Monday, August 27, 2007

Shopping makes me Happy!

I went to Heesch yesterday and did some shopping.Had to get some Hambly,Elsie fabric and Thickers.But none of them made me as happy as the new Basic Grey!WOW it's so me...I just love the colors and the design.I am telling you,Neon colors is going to be IT!You know these bright 80's colors?Not those ugly work out short colors...Anyway i think these are going to be fun to work with.Don't you think its funny that fashion and trends always make it into the scrapbooking world?

Okay so i had to take these dragon diecuts from the Efteling since Julian is addicted to that dragon.He is so impressed by it!Have to take some good pictures from him and the dragon.Unfortunately i couldn't take any pictures last time since Julian decided to take a swim...(He fell in the water in front of the dragon,traumatism i'm telling ya!)The Elvis stickers are for my mom.I have to make some fifties stuff for her since they have a fifties theme in their living room.Elsie stickers since i really like the colors,too bad i dont travel that much :) Oh well i just use the ones without text!And ofcourse some Arghhh stickers for my pirate pictures.

The lovely Basic Grey,i know what i'll be doing when i finish my asignments...Also luv that Neon Daisy D papers,too bad it doesnt show in this picture.And that new studiolight paper is so cool,look at those colors!!And they only cost 60 ct!!

Pastel colors...thats going to be HARD! :) These fifties pp are so cool!

More cute Basic Grey pp for Autumn.Also some baby paper by ki memories,pink pet paper and more...

Luv this Bohemian Hambly,i think i have a picture that will go perfect with it!And i found this cool Scenic Route "cardstock" with the big flower.It just calls for paint...Also found this cool paper from Sandylion,the colors are beautiful but the glitters really finished it.

I also have to tell you this funny "story"...I told my family i like to use non scrapbooking stuff now a days.So they all focused on that while they went shopping.My mom bought me this notebook last time and my dad recently bought me this super cool felt!So yesterday he said to me:So when your mother buys you something you put it on your blog,but when i buy you something...(Not knowing i already made pictures from,but didnt showed them jet.)So here they are dad :D I also found these cute stick it journaling spots,but i am not sure how to use them jet...

I am doing a photoswap with Ellymew on SIStv and this is what she made for me.It's so cute!!
Still have to make her page,but unfortunately the photo store decide to crop the picture and cut her head off...So have to order some new pictures and will finish your layout a.s.a.p.

Thats it for now,Happy scrapping!

Friday, August 24, 2007

Yay scrapping with Love Elsie!

I am totally back to scrapping,and it feels sooo good.I made this layout for the Scrapjack of this week,but i was too late to enter LOL Still i liked the result...Love these photos from Disney.And also this lovely color combination from the Love Elsie Toby line.

I also made this page for Maxim's album with lots of pink :D Wish i could buy more of these cute cupcake cards i purchased on Ebay...The title was inspired by the baby clothing from Gwen Stefani.

And i have a little sneakpeekie from a card i made for a contest.It was my first card ever and i think it turned out kinda cute.If you look closely,you can probably guess the theme...
Okay off to scrap some more!Have to make presents,photoswaps and asignments but i am having fun!So i will be back with more layouts and sneakpeeks soon!Happy Scrapping :D

Monday, August 20, 2007

Amber inspired

I recieved my layout from the photoswap with Amber Skolnick and i have to say it looks even better in real life!So i decided to make some Amber inspired layouts. And i was having a hard time...I cant just throw something on a page and make it look good.Amber can...But after the third time i took a break from it,i decided to leave them like this.And i kinda like how they turned out.Especially the Drive layout!(Sorry for the bad picture,the picture is a bit of center.)

So now its time to clean my room because it looks like there's a bomb exploded in there.I mean there's even stuff on the floor,and i wont show you the inside of my big scrapcloset....

Look at my Happy little fellow,he is such a cutie!He smiles a lot and he adore's his big brother.And his mom ofcourse :)

Okay a lot of asignments to do,but i will be back soon with some more layouts.Happy Scrapping :)

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

You've got mail!

