Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Time flies by!

It's summer,and the long summer vacation has started.We spend a lot of time on the playground!The past weeks have been extremely hot in The Netherlands,and wow i was completely dying.I can't handle it AT ALL!So i was hiding inside from the sun,waiting for the sun to go down so i could breath again.Since i couldn't clean and stuff during the day,i was doing everything in the evening.Not very good for your sleep routine...
My "little" Maxim turned 2 last week!We had a great picknick with family and friends.It was fantastic and the little guy enjoyed his self to the limit.Think lot's of yummy food,playing soccer and having lot's of laughs( and wine!).My mom made some pictures with her camera,can't wait to see!
When i saw this picture the day before his b-day i was getting some mixed feelings.Happy that he is becoming such a cute little toddler and sad because he is no longer my "little baby".Funny how b-day's alway's remind you to enjoy life more each and every day!
Remember my mom and me made some Sushi a while ago?Well i made some Sushi myself at home.Very addicting i can tell you!So so yummy,i couldn't get enough of it.So i made some more Sushi yesterday evening!My mom also made me addicted to making these little chocolate peanut mountains.Or whatever you wanna call it LOL My neighbours called it delicious,so maybe we call it chocolate delight :)
Here are some of my layouts for Sausan designs.Because of my computer troubles it took me some time to upload them,but luckily Sylvie is the best girl ever!!

Angie Delarie is updating with some new products because it's B-day month!!She made this super cute layout using some of her new stuff!Adorable right?
I'll be back with more layouts,happy scrapping!


sausan said...

Huge congrats to the bday boy! He is too sweet! And I so love your layouts! Especially the hybrid touch to some of them...hehehe and great use of the TV stamp! FAb and so you. Hugs

M@rtine said...

Awe!!! Ximie is getting so BIG! cant believe I missed his birthday! "me sorry!" Sounds like you had a greath day anyway!. love the lay-outs

twinklescrapbooks said...

Happy Birthday Maxim!
I love the donut layout--very cute! :)

Angie Delarie said...

Thanks my sweets>
Can't believe how big he is getting!

Michelle said...

WOW! Well happy belated birthday to your little boy. They do grow up so fast! Loved seeing all the yummy food you made and your layouts are so fun and vibrant. Sorry about the heat. Its been relatively non-summer this season. Come to San Francisco and you'll love the weather now.