Friday, April 25, 2008

Something went wrong...

I prommised an update on Tuesday and it's now Friday...I know,i am terrible!I fell a sleep around 8 PM.TWICE!And since i can't really do anything around daytime,there was no time left to update.Sorry,but i'm working on it :)

The DutchSIS crop was great!Finally a time to chill and relax.It's scrapbooking,but it's for fun and not for work.Although i had some deadlines to work on...So i even finished a layout.Woohoo for me!It was the first time i actually produced something on a crop.I can't really focus when i have people around me.

I got REALLY spoiled!My girly Karin brought me all these cute Kawaii goodies,and i am sooo happy with them.I love goodies,especially Kawaii stuff!So thanks Karin,<3>
I send a PM to Linda,asking where she got that cute CupCake deco tape.And she brought me some to the SIS crop together with some other goodies,yay!
I made another layout with the March Dozens kit.I already recieved the April kit,and it looks so yummy!!This layout is a bit different then normal,and i'm not sure that i like it...Oh well I think i can share the news that i 'm a Freelancer for the Dutch magazine "Creatief met Foto's" now.Which means creative with photo's :D It's completely different then Scrap! magazine and i don't have my own article.So i have to adjust.Which is new to me LOL (I'm sooo spoiled!!) But i think it's going to be fun!

And yay for me since i got my own article for the SCRAPBOOK magazine!It's about non-scrapbooking items,because they rule my scrapbooking :D

BTW,have you seen this??Sooo cool,i LOVE BamPop :) Got my first issue from the SCRAPBOOK magazine and it has a 6 page BamPop article in it from me.I was sooo pleased with the way it looked!!

Are you enjoying the sun?It looks like the sun finally came out! Lovin it :)

I found the coolest shoe's on Ebay!I love converse,especially the limited editions.So when i found these i was beyond thrilled!When i recieved the package i showed them to my mom.She said,they are sooo you!Love it when people say that LOLI already owned these,and they are my favorite shoe's!Unfortunately mine are not so neat anymore...I'm off to scrapbook some more.Happy scrapping!


Donna. said...

So much eye candy on your update today! I really don't know where to start. Congrats on your layout in the magazine! And how cute are those sock monkeys in the tree layout!

Funky Finds said...

the family tree layout is genius! :)

Charin said...

Those kawaii goodies are SOOOO cute! :) Love your new layout, it looks good!
Congrats on your article!

SCRAP-GEK! said...

oooooh wauw...allereerst gefeliciteerd met je publicatie in het magazine!!! GAAF JOH!!! en dan die schoenen.....JOEHOE....ZOOOOO COOL!!!!! ik vind ze ook echt bij je passen!!! gaaf hoor! je LO is ook erg mooi geworden..en wat een gave goodis heb je allemaal gekregen op de SIScrop! super! zo te horen was het weer gezellie! fijn weekend! groetjes marije.

Manon Keir said...

cool shoes!! Love your work, beautiful LO's

Mexx said...

ooh awesome shoes where do they come from and that magazine do you know where i can buy them love you and see you soon

Je@net said...

Zo te zien hebben jullie weer een supergave dag gehad in Ede tijdens de SIScrop! Fijn zo! Volgende keer ben ik weer van de partij hoor!
En je schoenen zijn zooooo GAAF! Leuk joh.
Je werk ziet er weer super uit! You rock girl!
Geniet deze dagen van het zonnetje, het is zooo'n lekker weer!

miss morgan... said...

awwww! love the sock monkeys in the tree! so rad! i just got myself a pretty cute pair of limited edition chucks too, but they aren't high tops, sigh.

M@rtine said...

Al Looking good girl!:)
Cant wait to have my Dozens kit too!
enoy the sun. the picture is really pretty!

Iris said...

wat een lang bericht!
Super gave schoenen!!! Ik ben echt jaloers!!!
Wat een gave publicatie zeg. ZOveel pagina's!
En leuk dat je voor de CmF gaat werken! Ben benieuwd wat je voor ze gaat maken!

Je lo over de familie is echt mooi! Leuk die boom met die aapjes erin.

Je bent overigens lekker verwend zeg op de SIScrop. Wat een gave spullen allemaal!

Fijne zondag nog,

Michelle said...

Wow I totally envy your work! I want to freelance for scrapbooking magazines. How the heck did you get into that? Too cool! Love all of the shoes & Kawaii stuff that you got. :D

Aline said...

Wow, there's really much going on at the moment, isn't it?
Love your layouts and again huge congrats on the article, way to go!!

Ladybastard said...

OMG I love all those kawaii stuffs!
i'm so jelous!!!=D
and what to say about BAMPOP!
It's the best!!!
I love you!

Jill Deiling said...

your bam pop article is so awesome!! congratulations! :D
looove your new layouts too, glad to hear you had fun at the crop! :)
hope youre having a great week!

Marieke Vermeulen said...

Hi Sweetie!

Your goodies are looking AWESOME!!
And I so love your layout with the tree. It's absolutely STUNNING!!!
And congrats with your publication! The article looks just PERFECT! You can be so proud of yourself. love love the shoes!!


micayla said...

Gee I have missed so much. I am getting bad at this blogging thingy!!!
Love the layout, congrats on the pub and that mail love well gorgeous.

Lilith said...

oh the last ones are my faves!

Mireille said...

congrats on the pub! THe mag looks awesome and the shoes are MEGA yummie.. don't you just LOVE bam pop!
SOOO cool!

rev said...

girl, that family tree is the best! love it :D. funky you. and love those shoes too! hey girl, you are on a roll with your articles and stuff. cool you. ;D

dana said...

the publication is awesome!! Yay you! Those sneakers are awesome, too!!

Angie said...

Love those shoes !!!!
And that Kawaiii goodies
wish I had some of that !!!
Why havn't we got this stuff yet here !!! im crying
Also congrats on the article !!!