Tuesday, October 31, 2006

I am feeling down

Like a lot of you girls know,i am having some personal issues.And because i am only human,i can't handle all those things at once.When i wake up in the morning i feel like doing nothing all day,i don't even feel like scrapping.And when i do,i don't like anything i do or make...So you can say i am kinda depressed,but oh well i think everything will be fine soon.So i can concentrate on important things to me,and feel happy again.So girls can you please help me with getting my MOJO back to me??Thanks to everyone for the nice emails and cards!!LOVE You

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Ive got my stuff!!

Yeah we finally picked up my Scrapbook stuff at the "garage" today,and im so excited!!Can't wait to get started and show you some of my work.Sorry i have been a bad blogger this week,but i didn't had much to tell and show.
So if you miss me you know what i am doing!!I'm off to scrap!

Happy Scrapping!!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Well everytime i am eating peanut M&M's,i am thinking to myself...They all taste diffrent!!I am so loving the Yellow and Green ones,please tell me i am not nuts :D

I think i can share the good news now...I am on the
  • Scrapland
  • Designteam!!Woohoo Looking forward to meet all the other Designteam members.Starting with making some new pages for my Doodling workshops,so exciting!!Unfortunately i had to choose,because Scrapart also asked me for they're Designteam.Really hoping everything works out this time!!But since i met Nancy(who is such a sweetheart),i am having a good feeling about this.

    Little shoutout for Elsie's little skelletons,they are so great!!So drop your name on her blog and you can win a real Elsie goodie.

    By the way Girls,have you seen the new Doodlebug?Owmyyy so gotta have those paperfrills!!And the polkadot albums....and....:D

    Monday, October 09, 2006

    I wan't to Scrapbook!!

    All my stuff is stored in a big "garage",so i can't Scrap untill i can get some of my stuff.But my Mom is still busy redoing her house,so i have to wait.Still i feel horrable that i can't Scrap.I would love to Scrap those funny pictures from my Elsie workshops.Too bad i forgot my Bampop kit @ Scrapboek.nl :(

    Well i have some excited news,but i can't tell anything jet...sorry!!
    A question to all you Scrapbookers out there...
    How do you store you Chipboard?

    Friday, October 06, 2006

    What a day...

    Wow what a day yesterday...Julian and i woke up at 5 AM.At 5.30 we took a Taxi to Tilburg CS,and had to wait for our train.(6.09)While sitting in the train,i suddenly realise that i forgot my baby stroller.(Duuuhh)We arrived at 8.30 in Lelystad CS,and we took the bus to the babysitter.After that,i had to return back to Lelystad CS.And i arrived at 9.30 at Scrapboek.nl,wow what a journey!!After some cleaning and reorganizing,it was time for some Elsie Cupcakes.

    I met so many Great/Fun people!!Thank you all for this FUN experience.You guys are AWSOME!!And Elsie you are such a sweetie,please come back soon!!
    It was so cool to finally meet some people,i have been looking forward to meet for so long. Photos are coming soon,but here are some photo's from Rianne.

    The journey back was terrible!!We took the train in lelystad at 7.23 PM,but we had to go to Arnhem and take the train there to Tilburg.But the most terrible part was...I had no BABYSTROLLER!! and two bags :(
    We arrived at 11.30 PM in Tilburg.It was a "special"day...