Friday, September 28, 2007

Sewing time!!

I got these beautiful ScrapDiary pp all the way from Brasil,thanks to my sweet friend Lucy!!Since the Xtreme weekend i have been dying to use them and i am so happy i did.These colors are such a pleassure to work with,and i think they are totally perfect for my boys layouts.So i had this idea for a kind of quilt layout and i like the result.Gotta use my sewing machine much more often...Sorry for the bad picture,i really need a scanner!!The weather is just terrible and it's dark inside.Will make a better picture when the weather gets better...And here is a little sneakpeekie :)
Okay girls,i need a big favor from ALL my Dutchies!!I have these pots for my ribbons and buttons from Xenos and i need some more.They are completely sold out at my Xenos,so i wanted to ask you girls if you can take a look at your Xenos...

I need 2 of these little pots and they only cost 65 euro cents...And from the big pots i need 5 or more.But if you can only 1 or more would be great too!!There will be a nice package waiting for the 1 who helps me out!!
More sneaks soon!Happy scrapping!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I'm hooked on...

Photoswaps!They are so much fun :D I have had some question about what photoswaps are,so here's a simple explanation...You get several photo from your partner,this can be anything your partner choose.(selfportrait,children,pets etc.)You ask your partner which format they prefer and make a layout in your own style using 1 or several of the pictures you recieved.That's it!

I will be doing some more photoswaps soon,but first i have to finish some asignments!!

Here is a photoswap i did with a SIS on SIStv called Ellymew,you can see the layouts she made for me here.

And here is a layout i made for my friend marieke,hope you like it girly :D

Next time i will be updating with some sneaks!Happy Scrapping!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

The "big" update...

Okay so here are some of the layouts that i finished this week.Sorry for the bad pictures but the weather is just terrible...Will show some more layouts and sneakpeeks soon!
I am doing some fun photoswaps,totally addicted!I luv my friends!
This is the layout i made for the new challenge blog Everyday Garbage.This was just too much fun,so be sure to check it out!
here is my layout for the OLW challenge this month.It's my first time participating in the challenge...I really like these challenges,but most off the time i can't find the time to make them.
This layout is for my sweet friend Dina,she really is one of the best artists out there!Hope you like it Hun :D

Happy scrapping!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Got tagged...

by my cutie Nancy!Thanks dear :) Okay guess it's time to share...

1. My family and me are following the diet from Michel Montignac and i have lost 5 KG already!Now that my mom is gone on vacation i am having a little break,but i will start again when my mom get's back.Please pray for me that i didn't gain the 5 KG already...LOL

2.I am addicted to check my email...I do it every 5 minutes.(Or maybe less...)

3.Everytime i go to H&M,i am drooling all over the little girls section.They have so many cute things...

4.During my pregnancy i used to forget everything!I had to ask people the same thing several times a day.I still attend to forget things on a daily basis...

5.I LOVE eating French Cheese!!I am so glad i found a diet where i'm allowed to eat it.I used to eat the combo of pasta and french cheese,but that combo is not Montignac...

6.I hate BIG dogs,they always scare the S... out of me!

7.I am scrapbooking for almost 2,5 years now,the best hobby ever!And i believe it's almost 2 years ago i started working for Scrap! magazine,and i still luv it!

Not much to show jet since i can't take any pictures,but i will make a big topic when i get my camera back.So for now it's just a cute Halloween card i made for my aunt,she loves Halloween!It looks so much better in real life though...hmmm

I am recieving my new Bampop goodies this week,cant wait to play! :) Happy Scrapping

Sunday, September 16, 2007


Just some fun stuff to use for inspiration...Or maybe to use on some of your layouts??Dont you just love to google :D

(I dont know why,but the pictures don't get bigger when you click on them...So here is the link for the cupcakes.)

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Wow will you look at this!

My sweet friend Dina made me this awesome layout,i love it!Thanks a lot cutie! Here is a layout i made a few weeks ago,i totally forgot to show it...
Picture doesn't really do justice.

My sweety Helene took this great picture of me,she is the best!You should check out Lucy's,Adrienne's and Corinne's blog for more Xtreme weekend pictures!!

And i had to show this,i thought it was sooo funny! :D

Okay i will update with some new layouts as soon as i have my camera back.Happy scrapping!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Xtreme weekend was really Xtreme!!

