Thursday, May 15, 2008

It helped!

WOW WOW WOW,all these comments were really overwhelming!I loved reading all your comments and visiting your blogs.And the good thing is,it really helped me with my blog come back!So i wanted to say Thank You.Blogging wouldn't be fun without you!!

My poor baby Maxim has an earinfection...He has a lot of pain and is really sleepy.He is always an easy and happy baby.And all he does now is crying crying and more crying.He is stuck on me 24/7.And to be honest,it's kinda nerve breaking!I can't do anything...If i put him on the ground or in his box,he starts crying/screaming.And to make it worse he also got a bad rash today.Really sad :( Probably from the heat,but i'm going to the doctor tomorrow to make sure.

So i havn't done a lot of scrapbooking,but i did finish 1 layout.It's been a while since i did a layout in Dutch.To be honest...I can't even remember the last layout!The picture is taken on Easter when Maxim decided to stand up.
Last Tuesday after i picked Julian up from school,i took a couple of pictures from the boy's.The grass and all the flowers were just asking for it.Luckily my boy's are always up for a photoshoot.It's getting a bit out of hands though...When ever Julian thinks he is doing something funny,he say's;Mommy,take a picture! LOL cracks me up :)So i picked up my diet again,and so far so good.I havn't eaten a bad thing jet,and i hope to keep it up.I hate being on a diet since food makes me happy LOL But sometimes i just NEED to,and this was one of those times...Wish me luck!

The bad weather is coming up,and i have a feeling it's going to rain when i go to the May market.But,i don't care!I'll go anyway :)

So i'll be back with my cute findings and hopefully some fun layout's.Happy Scrapping!


Marie said...

Beautiful page and beautiful photos! good luck on the diet girlie!

Donna. said...

Great Layout! I wish I could read Dutch, but I love it!

Great pics of the boys, too! SO, SO CUTE!!!

Have fun shopping and good luck with sticking on that diet!

Leah said...

Adorable page! And your boys are so cute!

Mexx said...

hi fauve, geweldig lo , ik vindt die appeltjes helemaal geweldig waar kan ik die krijgen , love it,, en wat zijn je kindjes toch scheetjes, ik leef met je mee het valt niet mee als je kind oorontsteking heeft ik weet het , mexx heeft afgelopen weekend heel hoge koorts gehad heeft ook te maken met het weer maar is nu weer vrolijk en lekker aan het slapen ga zo weer scrappen groetjes en tot snel liefs karin

micayla said...

I hope Maxim is feeling better girl........I guess I have all of this to come.
Good luck with the diet, I am sure I will be back on mine after the baby arrives.
Love the layout of course and the pics of the boys, so sweet.
Have a good one xx

SCRAP-GEK! said...

wat een super gave foto's van je zoontjes Fauve! there soooo cute!!! wel zielig dat hij een ooronsteking heeft...ze zijn dan zo weerloos...beterschap ermee! je LO is helemaal gaaf joh! TOP! fijn dat alle berichtjes geholpen hebben...vind het altijd erg leuk om je blog te lezen, dus ga zo door! LOL! fijn weekend! groetjes marije.

Jessica said...

how's the baby feeling? i hate it when the kids get sick.

we've been taking lots of pics with the dandelions too around here!! lol. i'm so glad it's spring and the cold weather is GONE.


Birgit said...

Glad you have fun blogging again!! sorry maxim is sick! Hope he feels better soon. Love your LO!!

Angie said...

So sad that maxim is soo sick
You wish that u could take it from them !!!!
Like that LOL even though i don't know dutch !!! i wish ...
Sending love ur way

Je@net said...

Fijn dat je weer met plezier aan het bloggen bent!! We kunnen je niet missen in Blogland hoor Fauve!!
Leuke lo heb je gemaakt, gaaf om zo'n moment vast te leggen!
En wat een leuke foto's!!! Super joh!
Fijn weekend!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Sweetie,

Hope Maxin is doing a lot better!!!

Your layout is STUNNING again!!

And your boys are adorable!!

Have a great SUNDAY!!


Michelle said...

I hope the ear infection heals quickly. I adore the twine on that lo. And the dutch is beautiful! I hope to have such willing kids when I get around to that!

Kimberly said...

You are such a sweetheart! (((hugs)))
LOVE your sweet photographs and design!
I hope your little guy is feeling better too soon! Ear aches are no fun...but always bring great snuggle time! :))

Mandy said...

LOVE the layout and the SUPA cute pics of your boys... Hope Maxim (and that also means you ;) is feeling better and hope his rash is gone now!

Jill Deiling said...

i hope maxim is better by now! love your new page. :) Good luck with your diet!