuff!)was so funny!

Fall colors

Scary Costumes
I hope to have some more projects showing you soon!Thank you so much for visiting me and Happy Scrapping enjoy the Summer! :)