Friday, August 22, 2008

I'm doing better!

Thank god,i seriously couldn't sit!But now i can do some scrapbooking again,i was getting nuts.Oh yeah,that's right!I already was... :)

Okay on to scrapbooking!the "new" Scrapmojo challenge is up!We would love to have you playing with us.I choose the layout;Ready or not,here i come.
My gorgeous friend Marie had been ScrapJacked!How cool is that?She is awesome,and a real inspiration to me.So ofcourse i had to play!I rotated her layout and created this in my own style.I like how it turned out!
I went to see Mamma Mia last Wednesday,and it was AWESOME!I loved everything about it.Merryl streep looked amazing and i loved seeying everyone sing.It really is a great movie,and if you havn't seen it jet...You have to go watch it!!

Not sure what i will show in my next post...But i hope it's soon!Happy Scrapping :)

Monday, August 18, 2008

My back is killing me!!!!

I have a really bad pain in my back from sitting behind my computer and not sleeping well.So i better relax for a while.I hope it get's better then!Not much scrapping for me i guess...

I caught Maxim on video while he was walking!Julian is loving it :D

I also have a request!I am looking for an Orange thicker for my title.As you can see the letter [e] is missing.And i wasn't planning on buying these thickers again.Please contact me if you have it,and i am sure we can settle something.
I'll be back soon,Happy Scrapping!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Back again...

And here to show you some new stuff!But before i do that i wanted to share that my little baby boo boo...can walk!Yesss,this mister took his time.Mostly because he is just a chicken,but now he can.So i guess it won't take him long before he starts to walk all the time...I better be prepared LOL

I am getting a lot if questions about the transparency on my layout girly girls.This is a filefolder from the Hema.It's from last year,so they probably don't have it anymore...They do have some really cute tabfiles like the one i used on my first layout here.

I made this quicky to remember my weird and oh so comfy slippers.I swear i do NOT own a pair of shoe's that doesn't give me blisters...But these slippers are the best!So colorful and comfy,i really love them.Guess that's why my mom got me a pair of blue ones too! :D

I also made another layout for my friend Dana!She is funky,so she got herself a funky page.I used a wire to create a title.

I luv her funky styleOkay nothing much to show anymore.I tried out for the Sassafras Lass DT call,but not much hope there.It had sooooooo many submissions...I havn't submitted in a long time,and for the first time i didn't care!I didn't even try out for Hambly Studio's!!Well i guess i was just lazy back then haha Still,i have some hope for Sassafras Lass.Their stuff is just so cute,and it screams my name.Oh well,we shall see.

Anyway,hope to be back soon.Happy Scrapping!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Addicted again...

Okay so i am totally addicted to this whole blogging thing again.I hope my blogging friends are still here :D
Well,i told you i would be back with some new layout's.Couldn't stop scrapping!Those asignments can wait a bit longer right?If my parents read this they are going to kill I ALWAYS wait till last minute.It's a weird habbit my brother and me have...
So what scrappage have i done?Well i made a layout using a sketch from Pencil Lines.It was fun!It was my second time using one of those sketches.I should try it more often.It's not really my style,but i think that's a good thing.I hope i inspire people to try new things!Because i sure have fun with trying new things.
This picture is from Julian at school with Carnival.I alway's get so frustrated when he doesn't look at me when taking pictures.This was his best pose... Gotta love em :D
I also made another "feel good" page.You know those layout's where you just don't think,but just do what you like and wan't to!When i try a different style then my own(like vintage)it doesn't comes naturally and i alway's get doubts.It takes ages to finish a page like that.
Unlike this page,which i finished in an hour.And that is extremely fast for me...It just felt GOOD!
Favorite picture of Corinne and me.I believe Lucy took this one...
So that was that.Sorry nothing more to show!
Please remember that you have untill the 21th of August to try out for the Amelie designer position.This call is for EVERYONE and we can't wait to see all the beautiful entries.
I'll be back soon,Happy Scrapping!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Title less...

because i don't know how to call it :)

So what's new??Well i've got 2 new layout's to show!They are both completely different...I 'm enjoying the more simple and clean style now a day's.And besides the simple and clean style i also like to use different photo size's.My 13x18 pictures are still my favorite though!!