I recieved this really adorable package in the mail from my girl Marieke.She send me some of her handmade cards and she wrapped them up so cute!Her cards look like they have just been bought at the store,look at the labels and plastic foil!!Thank you sweety,i luv them :)

So i did some treassure hunting again!And this is what i found:Monster notepad,sticker card book and my mother bought me this pretty notebook.

I also found some cute Japanese fabric on the market here...

How do you girls organize your ribbon?I have 10 pots that are holding my ribbon on doll pins,and it works perfect.But i bought wayyyyy too much doll pins,so if anyone is interested please let me know and i'll make you a good deal!

I just have to show you girls this cute monkey nail dryer i bought in the UK,isn't it adorable?So what makes me curious is,What do you collect?Do you have a weakness for something?Please share it with me so i don't feel to stupid about my cute "girly" room :D

And i want to know,who of you are going to Xtreme weekend in Katwijk aan Zee??I think it's going to be a blast and i just cant wait!!A whole day of scrapping WOW!

Be back soon with some layouts,just finishing some last touches...
P.S.Lori B aka StraitFan10 dont forget to send me your addy for the RAK!!

Saturday, August 11, 2007

A big kiss for...

All my blogging friends :D

Sorry i didnt had the time to update my blog before the weekend,but i'll be back tomorrow with some eye candy!Happy scrapping girlies

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Art journal continued

I was dared on SIS tv to make a page with a letter X,and i knew exactly what to make.I have been a Kawaii(kawaii means cute in Japanese) lover for many years.I started when i discovered the Harajuku streetstyle.I was totally drewling over the cute cartoon necklaces,cool wigs and the bright colors.After that i had a huge Cinnamoroll addiction,but i had to give that up when i got Julian.I just had no room for it... Now a days i am addicted to the cute stationary and stamps from cute Japanese cartoons. So i had to capture my love for Kawaii.

The second page i verry simple,but i really like it.The paint totally does this add justice,you can really see the black and white body's stand out.

I found these really cool buttons,aren't they adorable?I especially luv the little hedgehogs :D
So much fun finding these cute things!Maybe i should start a little monthly non-scrapbooking kit,what do you think?Hmmm...

I leave you with a picture of my little pirate.He is totally into Arghhh at the moment(that's how he calls the pirates)That's good since i cant wait to use my pirate paper/hambly!It sure gets hard to take pictures from a 2 year old,he is way to fast for Today's mommy :D

I'll be back tomorrow with some cute stuff.Happy scrapping girlies!!

Sunday, August 05, 2007

And the winner is...

{quote}Anonymous zei...
Love all the goodies!!! Thanks for sharing with your SISters!!! PS What a cute little guy!!Lori B aka StraitFan10

So Lori B,email me your addy and i will send the goodies your way.Thanks for participating everyone,this was so much fun!

P.S.I am totally in the RAK mood,so be sure to check back because i will be giving away another RAK soon!

Thursday, August 02, 2007

RAK time!

I had so much fun collecting all these goodies,can't wait to make somebody happy with them!! It's a collection of Non-scrapbooking goodies that i have found in local stores and vintage shops.

Dont you just love the colors?Well if you wanna win this Rak al you have to do is leave me a nice comment and maybe all these yummy goodies will be yours!

Okay i also got some scrapbooking done,yay!Inbetween the naptimes,feeding,cleaning etc. i made this layout about Julian.It's about my 2 year old boy who looks like a 3 year old.But when he starts speaking,you will see that he is just a little boy.

The baby is doing fine,but he has a big rash.They call it hormone rash and it will disappear after 6 weeks.Well thats just great for the pictures lol.The poor things is scratching his face all the time.And if that wasnt enough he was having trouble with his food and we had to change to food for hungry baby's.He was crying every 2 hours because he was really hungry and wanted to eat again.So now we are trying this new baby food and hopefully this will help...

Since the birth of Maxim,Julian is acting really annoying.He is not listening at all and he is trying to push my limits.I guess this is all part of the new baby arrival and he just have to get used to it.But really!!I am really freaking out sometime.LOL

So to ease the pain,i bought the Love Elsie lines Roxie,Betty and Toby last week.And the new line Lola this week. :D So i hope to show you some Elsie stuff soon,Happy Scrapping girls!

P.S.I will be picking a winner on Sunday,goodluck!