Saturday, May 03, 2008

Happy B-day Julian!

That's what it should have said on my blog 2 days ago,when my oldest son celebrated his 3th B-day!Owmy can you believe it?3 years already!We were celebrating his B-day in Disneyland this year.He had the time of his life!

The first day we started of with the attraction we have been dying to get into,Peter Pan's flight.My boy is a huge Peter Pan and especially Hook fan,but it's always to busy there...Julian couldn't speak during the attraction and afterwards all he could say was,again again again!That was the sweetest thing ever :)
After that we wen't to see Pirates of the Caribean.It's my favorite attraction and Julian loved it to.It was so quit that we could walk straight to the boats.We wen't to see the ship of Captain Hook and the pirate play-island.Wow,it sounds more like a pirate day LOL

We ate a yummo sandwich in Main Street and went to walk around some more.We saw this big crowd of people and in the middle there were Goofy,Gepetto and Timon.So i grabbed my camera and Julian and wen't to take some pictures.After a few Disney trips i'm starting to get pretty good at it.The only problem is Julian haha I have to say "Julian,look at me" for like 5 times and even then he is not always looking.He keeps saying "Mommy,smile" though LOL
The weather wasn't that nice,but i had to take some pictures in the Alice in Wonderland labyrinth.Love that place :)After that the train parade was coming and you could take pictures with the characters afterwards.We got to take a lot of pictures,but Julian got really excited when he got to take pictures with Smee!He gave him a kiss on his nose,and i have to hear about it 24/7 now LOL After that we decided to do 1 more attraction,go eat and call it a day.The sun came out and it was warm,so i took of my coat...Uhuh STUPID!!I was standing in line for the space rocket's and suddenly it starting to rain.But not just rain,no A LOT OF RAIN!!I was soaked,i can tell you that!
The next day it was Julian's actual B-Day.He got a beautiful Captain Hook costume from his grandparents with all kinds of accesories.When he is Happy like that,his eyes start glowing!So the suit went on and we started in the Walt Disney studios park.Which is a fun park,but more like somethin extra.I would never buy a seperate ticket for it.It's really small,but there are always walking characters around the park.

We just got in and saw the studio's parade.So cool,in a vintage style!Right there,he found his first love...Cruella the Vill.He took a picture with her and just started staring at her.She was sending him away(she is a villain after all)and he was keep coming back.It was the funniest thing!So he got to walk hand in hand with Cruella in the parade!
It started raining so we went to do some shopping at Disney Village.I got this really cute Stitch cape for maxim,with head and paws.So i was walking around with Captain Hook and Stitch all day!People were watching and saying awwwee when passing by.Since the pirate attractions where we went yesterday were so busy (seriously,the lines were outside the entrance for Pirates of the Caribean and Peter Pan)we went to visit the ship of captain Hook again.There we saw Jack Sparrow.Not as HOT as in the movie,but oh well...LOL

At 3.30 PM we were having a B-Day party at the teahouse with some Disney characters.This was seriously the best B-Day party ever!!It was so much fun,and i can really recommend it to everyone!We paid 19 euro's p.p. for the party,including high tea snacks and drinks as much as you like!And a B-Day cake for the B-day boy.He felt so special!And it was totally worth the grose cake,Ha!(I believe without B-Day cake it is 13 euro's p.p. )
At our table we hugged and took pictures with Tigger,Pluto,Goofy,Eeyore,Robin Hood,Sheriff of Nottingham,Gepetto and Smee!Unforunately my camera was on the wrong settings so i have no pictures with Pluto,Goofy,Tigger and Eeyore.So bumbed about that... :(

The Once Upon A Dream parade was starting and it was beautiful again.I like to watch it everytime we go there!After waving to all the characters we were all wiped our,ready to eat and to go home.We had a blast and can't wait to go back!
The new challenge for inspired by Amelie is up,and sjeeeeez the designer projects were amazing again!Go check it out here.
So today it's National Scrapbooking day...Why don't they call it International Scrapbooking day?Lot's of stuff going on today,with lots of prices to win!Ofcourse i join the fun and do a little give away!My friend Corinne asked me if i could look for some stamp sets at the Kruidvat and they had a few left here.If you wan't a set,you can email me.I thought it was fun to give away a real Dutch kit!So if you like to win this,just leave a comment!

Happy International scrapbook day :D


Augusti_73 said...

I would ♥♥♥ to win one!
Thanks for all the inspiration and all the fab layouts you share with us!

P.S. Yup, sure must have been the best b-day party ever!!!

elizabeth said...

oh happy scrappy day to you too!!!!

love, love, love that lo! so colorful and bright :)

hope you get a ton o'layouts done today :)

mary h. said...

Great pictures!

happy scrap day.

Lorena said...

YAY!!! i missed out on the other ones!!! PLEASE PICK ME!! JK ...well not really!! HAVE SCRAPPY DAY!!!!!!!!!

kristina k said...

Happy NSD!
Thanks for dong this. :)

Love the pics. :)

weebbt said...

Happy Scrapbook Day! What a beautiful layout!

Radiogirl said...

Nice blog; so cute and colorful.

Sue Bone said...

I agree happy International Scrapbooking Day. We cropped today and we're not in the US to celebrate.


Diana Willis said...

OMG - I Love that layout "In His Dreams"!!!

Happy NSD to you!


Sarah said...

your little boy is so cute! Happy INTERNATIONAL Scrap Day! I love your stamps.

yvonne said...

Happy scrappy day to you to.
your pictures are so cute.

Monique said...

love your layout to bits! Must check out the new Amelie challenge!!
So generous of you to give away the stamps.

Tautchia said...

