Friday, April 27, 2007

Cupid was here *photoswap Celine*

Here's the layout i made for Celine,i so hope she likes it!I think these BG papers are perfect for this picture!Even though this "romantic style" isn't really my thing,i had fun making this one.

In 4 day's my little boy becomes 2 years old,time sure fly's by...
Have a great weekend!!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

She is so talented!!

I really love her style,it's so funky but still Arty(Is Arty a word??LOL)I am so glad i've got a chance to meet her,and to keep in touch with her.Love you Celine :D

Here is what she made for me!!Will try to post her layout here tomorrow.I already finished it but Julian decided it needed some more paint...

Sunday, April 22, 2007

I am back again!

And we sure had a great time!The bus trip was kinda hard for me and Julian.Way too long for someone who is 8 months pregnant...And Julian was getting sick in the bus and threw up all over his clothes,twice!!The good things was,Julian didn't cry in the bus which was such a relief.So we know that for the next time,because we will definitely go again.On Saturday morning we left the hotel at 9 AM and arrived around 10 AM in the park.Julian was so excited and started dancing at the entrance,so cute!!He finally got a chance to meet his big hero Winnie the Pooh.It was a busy day with lot's of fun memories.I'll let the pictures speak for it self.

I got tagged by Birgit,Rianne and Monique,so i guess it's time to reveal some stuff about me :D
The people i tag can choose 1 of these tag games,this way they can choose what kind of information they wan't to share...

I have to list 7 random facts about myself and then choose 7 people to do the same thing on their blog.
But i think the weird and random things are mixed,since i AM a bit weird :)

1.I Love sharing with people.
2.Whenever i feel down,i have to shop or eat LOL
3.Spain is the furthest place i've ever been to.
4.I hate trying on jeans,it's so frustrating...
5.I used to collect Zwitsal.
6.My favorite food is Soto soup(Indonesian chicken soup)
7.I have around 20 bikini's(which i am probably never going to wear anymore after this pregnancy)LOL

Share 10 weird things about myself.

1.I have a small collection of little "children" purses.
2.I can't sleep alone...
3.I am addicted to slush puppy.
4.I never watch the news.
5.I am afraid of hights and i live on the 9th floor.
6.I have seen almost every Disney movie several times.

I have to think of 4 other things....
I'm tagging Susan,Martine,Emine,Angela,Cathy,Charin and Daphne.

My good friend Mariek Vermeulen has just released 3 set's of stamps.These stamps are so cool,you've got to check it out!!

I also just discovered the first Dutch Scrapcalendar(something like pub calls),how cool is that?

Friday, April 20, 2007

I'm off to Disneyland :D

Woohoo i am so excited!This is my first vacation together with Julian,and what would be better then to start with Disneyland?I have been there 5 times already,so i guess you can say I LOVE DISNEY!!So wish me goodluck with Julian on the bus,i think i'm going to need it LOL We leave this afternoon around 5 and arrive around 11 tonight.Will be back on Sunday evening,so i will give you an update on Monday morning.

Will leave you with a layout i made yesterday.

Have a great weekend!!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Time to share some pictures!

Wow,we sure had some great weather last week in The Netherlands!Sometimes a little bit to HOT for preggo me :D I havn't done any scrapbooking this week,i just enjoyed every single day with Julian outside,doing nothing...just how i like it LOL Ofcourse i had to take some picture of Julian in his little bathtub.

And while we were on our way to do some groceries,Julian decided to take a ride...

And here are the results of my little artist.It almost looks like a doll...It even has hair!!

Sorry no layouts to show jet,only finished some of my asignments for Scrap-Art-Zine.I really liked how they turned out.I am doing TWO!! photoswaps this week and they are both with really talented scrappers.Can you tell i am really enjoying these photoswaps??
I am going to Disneyland on Saturday but we leave with the bus on Friday.No idea how that will turn out,we will see.I LOVE Disney so Saturday will be a great day!!I will make lot's of pictures and show you everything ofcourse.Have a great sunny week :D

Wednesday, April 11, 2007


you just wanna kill your children right??They look ow so cute on pictures but they can be real devils sometimes...Okay to make a long story short,Julian draw with a pen on my mother's wall!!I was doing the laundry at my mother's house and when i came back in to the room...he was drawing big circles on the wall.Lucky for me they still have some of the same wallpaper left.
But okay enough drama for today i would say...

Sorry i can't show any work jet,but i am kinda busy with asignments.But soon i will show you the cool photoswap i am doing this week.Can you guess who it is??I think she totally rocks :D

Here are the pictures i prommised.These are really the worst Easter pictures ever LOL

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Did everybody had a great Easter?

I sure hope so!We did our Easter brunch and Dinner at the second day,because my brother had to work on the first.I really love to eat together with family and i have some good Easter memories.I hope that Julian will cherish these things too!So it was Julian's second indoor Easter egg hunt.He loves it!!But he was sooo fast that i couldn't keep up with him...LOL So not many great pictures,but oh well we sure had a blast.Will post the Easter egg hunt pictures tomorrow,because they need some editing,but i will leave you with two pictures i made yesterday.Isn't my boy just the cutest :D

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

When your body IS bump bump bump

Time is flying by and i can't believe i am almost 30 weeks pregnant!!My bump is getting really big,but it looks nice and round so i'm not complaining :D The weather is starting to look better and better(except for today),and i love waking up with the sun on my face.

Busy with asignments,so unfortunately no layouts to show.But i do leave you with some pictures i made this weekend,don't you just love these cool walls??

Julian feeding his cute "knuffelie", i love my boy when is being so cute :D

Julian and his dad at ANOTHER carousel(?),these things are everywhere!!!And ofcourse Julian want's to go in all of them.But after the third time when mommy thought it was enough...Well Julian desided to cry the whole building together!!pfff i really hate those things...