This weekend was amazing!!I did some fun scrapbooking and met some really sweet new friends.My good friend Barbara picked me up in Leiden,and it was so nice catching up with her while we drove to Katwijk aan Zee.Arriving at Tripodia we met my cute friends Lucy and Helene.They are both so sweet,and i am so glad i met them!!Lucy brought me this really cute stuff like 12x12 felt,handmade scissor cover,awesome brazilian patterned paper and much more.I loved every single thing and i will make a picture as soon as i get my camera back from Barbara.I forgot it in her car...

After that i met my sweet friend Adrienne,she is such a doll!!And i think she did everything verry well for a first time.Her first workshop was a layout and card using really great non scrapbooking stuff i didnt tried jet.We used bubblewrap,lollipop sticks and grid.So cool!

After eating real quick and buying some AWESOME Hambly i have been wanting for such a long time,Corinne took some great pictures of us outside.So much fun!!

Then i had the workshop called Freestyle.A really great workshop,but i totally messed up!!I had this kind of burned orange coloured cardstock which just wasnt working for me.I think i will redo the layout in my favorite colours.I was so loving the popsicle sticks idea,never tried that 1 before either...We did another layout which was really cute,cant wait to finish that one :)

It was time,we were going to make the Hambly album.WOW WOW WOW i loved it!I still have to finish it because i was a bit slow...You really have to think about what to put where,because it will show on the other side of your page.Going to finish it today i think,but i can't take any pictures jet.

It was 5 pm and Xtreme weekend was over.But not for us!!We decided to go outside and take some fun pictures.Adrienne couldnt stay that long so we needed to be quick.I really love this picture of us blowing kisses.

So when the other girls were gone Barbara,Lucy,Helene and me decided to go and take some more pictures.I have never done such a fun photoshoot,i really had the time of my life!!

There were all these kinds of cool doors and bright containers,and i really like how these pictures turned out.We also found this cute strawberry print,cute huh??

So after that it was time to say goodbye to my dear friends.(I am missing you girls already!)And the 2 hour trip back home started...

I will show you girls my projects as soon as i get my camera back.So i guess i will be sharing some more pictures we took these upcoming days.Happy Scrapping!!

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Lucky me!

I have been really spoiled these last couple of days!!My sweet friend Marieke made me this beautiful layout about Julian with some great stamps from Tin Box Creations.Such a nice suprise!!Marieke you are so REAL and DOWN TO EARTH,and i am sooo happy to call you my friend!!

Then i got this email from my sweet SAZ friend Christiane that she found me a copy of the summer issue of SAZ.Woohoo so excited about that!I was really REALLY dissapointed my copy got lost in the mail.Can't wait to finally see my layouts in the magazine...
I did a photoswap with Elly who made me these TWO funky pages.She totally suprised me with the second one.I thought it was so funny and such a huge compliment!!I totally adore marilyn Monroe...Ow and Elly your layout is coming up girl,i had to reorder your photo since my photoshop ruined it. Arghhh

Have you ladies seen the new challenge blog called Category Stories?Fun stuff there!Hope i find the time to finish that layout this week...But first i have to finish my asignments and make presents for some special ladies at the Xtreme weekend...I am wayyyy excited,it's going to be a blast!!Let me know if youre going,i would LOVE to catch up with you at Xtreme!
Happy scrapping!!

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Summer SAZ +Autumn Scrap! publications

Okay first of all sorry for the bad blogger week,but i was really busy!I just found out i totally misted my blogger party :( I wanted to do something special when i reached the 10.000 visitors,but i am already on 10.195.Which is a good thing ofcourse he he.Well that means i will be doing a RAK soon!What do you ladies think about my new banner?Too bad blogger doesnt show the top,not sure how to fix that.... So i thought it was time to show some of my published work,here are my layouts for the Summer issue of SAZ.Unfortunately my copy got lost in the mail,and they were completely sold out!So if anyone wants to sell it to me,i would be soooo HAPPY!And i will send you some goodies too!!

I'm Lovin it

Plain Fun

Look at Me

I did a ribbon project for Scrap!WOW this was hard for me!I am not such a big user of ribbons,although i have wayyyy too much ribbons,so i guess i have to start using them...

And this layout was also published in Scrap!This picture doesnt do my layout any justice,because i took it in a rush before taking it to the postoffice.It's wayyy of center LOL
Will make a better picture when i recieve the layout again...
3 crazy boys

Okay will be back soon with some sneaks,Happy scrapping!