Tuesday, October 31, 2006

I am feeling down

Like a lot of you girls know,i am having some personal issues.And because i am only human,i can't handle all those things at once.When i wake up in the morning i feel like doing nothing all day,i don't even feel like scrapping.And when i do,i don't like anything i do or make...So you can say i am kinda depressed,but oh well i think everything will be fine soon.So i can concentrate on important things to me,and feel happy again.So girls can you please help me with getting my MOJO back to me??Thanks to everyone for the nice emails and cards!!LOVE You


Martine said...

Hey girl :)

Stick your tong out and shake real hard.. It helps.. not for long but it will make you smile
Waring: dont do it with a headache lol

xxx martine

angel said...

hi sweetie!
I hope you feel much better soon! try to drink a lot of orange juice for vitamine C and watch the wonders! Seriously: get out there! It is a waiste of precious time to worry too much, don't get me wrong I mean well! Succes and lots of luck
big hug

Daffie Online said...


I am sure you'll feel better soon!

Funky Finds said...

hang in there!

Anne Thompson said...

Hi there, I'm new on blogspot and love elsie, so I saw your site off of hers. I love your layouts, they are beautiful! Hope you are feeling better soon. Anne

Miranda said...

Vervelend te lezen Fauve, dat je je niet goed valt. Kan er me wel iets bij voorstellen!!!
Hoop dat je je snel weer beter voelt.

MaMaLoT said...

Girlie, BIG BIG BIG BIG hug from me and Julian for you and Julian!


Nat said...

Ohhh - so sorry to hear that sunshine!!! Well - I*m a real downer myself right now - but ...got out!!!! I'm sending you big hugs and smoochies and I hope you are feeling better very soon!
Nat-King-Cole ;-) (that must give a little smile)

angel said...

hi girl
hope you feel a bit better today! Thanks for the tip by the way!

Rianne said...

Hey Fauve,

I'm sorry to here that, but I understand! Go make some crazy pictures of yourself of Julian!!
Or go dancin around (on ROCK THIS PARTY!! =) ).

Big hugs and kisses,

Francine said...

I'm so sorry sweetie. (((HUGS)) to you.

malou said...

I am sorry, Fauve. Hope everything will turn out well for you. Actually, try reading some scrapbook magz', scrapbook website just to get ideas for your scrapbooking and hopefully get your mojo back. When I am depressed I scrapbook that is my therapy! Art therapy!

hilde said...

look at all your beautiful work you already made, and remember how you felt then when you made it!
Your inspiration at that time is still in there somewhere!!!!
And look what you already have acclompished ( eh, don't know if I wrote it as it should be...), you are a wonderfull person and a wonderful scrapper!

One cool chick said...

oh, i hope everything gets back on track for you. hugs to you