Friday, April 03, 2009


Seriously,why does everything always have to be extreme in Holland?Talking about the weather here...Seriously it was HOT today!And that after a week of rain rain and more rain.I saw kids playing in swimming pools.Not sure if it was THAT hot,but maybe it was,cause i was really dying outside.I just can't stand it when it's so hot.On the other hand i hate the rain...So yeah i am a complainer...But seriously it's Spring!!It's supposed to be nice and sunny with a light brease...Not hiding inside,away from the sun!LOL

Well enough about the weather.I finished two layouts i started last weekend,yay!
Life can be Enchanted.Well my life has been crap for a long time(still is now and then...),but i like to keep it possitive.I made this "fairytale" layout,to remind me that life CAN be Enchanted.(I need a lot of reminders)Just have to focus more on the little things.I used one of the Angie Delarie Cinderella tags on this.This one is about my brother and his girlfriend.They were here,together in 2008.So if someone finds my scrapbook in 2200 they would know "they" were here in 2008...Makes any sense,no?Hmmm okay moving on.(freakshow...)
Julian and i made homemade cookies.Well i am not a really good baker(like my mom),but they turned out fine.Not better then the store bought ones,but good for a first timer!Atleast we enjoyed ourself yesterday! :)My mom also started a blog.It's called contagious,for her (cup) cake addiction.She is really good!

I have a TOOT coming up,fun fun fun.Waiting for permission to share!So i'll be back...


Marit said...

I would love to taste your cookies! And I'm in love with the fairytale-lo (and the "book" with your pic - as in the heather of your blog. LOVE THAT!!) Thanks for all your sweet comments on my blog today - and I definitely will join the SIS community this weekend (and if there is any SIS crop around... uhhhm... maybe we'll meet then!)

Mimi73 said...

Love the latest layout that you've made :) As always...beautiful!

PS: I'll send you my layout this week-end ;) Sorry for the delay

Mimi xx

M@risk@ said...

Love the colors and style of the first one and your page about Julian is WOW.

Je@net said...

Wat een gave lootjes Fauve!! En wat zien je koekjes er yummie uit!! Mmmh....die zullen gesmaakt hebben!
Wat gaaf dat je moeder een blog begonnen is en helemaal over cupcakes nog wel, da's een moeder naar mijn hart ♥♥ Ga gauw een kijkje nemen bij haar!!

Romy said...

Gave lootjes heb je weer gemaakt! Ja, het weer is soms zo extreem. Ik hoop dat het zonnetje nog eventjes aanhoudt, want ik ben dol op een beetje warmte.

Lilith said...

love the second page!

and your new blog design rocks!

Birgit said...

OK, stop complaining about the weather!!! Be happy the sun is fianlly shinning! :)
Love the LO's and those cookies look delicious!

Marie said...

Ohh lovely pages and yum on the coockies! Man i wish i could have one lol!

melles-world said...

I love your work!
And the weather in Germany is as silly as in Holland. At the beginning of the week it was unter zero degrees. And now it is over 20. Don't understand this... But better sunny and hot than rainy and cold!


M@rtine said...

looking good those lay-outs! Love the cinderella tags! there cute!
The cookies look yummie!
Hugs Martine

Anonymous said...

Love the enchanted layout and we need to get Mom a Google translator button for her blog...I really NEED to read about those cupcakes,FAUVE! Gina

Marit said...

Just read on SIStv that there is a "bling your blog" class coming up in April. If you're (still) not satisfied about your blog-look, you can always check that class out.

Andrea said...

Wauw, super moie layouts!
Die van mij en Geoff is echt zooo gaaf!
Heb in mijn ouders' huis allemaal spulletjes gevondne om mee te scrappen.
Dus miss zie je binnekort op mijn blog wel iets nieuws :)

Hopelijk tot snel!
( jack's verjaardag?)
xx andrea

D@nielle said...

lovely !