Tuesday, August 05, 2008

YAY for two posts on one day!

Okay so i created two layouts i wanted to share.I could wait for 2 or 3 day's,because i don't know when i have more stuff to show...But oh well.I guess you have to do it with these for the upcoming 5 days or so,ha!

This cocky layout is made for the new OLW and Category Stories challenges.Why not 2 in 1 right?Have to keep it fun!It feels good to do some challenges again.I still feel my creative thoughts are a bit lost.I have a feeling i can do better then this...Kinda bummed about that.I am sorta having one of those"my work sucks" moments/feelings.Well can't blame me.I see all these amazing,complicated layouts passing by.Then i look at my stuff and i think...Sjeezzzzzz anyone can come up with this!!Okay,blah blah blah enough for now!
The picture is made by Corinne and i love it.Love what she did with it too,the background is amazing.It is one of my favorite pictures and i am sure i will use it again some day.

This one was just for fun!I wanted to tear some paper apart and create some kind of fire/spike background.This way it would match with the subject.Not sure if i succeeded,since it still looks kinda neat...bummer!
Love that picture of Mandy and me.She is so much fun!

The weather is beautiful over here,and the kids and me went out to play at the little playground.Maxim had no socks on,and he absolutely hated the feeling of his feet in the grass.It was so funny to see,because he was constantly holding his feet in the air :D
Made these pictures today.It is getting harder and harder to shoot pictures from my kids.They are both so fast and full of energy.I love my son's!
I'll be back soon!Happy Scrapping


Dana said...

OK! You are never EVER bad at scrapping! Are you kidding??? YOU ARE AMAZING and a TOTAL inspiration to me!!!

Nat said...

Gorgeous layouts- love the popping colors and design.

Such cute pix of your kids!!!

M@rtine said...

Love those pictures!!! What happend to J his hair!!! Its gone! :) its cute tho! Love the lay-outs too... you sucker.. dont liking your lay-outs Ha!
Hugs M :)

Mandy said...

Hi babe! Forgot all about that pic LOL. Love what you did with it! And the other LO is so fresh too, so cool the pic was in CMF!
And the previous layout in the earlier post...Melting here! He is so cute!!! I LOVE your layout and the pink letters on the pink background! Oh and on the issue "comparing your work with others"... i tend to do that kinda thing too sometimes and find it the most inspiration-killing thing there is... and it makes a girl feel real tired too! WOMAN, your work is FRESH, COOL, VIBRANT, FUNNY and FUNKY and guess what, that matches your personality. So there you have it.

Natasja said...

Great pics, great layouts!

Spinvill said...

_NOT_ anyone can come up with what you do!!! Your work is art. The choice of colors, settings, pics, paper, ideas, everything! I just love it!
I first saw your work in a magazine, the article about Bam Pop, and I just knew that I had found my every day inspiration!
It always make me wonder how you do this, so simple, so special, so unique. It is so inspiring. It always make my day!
I am having a hard time now, cause of a big surgery I had earlier this year, but every time I am feeling down or lost somehow, I go to your blog and I am happy again!

**SCRAP-GEK** said...

gave layouts Fauve!!! en ik kan me voorstellen dat je super veel van je zoontjes houdt!!! ze zijn ook zo cutie! :-) groetjes marije.

Angie said...

Love that layout at the top > I used it as a washing cycle..LOL
You are just too dame good girl !!!

Je@net said...

Great lo's Fauve! You rock girl and you're an inspiration for a lot of us!!
Great pics of your cute boys!

Prinzessin Erbse said...

Wow! Mooie Foto van jou! Jouw LOs zijn altijd een inspiratie voor mij! Doei, Marjan

Anonymous said...

GREAT layouts and GREAT pictures!!!


Leah said...

That first layout is beatiful!!

brigitte from australia :) said...

oh maaaan !! this is serious cool stuff !! loooooove it and so fun :)