Sunday, April 22, 2007

I am back again!

And we sure had a great time!The bus trip was kinda hard for me and Julian.Way too long for someone who is 8 months pregnant...And Julian was getting sick in the bus and threw up all over his clothes,twice!!The good things was,Julian didn't cry in the bus which was such a relief.So we know that for the next time,because we will definitely go again.On Saturday morning we left the hotel at 9 AM and arrived around 10 AM in the park.Julian was so excited and started dancing at the entrance,so cute!!He finally got a chance to meet his big hero Winnie the Pooh.It was a busy day with lot's of fun memories.I'll let the pictures speak for it self.

I got tagged by Birgit,Rianne and Monique,so i guess it's time to reveal some stuff about me :D
The people i tag can choose 1 of these tag games,this way they can choose what kind of information they wan't to share...

I have to list 7 random facts about myself and then choose 7 people to do the same thing on their blog.
But i think the weird and random things are mixed,since i AM a bit weird :)

1.I Love sharing with people.
2.Whenever i feel down,i have to shop or eat LOL
3.Spain is the furthest place i've ever been to.
4.I hate trying on jeans,it's so frustrating...
5.I used to collect Zwitsal.
6.My favorite food is Soto soup(Indonesian chicken soup)
7.I have around 20 bikini's(which i am probably never going to wear anymore after this pregnancy)LOL

Share 10 weird things about myself.

1.I have a small collection of little "children" purses.
2.I can't sleep alone...
3.I am addicted to slush puppy.
4.I never watch the news.
5.I am afraid of hights and i live on the 9th floor.
6.I have seen almost every Disney movie several times.

I have to think of 4 other things....
I'm tagging Susan,Martine,Emine,Angela,Cathy,Charin and Daphne.

My good friend Mariek Vermeulen has just released 3 set's of stamps.These stamps are so cool,you've got to check it out!!

I also just discovered the first Dutch Scrapcalendar(something like pub calls),how cool is that?


Emine Pazan said...

Thanks for tagging me Fauve ;)

The pics looks beautiful... You sure had some fab time over there...

The stamps are really cool... Love them...

I'll do your tag asap...

Have a beautiful day

Charin Adams said...

Thanks for the tag! :) It was fun!
Glad you had a fun trip!

Anonymous said...

Super foto's!!!!
Ik ben jaloers! :-)

Nathalie Kalbach said...

Love those photos!

Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a really great time! Your layout in the post below is so so beautiful!