I agree - it SHOULD be International Scrapbooking Day!
Those stamps look fab! Pick me, pleeeaase ;o)

Sanna F said...

Happy birthday to your 3 year old... I have a 2 year old... and time really flyes.
Looks like you all celebrated big time!

I would really really want to win a set of stamps...
Happy scrapday.
/Sanna in sweden

Bree Stanley said...

Happy international scrapbook day from texas :)

Trynity said...

While your stamps are fab
and awful hot
dont get me wrong
I love them a lot
but I wanted to speak
cause I've something special to say
I have to wish Julian
He looked like a prince
with "Cruella the Vill"
I bet she was woo'ed
and received such a thrill
from your handsome young man
who has now turned three
I hope this year is perfect
and fun as can be

lydiajane said...

Happy Scrap Day to you too! What great stamps!

kramer_buffy said...

OMG OMG OMG... me me me!!!!!

Lori said...

Happy NSD to you to!!!

Great give away!!! I'll be back to check you out again!!

kelly said...

Happy NSD. What a cool day out for your son. Mine turned 3 in March -one day I'll take him to Disneyland ;o)

Kimberly said...

How fun!!! I LOVE all these FANTASTIC photographs...and know you will put them to good you create AMAZING things scrappin! :)))
Thank you for your sweet post on my blog too! xxoo

Lindsay said...

Happy (Inter)national Scrapbooking Day, Fauve! Looks like you guys had so much fun @ Disney...yay! Love the new Amelie layout...looking forward to seeing your next Mojo LO! :)

Have a good one,

rev said...

haha, i KNEW i forgot something today.... totally forgot to go to our Kruidvat in town. stupid me. o well.

cannot believe you celebrated his birthday in Disneyland. wow. cool party chica! cool mom :D

elly rainbow said...

w00t! happy (i)NSD!!

sally hanna said...

love all the pics from disney and the cake...yum!!!
happy nsd!!

MadissonC said...

Wow, everything you make is beautiful!!! I might just have to keep an eye on this blog... :)

Happy NSD!

Lene S said...

OOoo, would love me some lovely clear stamps ;o) Love your layout in this post, and the pics from Disneyland. How cool!

Happy (Inter)national scrapbooking day!


Judean said...

yay for INTERNATIONAL scrappy day!

Melissa said...

Thanks for giving us the opportunity to win!
SIS: kylissa

Tammy Gray said...

What a great RAK and beautiful birthday photos!!! TFS!

Anonymous said...

Happy NSD to you too!!

love that LO!!

Ratna M.

Charin said...

Give your little cutie a happy birthday hug for me! :)
And happy International Scrapbooking Day! :)

SCRAP-GEK! said...

nog gefeliciteerd met je zoontje Fauve!!! gave foto's joh! enne...Jeanet, Tammie en ik hebben gisteren ook lekker de hele dag gescrapt!!! heerlijk!!! :-) fijn weekend nog! groetjes marije.

Erin Whelan said...

What a sweet little boy. It sounds like you had a blast. I hope to make the same trip someday with my little guy...he has the same fascination with Cruella Deville!
Love that you call NSD, International Scrapbook Day...I vote that they change the name! Love those stamps too...what a sweet giveaway. Happy ISD to you too. Erin in Alberta, Canada

Michelle said...

Hi Fauve!! I <3 that layout!!!!

Pick me please! I so so so want the stamps!!!

almadr said...

Wow - this lo is amazing!!! love it!

and happy scrapping Sunday ;-)

hugs from Poland ;-)


Anonymous said...

GEFELICITEERD met je schatje JULIAN!!! Je layout is SUPER PRACHTIG!!!

Ik heb K&Company hier in Lelystad gekocht bij de hobby winkel op de Tjalk. Maar....hij heeft het echt voor me besteld (via Kars). Ook het appeltjes papier is van deze lijn van K&Company (Berry Sweet).

P.s. doe niet mee met de RAK!


Rach said...

Hi I just love that fab layout! Its so cool, I saw thiose gorgeous stamps on C's Blog and loved them then, they are so cute!
Have a nice day and Happy Birthday Julian!

Anonymous said...

happy b-day to julian, looks like you had a awesome time!


Kate said...

am i too late to join in - love those dutch stamps. please include me in your draw. Happy belated Birthday to julian. x

Michelle said...

Gorgeous lo for the Amelie challenge! Happy NSD!

Je@net said...

Hi Fauve, nog gefeliciteerd met Julians verjaardag!! Wat een superverjaardag hebben jullie ervan gemaakt zeg!!
Je lo is helemaal top!
Ook wij hebben National Scrapbooking Day niet ongemerkt voorbij laten gaan; we zijn lekker de hele dag gaan scrappen bij Tammie! Was zooo gezellig!

Miranda said...

He Fauve!
Van harte gefeliciteerd met Julian nog!!! Whow 3 jaar alweer, gaat snel he?! En hij kan zeker zeggen dat hij een SUPERfeest heeft gehad! Wil ook graag mijn verjaardag daar in disney vieren!!!!!Je lo is ook super!!!
doei doei

Anart Island Studio said...

...Happy belated birthday to Julian!!! I would love to win one of the kits Fauve...I have seen them on Corinnes blog, too!! Love those little houses!! Hugs!!

vinkie said...


Wat heb je weer een mooie LO´s gemaakt helemaal top. Nog gefeliciteerd met je zoon en een beter feest kan ie zich vast niet wensen

XX Natasja

D@nielle said...

wow now that's a fab b'day party ! Great lo's too ! And the stamps are great, got me a set too I couldn't resist ...

na_ch said...

totally love your LO