Saturday, September 09, 2017

Goodbye Summer

As summer is coming to an end, it is time to get ready for Fall. I am not a Fall person. The rain, grey skies, more rain... I don't like it one bit! But one of the things i do like about Fall, are the colors.( and hot cocoa!) My mom who lives on the 13th floor has the most beautiful view and you can really see the change of the leaf colors.
I was inspired for this layout to use lot's of fall colors and leaves. I made some myself using Vaessen Creative dies as a stencil with distress ink. I really like the combination of the stitching and the kraft with a pop of gold color.

Last month i got my first publication in Australia. I am so super excited! It is wonderful to see your own work in a beautiful scrapbook magazine. I have been working for scrapbook magazines for 12 years worldwide now, but it still excites me everytime i receive them in the mail.
Scrapbooking Memories has published one of my favorite scrapbook layouts about my boys.
The colors are typically me when it comes to creating a boys layout. It is probably not a typical color scheme when you think of boy colors, but it works for me. The funny thing is, that a big part of their wardrobe includes these colors. I love mint, light denim and mustard yellow for boys, so pretty!
School has officially started again and my boys look bigger than ever! One 7th grader and one in highschool. How did this happen so quickly?!
I am happy to see that they are really motivated for school and eager to learn new things.

So on the first day of school, i decided to switch around a few things in my studio. And while i was doing that, there was a basket that kept bothering me. It was an old Hema basket that i bought years ago for my thickers. The basket was not white anymore but it turned into a light beige color. Not pretty! So i did a quick make over with the Edding acrylic spray paint in pastel pink. One of the most beautiful pinks i have ever seen! I love how it turned out and how well it matches my Crate Paper storage holder.
Lastly i will end this post with a colorful Summer scrapbook layout. I am going to miss you summer! Counting the days till your return ;) Happy Scrapping!