Friday, August 08, 2008

Wanted! Amelie designer.

One of my Amelie girls has left the team because of some personal changes.That's why i have a spot available!

We are looking for a fun and enthousiastic scrapper who will fit our team.So,Do you enjoy challenges?Like something different?Love our Amelie blog and our team?Well then send me 3 sample's of your work and tell us why you should be on our team.Don't worry,no biting here :D Can't wait to see!Our email
Deadline is the 21th of August.
The new challenge is up,go check it out!Mine is about kawaii.(ofcourse!)
Also made this layout.It's about my favorite episode of Sex and the City in Paris.Too bad you can't see the mint green spray ink...

Thinking about using it for the Art is found blog.Not sure if it fits the challenge...

I am going to meet up with my best friend Marianne tomorrow!Havn't seen her for such a long time.I bet she looks really good!(She always does,grrrrrrr)Unlike the girl who should def. start her diet again...Oh well,soon!

I had a really hard/sad day yesterday.My mom's cat wasn't feeling well for the 2 day's.The next day she was doing better,so we didn't think she had to go to the doctor.The day after that she was looking worse then ever before!So we took her to the doctor that night and they said they felt something in her belly but they didn't know it was poo or something else.So we had to come back in the morning for blood tests.She couldn't eat because of the blood tests,so we locked the cat's in their room.The next morning when i wanted to get something in the room,i found her dead.I was in shock and still am.Turned out that she was having cancer.I was very attached to her and i will miss her so much.She was my baby sister,and it feels so weird just moving on...Sometimes it suddenly hits me and i start crying again.It was hard for me to find her like that,and it will stick for a long long time.So yesterday,was a sad day!

I hope to be back soon with some scrappage or pictures!Happy Scrapping <3


Eeffie said...

So sorry to hear about your mom's cat!!! We have lost three cats of our own, so I know what it feels like...Hang in there!

Too bad one of the girls left. Good luck on your search for a new team member. And...I'll definitely be sending you three samples of my work soon!

Dana said...

I am so sorry about your cat. They are such members of the family and it is so hard to know they wont be there to greet you when you need a furry friend...

Charin said...

Aww, so sorry to hear about your mom's cat! :( I had my cat Tasha from the a kitten all the way up to 16 years old, it was soooo hard when she died.

Beth Perry said...

I am so sorry to hear that! Keep your head up.

I do like your new layouts alot!!


Mika said...

What a sad story, hang on!
Thinking of sending you my stuff for the Amelie blog.
Mika (

micayla said...

Oh no about the kitty, it is so sad! Keep that chin up girlie!
Loving the new eye candy too, that fashion layout is delish! Please send me some mojo....I wanna scrap!

Je@net said...

So sorry to hear about the cat!!
Love your new layouts!!
And good luck on the search for the new team member!!

brigitte from australia said...

Sorry to hear about your mum's cat ! when you get attached to someone or a pet, it's always hard to say goodbye.
On a creative level, looooove your 2 LOs and also loooooved the movie SEx and the made me cry of laugh and cry of sadness when Carrie gets jilted at the altar :(
heyyy...i'm interested to be in your team !! (i'll try to get my LOs done soon :)