Saturday, May 31, 2008

It has been a stressful week...

I am glad to share that my dad is back home and he is doing alright.It has been a long week with lots of stess and sleepless nights.Somehow seeying him at home now,it feels like it never happened.Really strange!I wanted to thank you all for your sweet comments and emails.They helped and mean a lot!

We are going on vacation to Paris/Disney next week,and i can't wait to just relax and enjoy.

My grandma is celebrating her 80th birthday this Sunday and i still have to think of a present...So if you have a great idea,pleaseee let me know!I totally don't mind to do a scraplift of something :)

I have a new addiction going on...Deco tapes!I love love love them,and can't get enough of them!
Here is my collection :)
I also have some tapes for trade.So if you have some cute one's,just contact me and we will work something out.We have a winner for the 3th Amelie challenge.Go check out the beautiful layout and our favorites here.We are busy changing some things for the Amelie blog.The next challenge will go up on the 7th,and the deadline will be the 21st of June.Hope you all join us!We have a fantastic price again!

Unfortunately no scrapping done this week,only some asignments.Here are some sneaks i forgot to show you before...Hope to finish something and show to you before i leave on monday!xoxo Fauve

Friday, May 23, 2008


Yes i am in tears.I cried so much i have a really bad headache!I got a call from my mom yesterday that my dad wasn't feeling okay and he had a really bad pain in his chest.He was coming over and lay in bed.My mom told him to go to the docter first.He would call her when he knew more.So after a while,my mom calls me to tell me that my dad wen't to the docter and he had to go to the hospital to make a little hart video.Well i was already feeling kinda stressed out by then.My mom told me she would call me when she knew more...So after a while my mom calls me to ask where i was.I was near home,so she told me she would talk to me when i got home.That was the moment i knew there was something wrong.When i came home i saw my mother in tears and she told me my dad had a stroke.I was (and still am) in shock!All i could say was NO NO NO.Atleast that's what i remember.Ofcourse i started crying...Not too long because i was scaring the shit out of Julian LOL We wen't to visit him yesterday and he was lying there with a monitor and lot's of cords.He was looking good for someone who just had a stroke!He has to stay in the hospital for a minimum of 4 day's and he can't work for 4-6 weeks.There are still a lot of risks.But he is tough one,so i have faith in him.I am really scared though.I wouldn't know what to do without him,since we are really close.So dad,i KNOW you are going to read this later.I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!

Because of this happening i didn't have time to scrapbook or anything,but i'll be back when i have some more time.At the moment my head is just not feeling like it.

Here is my layout for the last ScrapMojo challenge.Come over and join us!Such a fab challenge again!
xoxo Fauve

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

14 hours of walking!!

Yes,it' crazy!We have walked for 14 hours on the May market...I dumped my kids at their dad,so i had all the time i needed.We started Saturday evening around 8.30PM and got home around 3.30AM.Around looking at all our stuff we wen't to bed around 5AM!!We got up at 8AM and took the bus to the May market again.We wen't home around 4PM.Yesss we are crazy and addicted to (vintage) bargains.I had such a blast i didn't even miss sleeping.Well after coming home from the May market on Sunday,i was completely dead.I am still recovering from it LOL I found some really cool stuff though :)

I bought this vintage baby sleeping bag.First i wasn't going to take it because Maxim was already to big for it.But then i realized that i could just use the fabric.I payed 10ct for it :) (Wow i feel so Dutch right now LOL)
So while my dad and i were walking we spotted this awesome green stuff that somebody wrapped around an umbrella to keep it in place.Without any doubt my dad asked if i could take a piece to use for my hobby.(Isn't my dad the best??)The guy said no problem and he gave us a knife to cut it.I am so happy with it,and can't wait to use it.Any cool idea's are more then welcome!It looks like some kind of weird bubblewrap.So much fun! My main goal was looking for vintage books.Somehow i think i succeeded...

They look cute huh?I think so too!You will be seeying them on my layouts a.s.a.p.So besides the cute vintage finds i also bought 3 pairs of vintage boots and a pair of new flats.A bathseat for Maxim and some toy's for the boys.But besides the great finds i also had a verry good time with my family.Can't wait for next year!

I saw the movie Jumper with Samuel L. Jackson.And wow it was good!You should def. check it out!

The new ScrapMojo challenge is up,don't forget to check it out!Picture will be added later.

Happy Scrapping!xoxo Fauve

p.s.No i didn't forget my little give away,i am still thinking how to do it LOL

Thursday, May 15, 2008

It helped!

WOW WOW WOW,all these comments were really overwhelming!I loved reading all your comments and visiting your blogs.And the good thing is,it really helped me with my blog come back!So i wanted to say Thank You.Blogging wouldn't be fun without you!!