Here is what i made with the blurriest picture ever!I couldn't love this picture more.It's so unperfect,that it's perfect...
I know this is not my style,but i really enjoy doing these kind of layout's for a change!I also made a more personal layout.It's about my journey during these last years and all the the things that happened. You'll probably see more layout's with this topic in the next few weeks.I am thinking a lot about my life and what i wan't with it.So to process it,i have to put it on paper.
You would almost think i like the combination of mustard and turquoise... :D

Julian did some crafting too!I love it when he likes to sit with me and play with paint and left overs from mommy LOL What do you think?Looks kinda good right?These pictures are from Julian and his first love,Cruella deVil.
Yesterday evening we had a beautiful sky!My mom called it a train cloud...Had to capture it!Okay it's time for asignments again,so no idea when i have stuff to show.I am guessing tomorrow since i like last minute deadlines :D Happy Scrapping!

Friday, August 08, 2008

Wanted! Amelie designer.

One of my Amelie girls has left the team because of some personal changes.That's why i have a spot available!

We are looking for a fun and enthousiastic scrapper who will fit our team.So,Do you enjoy challenges?Like something different?Love our Amelie blog and our team?Well then send me 3 sample's of your work and tell us why you should be on our team.Don't worry,no biting here :D Can't wait to see!Our email
Deadline is the 21th of August.
The new challenge is up,go check it out!Mine is about kawaii.(ofcourse!)
Also made this layout.It's about my favorite episode of Sex and the City in Paris.Too bad you can't see the mint green spray ink...

Thinking about using it for the Art is found blog.Not sure if it fits the challenge...

I am going to meet up with my best friend Marianne tomorrow!Havn't seen her for such a long time.I bet she looks really good!(She always does,grrrrrrr)Unlike the girl who should def. start her diet again...Oh well,soon!

I had a really hard/sad day yesterday.My mom's cat wasn't feeling well for the 2 day's.The next day she was doing better,so we didn't think she had to go to the doctor.The day after that she was looking worse then ever before!So we took her to the doctor that night and they said they felt something in her belly but they didn't know it was poo or something else.So we had to come back in the morning for blood tests.She couldn't eat because of the blood tests,so we locked the cat's in their room.The next morning when i wanted to get something in the room,i found her dead.I was in shock and still am.Turned out that she was having cancer.I was very attached to her and i will miss her so much.She was my baby sister,and it feels so weird just moving on...Sometimes it suddenly hits me and i start crying again.It was hard for me to find her like that,and it will stick for a long long time.So yesterday,was a sad day!

I hope to be back soon with some scrappage or pictures!Happy Scrapping <3

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

YAY for two posts on one day!

Okay so i created two layouts i wanted to share.I could wait for 2 or 3 day's,because i don't know when i have more stuff to show...But oh well.I guess you have to do it with these for the upcoming 5 days or so,ha!

This cocky layout is made for the new OLW and Category Stories challenges.Why not 2 in 1 right?Have to keep it fun!It feels good to do some challenges again.I still feel my creative thoughts are a bit lost.I have a feeling i can do better then this...Kinda bummed about that.I am sorta having one of those"my work sucks" moments/feelings.Well can't blame me.I see all these amazing,complicated layouts passing by.Then i look at my stuff and i think...Sjeezzzzzz anyone can come up with this!!Okay,blah blah blah enough for now!
The picture is made by Corinne and i love it.Love what she did with it too,the background is amazing.It is one of my favorite pictures and i am sure i will use it again some day.

This one was just for fun!I wanted to tear some paper apart and create some kind of fire/spike background.This way it would match with the subject.Not sure if i succeeded,since it still looks kinda neat...bummer!
Love that picture of Mandy and me.She is so much fun!

The weather is beautiful over here,and the kids and me went out to play at the little playground.Maxim had no socks on,and he absolutely hated the feeling of his feet in the grass.It was so funny to see,because he was constantly holding his feet in the air :D
Made these pictures today.It is getting harder and harder to shoot pictures from my kids.They are both so fast and full of energy.I love my son's!
I'll be back soon!Happy Scrapping

Say hello to my little friend

New challenge is up at ScrapMojo.Go check it out,it's a fun one again!