Wednesday, May 21, 2008

14 hours of walking!!

Yes,it' crazy!We have walked for 14 hours on the May market...I dumped my kids at their dad,so i had all the time i needed.We started Saturday evening around 8.30PM and got home around 3.30AM.Around looking at all our stuff we wen't to bed around 5AM!!We got up at 8AM and took the bus to the May market again.We wen't home around 4PM.Yesss we are crazy and addicted to (vintage) bargains.I had such a blast i didn't even miss sleeping.Well after coming home from the May market on Sunday,i was completely dead.I am still recovering from it LOL I found some really cool stuff though :)

I bought this vintage baby sleeping bag.First i wasn't going to take it because Maxim was already to big for it.But then i realized that i could just use the fabric.I payed 10ct for it :) (Wow i feel so Dutch right now LOL)
So while my dad and i were walking we spotted this awesome green stuff that somebody wrapped around an umbrella to keep it in place.Without any doubt my dad asked if i could take a piece to use for my hobby.(Isn't my dad the best??)The guy said no problem and he gave us a knife to cut it.I am so happy with it,and can't wait to use it.Any cool idea's are more then welcome!It looks like some kind of weird bubblewrap.So much fun! My main goal was looking for vintage books.Somehow i think i succeeded...

They look cute huh?I think so too!You will be seeying them on my layouts a.s.a.p.So besides the cute vintage finds i also bought 3 pairs of vintage boots and a pair of new flats.A bathseat for Maxim and some toy's for the boys.But besides the great finds i also had a verry good time with my family.Can't wait for next year!

I saw the movie Jumper with Samuel L. Jackson.And wow it was good!You should def. check it out!

The new ScrapMojo challenge is up,don't forget to check it out!Picture will be added later.

Happy Scrapping!xoxo Fauve

p.s.No i didn't forget my little give away,i am still thinking how to do it LOL


Leah said...

Those books look amazing! So colorful!

Mexx said...

hi girl, youre stuff your bought on the flea market are awesome,the next time i wanne be there to maybe sometime we can go togethere love it you have so wonderfull things , youre next lo going to rock but actually they already do so see you

Nat said...

You got some really yummie stuff there!

Daffie Online said...

Those books are just too cute!

SCRAP-GEK! said...

WOW he!!!! jij bent echt super goed geslaagd joh!!! ben beneiwud naar al je scrapprojectjes hiermee! hihihihi! fijn dat je zo'n leuke tijd hebt gehad! groetjes marije.

Iris said...

Hey Fauve

jeetje 14 uur op de markt! Pff hoe hou je het vol! Maar goed, het is er natuurlijk altijd erg gezellig en er is veel te koop.
Jij bent zeker goed geslaagd!
Ben benieuwd wat je er weer van gaat maken.
De layouts in je eerste berichten zijn weer helemaal super! Vooral die van Maxim met dat appeltjes papier. Geweldig!
Fijn weekend,

micayla said...

Gee girl.............I am jealous look at all those vintage finds! Loving that baby sleeping bag, so dang cute!

Michelle said...

Wow, that sounds like so much fun!! =) I looove your finds...vintage books are so fab! =)

Jodie said...

oooh you lucky thing!!
sounds like so much fun.
i go every weekend to markets/garage sales, and op shops any chance i get, love treasures!!
and those books are just adorable cant wait to see u use them.


Jill Deiling said...

wow you got so much cool stuff! i cant wait to see how you use them on your pages! :)
ive been wanting to see the movie jumper, im gonna have to rent it asap!

Angie said...

Ok really loving that green kind of bubble wrap>> Yes I too would try and grab that !!!he he

Charin said...

THose books are adorable!! :)

Anonymous said...

WAUW Sweetie,

You have bought some AWESOME stuff!!

Have a GREAT weekend!!