My poor baby Maxim has an earinfection...He has a lot of pain and is really sleepy.He is always an easy and happy baby.And all he does now is crying crying and more crying.He is stuck on me 24/7.And to be honest,it's kinda nerve breaking!I can't do anything...If i put him on the ground or in his box,he starts crying/screaming.And to make it worse he also got a bad rash today.Really sad :( Probably from the heat,but i'm going to the doctor tomorrow to make sure.

So i havn't done a lot of scrapbooking,but i did finish 1 layout.It's been a while since i did a layout in Dutch.To be honest...I can't even remember the last layout!The picture is taken on Easter when Maxim decided to stand up.
Last Tuesday after i picked Julian up from school,i took a couple of pictures from the boy's.The grass and all the flowers were just asking for it.Luckily my boy's are always up for a photoshoot.It's getting a bit out of hands though...When ever Julian thinks he is doing something funny,he say's;Mommy,take a picture! LOL cracks me up :)So i picked up my diet again,and so far so good.I havn't eaten a bad thing jet,and i hope to keep it up.I hate being on a diet since food makes me happy LOL But sometimes i just NEED to,and this was one of those times...Wish me luck!

The bad weather is coming up,and i have a feeling it's going to rain when i go to the May market.But,i don't care!I'll go anyway :)

So i'll be back with my cute findings and hopefully some fun layout's.Happy Scrapping!

Monday, May 12, 2008

I need your help!

I def. need all of you to help me with my blogger problems!I wan't to update,but i just can't get myself to do it...Make sense huh?NO,i know!LOL

I need all the encouraging there is.So this call is for all those people that read my blog but don't leave me a message.Which is fine,but now i DO wan't you to leave me a message.Just HI is enough :)

I know there are some of you out there who do that.Since everytime i go to a crop (Or something like that)people are telling me they read my blog.And i don't know them because they don't leave me a message,Ha!You can't believe how honored and happy i am,that so many people read my blog!Well it makes me beyond excited,i can tell you that! :)

Sooo to make this even more fun...I'm gonna give something away.Don't be shy!I don't care if you have been reading my blog for over 6 months and never left a comment...Just say HI,i prommise i won't bite.(hard :D)It would make me really Happy!
Okay that's enough Happy me for today,let's go on with scrapbooking!!I've done some scrapbooking for me,yay!Eventhough it's really,REALLY hot here in The Netherlands!Pfff i so can't handle it LOL

I made this layout for the OLW Today.Just a happy page :) I used the fantastic rainbow paper and cut-out printables from Marieke.Aren't they to die for?WOW,somebody should ask her to make it in 12x12 scrapbooking paper.It looks so HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY!
I did a fun photoswap with funky Karin A.K.A. Mexx.This girls always have the coolest rockabilly pictures.Totally envy her for that :) Hope you like it hun!
And i made a layout for my friend Lucy a while ago.The title is faerie-ality and faerie is fairy in irish.So the title means "fairy reality",but this way it's more fun.At least i think so :)
(Okay you totally must think i'm a wacko now...That's okay,because i am!)Journaling says:the prettiest fairy ever.I know she likes fairy's,that's why i used the fairy topic.
So besides scrapbooking i'm not really creative...Still hoping to do some sewing classes some day!I think it would be so much fun to make my own bags and stuff!I have a huge weakness for verry cute (children)fabrics.And i have been searching for almost a year for a pink fabric with cute whales and rainbows on it!The good news is,i finally found it!So so so happy with it.Not sure what i'm going to make from it since it's kinda busy and it's flannel,but who cares.Any ideas are welcome though...
Every year my family and me are going to the May market.It's a big flea market where everyone sell's their old crap LOL I am addicted to it and i'm sooo looking forward to this upcoming weekend.Any idea's what to search for??
They May vacation is almost over here and that is such a relief!Finally Julian goes back to pre-school.Sjeez,this kid really needs it!He enjoy's his pre-school so much,he would sleep there if he could.Starting next week,he will go 3 day's instead of 2.Lucky me :)
Okay off to see a yummy Brad Pitt movie.I'm verry curious about the comment's,don't disappoint me. :D Happy Scrapping!

Monday, May 05, 2008

How was you INSD?

The weather was too beautiful to sit inside,so i joined the NSD party on SIStv a bit on the late side.I didn't do any challenges on Saturday,but i did join Corinne's challenge on Sunday morning.
The challenge was to scrap about a happening that has changed your life.Well that wasn't to hard for me.A lot has changed since we broke up.And i think it has changed me as well.I had much fun with this challenge and i even thought i would make it on time!I was three minutes too late...I'm the slowest scrapper ever,so to finish a layout in 1 hour and 3 minutes is totally a record for me.So i'm still pleased :)
I also made a layout just for fun.My dad and i found some new cool non-scrapbook items and it was a lot of fun to use them!The background is a placemat from a Dutch store called Xenos,and the blue thing on the bottom is a ponytail holder.I wasn't sure if i liked the ponytail on this layout,but as my layout says...Just relax!So i guess it's time to reveal the winner of my Dutch clearstamp kit huh?I let my brother pick a winner,and he picked nr.13(No suprise there!)

