Sunday, October 22, 2006

Ive got my stuff!!

Yeah we finally picked up my Scrapbook stuff at the "garage" today,and im so excited!!Can't wait to get started and show you some of my work.Sorry i have been a bad blogger this week,but i didn't had much to tell and show.
So if you miss me you know what i am doing!!I'm off to scrap!

Happy Scrapping!!


MaMaLoT said...

Finally! Enjoy your scrappingtime! :)

Martine said...

Have FUN!!
You need it girl :)


Daffie Online said...

Enjoy it and have fun!

Rianne said...

Yes! Have lots a fun!!!

Rianne said...

BTW My shoes.... lol, I bought them at Amigo (know them?)

xoxo Rianne

angel said...

hi fauve,
eindelijk he?! Nou veel plezier meid! scrapse!

Nat said...

Ahhh - can't wait to see what you scrapped!!! Have fun sweetie!

malou said...

Thought I say Hi, Fauve! Hope you do a lot of scrappin'!

angel said...

just here to wish you a great weekend!