Monday, March 03, 2008

Does she inspires you?

Okay first of all...Sorry,i'm still a bad blogger!!I'm gonna work hard this week to change it,okay?Hope to visit all of your blogs this week and leave you nice comments.I have been working on asignments but i couldn't show anything!Now that's no fun right?But...Now i can,yay!
So remember this post?Well there wasn't much to see then,but there is now!I started this great challenge blog together with my girls;Larissa,Sofie,Cindy,Lucy,Celine,Dina and Rhian.It's called "inspired by Amelie" and as you may have guessed,it's based on the movie Amelie.It's a wonderful movie full of beautiful colors,music and idea's.So come on over and play with us!You must see what the other designers did with the first challenge,it's amazing...And if you havn't seen this movie,go rent it NOW!

Here is my layout.It's called "enjoy the little things from everyday life".

I love the little details that are being discussed that has nothing to do with the actual story.Amelie enjoy's these "crazy" things like sticking her hands in a bag of seeds and breaking the top of her creme brulee.She inspired me to look different at everyday life.Like for example,watching your children play and discover new things.

I can also show you my work for Fresh Pages Co. with the January kit.Beautiful kit,but it was a tough challenge for me since it had these beautiful soft colored papers in it and a lot of kraft.But you should def. check these kits out,they are so much fun!

And here is the announcement of my verry cool TOOT...I'm the new DT girl for SCRAPmojo!!Woohoo :) I love that blog!!And the girls are so fabulous.I also wan't to give a big shout out to the other new Mojo girls,huge congrats!These girls inspire me so much.And i have been wanting to do every challenge but "unfortunately" other things came up.But from now on,i can actually focus on it and really enjoy it!Can't wait to play play play!Will show you my layout for the new challenge,soon!

So what have you been doing?


Brigitte said...

Heyyy Fauve !!!
congrats on being DT for ScrapMojo ! well done girl !!
can't wait to see the beautiful creations you're going to do !!
and... love those LOs btw !! aweeesome !!

Charin said...

I need to post my page for the Amelie challenge! :) I had to watch the movie again, love it so much! :) Congrats on the new DT! :)
I have some happy (photography) news posted on my blog today.

Aline said...

Good luck with the challenge blog, I am sure it will be great. Also love your layouts, they are beautiful!

Oh, and congrats on the DT spot!! :))

Marlies said...

Hey mojo girl, you have got so much going on! I am going to put the Amelie challenge on my 'to do list'. ;-) fun, fun, fun!!!


Nat said...

lvoe the new blog!!!

Gorgeous eyecandy on your blog today!

And congrats on Scrapmojo!

Birgit said...

You did gorgeous work again! Huge congrats on the DT, enjoy :) and have fun with the Amelie challenge, i haven't seen the movie but looking forward to see what you girls come up with! :)

micayla said...

OMG the eye-candy..........I am in awe girl!
SOOOOOO happy about scrapmojo, I am super pumped to get to work with you!
Love to ya xx

Nessa said...

thanks for your sweet comment on my blog

~Nancy~ said...

Hey girlie.. so good to see you blogging again! And congrats on your DT TOOT! How awesome!! WOOHOO!! Love your new creations and beautiful pics! Thanks for sharing and have a great week! XOXO

miss morgan... said...

what a rad idea for a challenge blog! so heading over there!

M@risk@ said...

Congrats on your TOOT, a busy girl you are. Nice layouts on your blog but the cutest is the curtain one.

socialbutterfly said...

yeah!! congrats on all your toots!! love your beautiful layouts!!
have a nice day!!

Hanneke said...

Congrats on your TOOT'S!!
Love those lo's!!


Starlight said...

Love ya back wonder woman!!!
Congrats on scrapmojo:D
Rock on babe!

Charlotte said...

Congrats on your toot girl! Very good news!

And your layouts are beautiful (especially the Enjoy-one!)...


Je@net said...

Wat gaaf Fauve!! Gefeliciteerd joh!!
En je werk ziet er weer super uit....zoals gewoonlijk ;-)

Mireille said...

CONGRATS! So much cool stuff comin your way! Love the layouts and love the pic of the lil guys.. Über schweet!!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats with your new DT work! Your layouts are STUNNING!

JAPANESE LETTER SET: You can just search for KAWAII LETTER SET on ETSY, than you will find all sorts of very cute letter sets!


Jill Deiling said...

wow your new layouts are sooo gorgeous!! congrats on the new dt position!!

Christina C. said...


cute layouts. and CONGRATS!

D@nielle said...

congrats and I love your lo's !

Miranda said...

He Goed zeg! Gefeliciteerd!!!
Super lo's!!!!

Jennifer said...

congrats on the new dt spot!!!
very cool!!!
work it out girl!!!

love. jp. :)