So tautchia send my your addy and i will get the kit out to you!

Have you seen the printables from my friend Marieke?They are amazing!So if you havn't seen them,you should check them out!I'm in love with the little rainbows,and i hope to use them tonight!

I'm off to chill in the sun,and scrap some more!Happy scrapping :)

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Happy B-day Julian!

That's what it should have said on my blog 2 days ago,when my oldest son celebrated his 3th B-day!Owmy can you believe it?3 years already!We were celebrating his B-day in Disneyland this year.He had the time of his life!

The first day we started of with the attraction we have been dying to get into,Peter Pan's flight.My boy is a huge Peter Pan and especially Hook fan,but it's always to busy there...Julian couldn't speak during the attraction and afterwards all he could say was,again again again!That was the sweetest thing ever :)
After that we wen't to see Pirates of the Caribean.It's my favorite attraction and Julian loved it to.It was so quit that we could walk straight to the boats.We wen't to see the ship of Captain Hook and the pirate play-island.Wow,it sounds more like a pirate day LOL

We ate a yummo sandwich in Main Street and went to walk around some more.We saw this big crowd of people and in the middle there were Goofy,Gepetto and Timon.So i grabbed my camera and Julian and wen't to take some pictures.After a few Disney trips i'm starting to get pretty good at it.The only problem is Julian haha I have to say "Julian,look at me" for like 5 times and even then he is not always looking.He keeps saying "Mommy,smile" though LOL
The weather wasn't that nice,but i had to take some pictures in the Alice in Wonderland labyrinth.Love that place :)After that the train parade was coming and you could take pictures with the characters afterwards.We got to take a lot of pictures,but Julian got really excited when he got to take pictures with Smee!He gave him a kiss on his nose,and i have to hear about it 24/7 now LOL After that we decided to do 1 more attraction,go eat and call it a day.The sun came out and it was warm,so i took of my coat...Uhuh STUPID!!I was standing in line for the space rocket's and suddenly it starting to rain.But not just rain,no A LOT OF RAIN!!I was soaked,i can tell you that!
The next day it was Julian's actual B-Day.He got a beautiful Captain Hook costume from his grandparents with all kinds of accesories.When he is Happy like that,his eyes start glowing!So the suit went on and we started in the Walt Disney studios park.Which is a fun park,but more like somethin extra.I would never buy a seperate ticket for it.It's really small,but there are always walking characters around the park.

We just got in and saw the studio's parade.So cool,in a vintage style!Right there,he found his first love...Cruella the Vill.He took a picture with her and just started staring at her.She was sending him away(she is a villain after all)and he was keep coming back.It was the funniest thing!So he got to walk hand in hand with Cruella in the parade!
It started raining so we went to do some shopping at Disney Village.I got this really cute Stitch cape for maxim,with head and paws.So i was walking around with Captain Hook and Stitch all day!People were watching and saying awwwee when passing by.Since the pirate attractions where we went yesterday were so busy (seriously,the lines were outside the entrance for Pirates of the Caribean and Peter Pan)we went to visit the ship of captain Hook again.There we saw Jack Sparrow.Not as HOT as in the movie,but oh well...LOL

At 3.30 PM we were having a B-Day party at the teahouse with some Disney characters.This was seriously the best B-Day party ever!!It was so much fun,and i can really recommend it to everyone!We paid 19 euro's p.p. for the party,including high tea snacks and drinks as much as you like!And a B-Day cake for the B-day boy.He felt so special!And it was totally worth the grose cake,Ha!(I believe without B-Day cake it is 13 euro's p.p. )
At our table we hugged and took pictures with Tigger,Pluto,Goofy,Eeyore,Robin Hood,Sheriff of Nottingham,Gepetto and Smee!Unforunately my camera was on the wrong settings so i have no pictures with Pluto,Goofy,Tigger and Eeyore.So bumbed about that... :(

The Once Upon A Dream parade was starting and it was beautiful again.I like to watch it everytime we go there!After waving to all the characters we were all wiped our,ready to eat and to go home.We had a blast and can't wait to go back!
The new challenge for inspired by Amelie is up,and sjeeeeez the designer projects were amazing again!Go check it out here.
So today it's National Scrapbooking day...Why don't they call it International Scrapbooking day?Lot's of stuff going on today,with lots of prices to win!Ofcourse i join the fun and do a little give away!My friend Corinne asked me if i could look for some stamp sets at the Kruidvat and they had a few left here.If you wan't a set,you can email me.I thought it was fun to give away a real Dutch kit!So if you like to win this,just leave a comment!

Happy International scrapbook day :D