Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I was making

Cupcakes today!Bright and pink with a strawberry filling and a white chocolate topping.Not as pretty as the cupcakes from my mom,but hey they tasted yummo!And i was wearing a Orange dress with vintage earrings and lot's of beads.It's holiday and it's a fact that i've got nothing to do haha
(Well i have a million things to do,but i don't feel like doing them...)
I'll be back!!

P.S. My mom think's i have an attitude(on this picture) LOL
P.P.S.My best friends say's:
You look bored!Like *sigh* I am looking fabulous and my earrings are fantastic

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Xtreme Home Make Over @ Fauve's...

I decided to give my "walk-in "closet a make over,because it was a mess and i couldn't find anything!Unfortunately my son wrecked my scrap closet.(Don't ask how he did it!)And the two parts were standing in my closet space untill i got a chance to throw it away.I decided to use it untill i find a better way to store my bags and stuff.This is how my closet looks now.Kinda cute for a closet from home (s)crap right? Look at my cute pink underskirt i bought for 25ct!Next to it is my too expensive scarf from DKNY,gotta love the mix! I wanted to show you a little peek in my closet too,lot's of vintage and black clothes.The other closet is a bit of a mess,but oh well who cares.I was counting my coats the other day...There are 24 coats and 14 of them are Black,so crazy!You can see some of my sunglasses,i have a thing for them.I am very happy with my "new" gold Vintage Dior sunglasses,will make a picture with them sometime soon.I also love necklaces,especially Pearls...I won't show you the rest of my collections,or you will all send me to a home for lunatics.

I will show you this awesome Vintage magazine i bought back from 1939!!It's extremely thick and has all these advertisements and articles for Woman in it.It's called the Libelle and probably known to many Dutchies.It's so beautiful i am afraid to cut it up.I love thrift stores and carboot sales,it's the best place to find unique things.A lot of people i know think it's yuk and stupid,but luckily my family enjoy's it too! :)Yes,i also did some scrapping.Here they are!Happy scrapping,i'll be back soon.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Hooray for fabulous B-day's!

So my planning was to update earlier this week,but my mom came to pick me up by suprise!A nice suprise because now i didn't have to go by train.My mom decorated her whole house with guirlands and it looked like B-day heaven :) I already got a lot of my presents like my vacation to Landal Greenparks in Germany and my upcoming holiday in France,but she saved THE BEST presents for last.She already gave me some hints on her blog,but i didn't have a clue!Turned out she made me this amazingly cute apron with my name crocheted on.I LOVE LOVE LOVE it,couldn't be any cuter.Ofcourse i knew that my mom was going to make me a b-day cake.She has been talking about it since Julian's b-day,but she never told me what she was going to make.I only made one request,i wanted strawberries in it!So after a whole day of being banned from the kitchen,they were singing and i could finally see it.It was jaw droppingly beautiful!!Look at it...
Thanks Mommy for making my B-day extra special!
Please leave her some Love here,for this beautiful b-day cake!!
After the cake we went to the fair in the city.All of my favorite people were there,and i had such a great time.It was the best b-day in years,and i really really REALLY enjoyed myself!
Thanks for letting me share,and i wanted to say I LOVE YOU for giving me all these b-day wishes.Made me feel special!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A Pirates Life For Me

Just a quickie!I didn't wan't to add too much embellishments to this page,because the background paper is already so nice.I burned of the top of the page,love doing that!Although i must say that burned Hambly smells really bad!!I stole some of Julian's Playmobil coins fot his layout,Shhhhhht don't tell him!!!

Saturday is my Birthday,and we are going to the fair in Tilburg.My mom is already busy with my Birthday cake,and she got me really curious.She knows i will love it anyway,but i think she makes the most beautiful stuff so i can't wait to see!

I need to go and do some more stuff,because this vacation is getting BORING already.Anyone has some cool ideas??I'll be back tomorrow!
Happy Scrapping!

Thursday, July 09, 2009

The Story Matters

Go check out the new challenge for The Story Matters.Sasha made up a fab challenge,great for that journaling boost!Here is mine:
And this one was just for me,to get back in that groove again!

Happy Scrapping!

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Time flies by!

It's summer,and the long summer vacation has started.We spend a lot of time on the playground!The past weeks have been extremely hot in The Netherlands,and wow i was completely dying.I can't handle it AT ALL!So i was hiding inside from the sun,waiting for the sun to go down so i could breath again.Since i couldn't clean and stuff during the day,i was doing everything in the evening.Not very good for your sleep routine...
My "little" Maxim turned 2 last week!We had a great picknick with family and friends.It was fantastic and the little guy enjoyed his self to the limit.Think lot's of yummy food,playing soccer and having lot's of laughs( and wine!).My mom made some pictures with her camera,can't wait to see!
When i saw this picture the day before his b-day i was getting some mixed feelings.Happy that he is becoming such a cute little toddler and sad because he is no longer my "little baby".Funny how b-day's alway's remind you to enjoy life more each and every day!
Remember my mom and me made some Sushi a while ago?Well i made some Sushi myself at home.Very addicting i can tell you!So so yummy,i couldn't get enough of it.So i made some more Sushi yesterday evening!My mom also made me addicted to making these little chocolate peanut mountains.Or whatever you wanna call it LOL My neighbours called it delicious,so maybe we call it chocolate delight :)
Here are some of my layouts for Sausan designs.Because of my computer troubles it took me some time to upload them,but luckily Sylvie is the best girl ever!!

Angie Delarie is updating with some new products because it's B-day month!!She made this super cute layout using some of her new stuff!Adorable right?
I'll be back with more layouts,happy scrapping!