Sunday, August 02, 2009

Get that Diva out.

Felt like playing this morning.Time for 2 of my favorite colors,Pink and Black.This layout is about those day's when you feel fabulous,wearing your favorite dress and heels...You know,walking with your head up high...All the men looking at you like your their favorite candy...LOL
There is a person that knows exactly how to make a woman feel good about herself.Just as she is!!!A hero in my eyes...Ofcourse i am talking about Gok Wan from How To Look Good Naked.What a fantastic show!My mom totally got me hooked.He also got a "new" show called Gok's Fashion Fix.

Ofcourse i couldn't help myself making some more cupcakes...I tend to make flower cupcakes,but they didn't turn out that nice.Too bad,better luck next time!My mom also came by to drop off Mari's b-day cake.WOW WOW WOW,that's all i can say!The cake looks absolutely fantastic.Will show it a.s.a.p. She also brought A LOT of cupcakes and strawberry's covered in white chocolate.Need to go on a diet soon...

Wanted to show you this picture.The other day i had this HUGE wasp in my home.It doesn't look so big on the picture,but believe me.It was huge and way scary!I needed to catch it and throw it out of the window.Not the coolest thing to do,but i succeeded ha!We are spending most of our time on the playground,especially when the weather is nice.If the weather is bad we are inside drawing,playing with clay and watching movies.The routine is out and my kids are often freaking me out by running in the house.Love my kids,but sjeez i miss school haha That's about it...I'll be back soon!Happy scrapping :)


M@rtine said...

ooo those cupcake's are looking yummie! Hope they tasted yummie aswell :) And the wasp! Yikes.. I wouldnt want to trade with you on that one! Kiddies look cute! Love the LO :)

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Loveeeeeeeeeee the LO....and the CUPCAKE looks YUMMY!!!!! :):):):):):):):)

charlot said...

Gr Charlot

Marit said...

Eeeeeekkkk, that wasp sure looks scary! And you managed to get it out of the house? You're not only a diva, you're a hero too!