Friday, February 26, 2010

Can i say TOOT?She is a COVERGIRL!!

I know it has been a while,and i need to update really badly...I am going to update tomorrow but i just had to share this!!Please jump and scream with me... :) Yes,she is a COVERGIRL!!
Have a great weekend!Mine started so fab...xoxo Fauve
p.s.It is the upcoming issue that will be released in April.

Monday, February 08, 2010

Did i mention my new addiction?

Okay so my mom and best friend totally pulled me into the Vampire hype that's going on at the moment.First it was Mari who keep telling me how great Twilight was,and that she read the books several times and waited in front of the Virgin store to buy the first Twilight dvd. :)

Since i am really stubborn i waited a while before i watched Twilight.(It took me 4 years or more to finally watch the first Harry Potter!!)But when i finally watched the movie,i completely fell in Love with it.I am now listening to the last audio book,and it's great.I am not much of a reader,so i was glad my mom kept pushing me about listening to the audio books!

My mom started to watch TrueBlood and Vampire Diaries a few weeks ago.I don't think TrueBlood is something for me.(The accent is kinda bugging me,ssssht!)But i am sooo addicted to Vampire Diaries at the moment.First it was kinda freaking me out because it's a lot scarier then Twilight.But now that i have seen the first 13 episodes,i sooo wan't/NEED to see more.

So it's Grey's and Vampire Diaries at the moment.What are you watching??

Friday, February 05, 2010

New kit is up!

Okay so the new kit @ BlueMoon scrapbooking is up.And Friday is my turn to show some eyecandy :)
This is the first layout i made...Told you i was gonna scrap this picture!!I wanted the small pictures to look like grapes,fun huh? I attached them with little rings.I believe they are for jewellery making?They are very light,so perfect for on a layout.Thinking about adding some stitching.But for i can do that,i still have to clean out my scraproom.(HUGE MESS!!)
I already gave 2 big bags to Julian's school,and they were happy.I also have 2 sneakies for you...But the layouts you can see on the BlueMoon blog next Friday!
And don't forget to check out what the other girls made,serious inspiration over there!
Hmmm Shabby??? :)
I am Home Alone,and wondering what i shall do next.Happy Scrapping!!xoxo

Monday, February 01, 2010


I played with the colors of the first photo from my last post.I think i like the first photo best,so here is the result.Better??I really like the Sausan Design overlay's,thanks Sylvie!