Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

First of all,Happy Halloween!I love this holiday!Wish we would celebrate it here in The Netherlands...I don't have a Halloween house this year,but next year i am sooo gonna give a Halloween party!

Here is part 2 of the layouts i made for Scrap!Some are made a VERY long time ago..But hey,i had to show something.Almost all of my supplies are packed,so not much scrapbooking here.But i am going to unpack on Sunday and then hopefully scrapbook again early next week.Looking forward to it!

Dedication to my blog :)
I am going to change the journaling on this one.I think it looks ugly,so any idea's are welcome...
This is one of those layouts that i made a very long time ago.I was totally into frames at the moment.I still like it after all this time...
Autumn colors are so NOT my thing...So i am not really sure if i like this layout.Think i am going to re-use this picture,since it's one of my favorites.My girl Mari alway's deserves a colorful fun layout!
Jup,REALLY long time ago...Like the frame though.Gotta love the scallop bling border LOL

I'll be back soon,Happy Scrapping!

Monday, October 27, 2008

I am the new member for

Angie Delarie!!

Thanks Angie,for asking me :)
This is what i made with some of her products.Really cool designs.I used the white frame and the converse boot on Urban style.And on the "ME" layout i used the Miss Mushy stamp.

I am busy packing all my stuff for the move.A LOT of scrapbooking stuff...a LOT of shoe's...a LOT of random stuff...Wish me luck.

Happy Scrapping!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Scrap! layouts part 1

Okay here are some oldies!Some of my all time favorites...Not all,some i don't like at all.Guess that's part of the progress right?I am a total mood swinger,and you can really see that in my scrapbooking.Gives it a special touch i think.

This is one of my favorites!I love the way the background turned out.And that color combo is yummo.I just realised that the 5 is missing...
Yes,i have two kids.But that doesn't hold me back from being a girly girl once in a while.(okay okay,a lot of the time)I can't help the fact that i have an addiction for cute stuff.I blame my mom...Pretty fly...for a group of HOT girls?? :D Best picture we took that day!I Love this picture from my friend Barbara.It looks so funky...That green is one my favorite colors for scrapbooking.Fits perfect with that yellow envelope if you ask me! Not sure if i like this layout...Gorgeous picture is from my friend Helene.
For my friend Dana.She ones wrote that she likes to laugh but "It has to be funny".Nothing feels better then ripping of pieces from your layouts.If you havn't done that,you should try it!I had to use that domino frame :)

Okay,that's it for now!I will show part 2 in the next couple of day's.I am off to browse the internet looking for treats that Julian can give on his farewell party at school.

Any idea's are more then welcome...Happy Scrapping!

Monday, October 20, 2008

New ScrapMojo and Sweet Spuds!

Okay,here is some new eyecandy for my blogging friends!The new ScrapMojo challenge is up,and i choose to scrap about Ghost stories.I LOVE them,alway's have.I love talking,hearing and reading about them.But they also scare the sh*t out of me...So that's why i decided to let it rest for a while.I hope there comes a day that i can put my fear aside and dig into all the interesting stuff around ghosts...

It's not a "new design" layout,but it sure was a feel good page!Go check out the fun challenge at ScrapMojo and the awesome work of the Mojo girls!The sweet Gina from the Sweet Spuds kitclub asked me to guest design for them this month!It was really cool kit and i had so much fun playing with it.Go check out there site.They have an amazing team and a really cool kit!

Here is what i made with the kit.
The weather is terrible at the moment!But i made some fun Autumn pictures last week.I really like them.Can't wait to scrap them,so i guess you will be seeying them on my pages soon!

My ex-hubby and i also made a huge decision.We decided to give it a try again...I think we both learned more in the last 2 years,but only time will tell.We are both nervous and a bit insecure but i guess that's normal.So yeah,if you wondered what got me busy these last couple of weeks,i think this is a huge part.

So within 2 weeks i will be living in the North of Holland again,and i will be scrapping with my girl Martine every week again.YAY!

So i know i keep telling you i will be back with my Scrap! layouts...But somehow i am to lazy to get them out of a box and take pictures from them Ha!I hope to make pictures tomorrow...But i better not prommise anything :)

I'll be back soon,Happy Scrapping!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Back from the dead?

No,not really.But i have taken off some time from scrapbooking and blogging.I just needed to focus on some other things.I wasn't in a scrapbooking mood either,so i finished my asignments but didnt scrap a lot.It was really relaxing and good but i missed scrapbooking,so i am slowly coming back.Sorry for my blogreaders who i kept waiting.I will leave you with my layout for the Amelie blog. I will be back with more layouts soon!
Happy Scrapping,i missed you!