Wednesday, November 25, 2009

How the world hates Bella...

Last weekend my mom and me went to see the movie New Moon.I had seen the movie Twilight many times,and my mom have listened to all the audio books.So we have been waiting for New Moon for months now,and the moment was finally here!We were standing in line with a hundred 15yr old girls...It was taking longer because we had to wait untill everything was clean.The movie was just as great as i expected,maybe even better!!The coolest moment was when Jacob took of his shirt and all girls started Oewwww and talking.My mom and i had to laugh so hard!Ofcourse everyone is totally jealous of Bella,because she got these two beautiful guy's fighting for her.Although i must say that i wouldn't be to happy with Vampires chasing me...I know i have to go and see this movie again,hopefully with my girl Mari... :)I made this Shabby layout for SausanDesigns.Besides the music paper,all of the papers are from SausanDesigns.As well are the cute flowers,love them!Here are the names:

SingSpring - Sweet Tweet 30,5x30,5 cm paper

Altered Artistry - Doodled Paper Tags and Frames 2
Altered Artistry - Pressed Flowers 1
Altered Artistry - Pressed FLowers 3
Altered Artistry - Paper Frames

I finally got to use the fantastic Voila from Valerie that she made for Prima.Thanks sweety!What do you think of this picture?It's made by the amazing Anita Mundt.Love the fairytale look of it,which explains the title ha!

I'll be back soon,happy scrapping!Love Fauve


polinka said...

your layout is amazing!!! Sausan Designs' papers are just perfect!! :)

And I had the same impression about new moon... gotta watch it again soon, without all the screaming teens around ;)

anita said...

hey're back!!!! lovin' the layouts with your pics...beautiful!
i'm off to see New Moon next week, so very excited. i read all the books last year so even tho i know what's coming i can't wait!

Martine said...

hahahaha... I am on team Jacob.. you??? Love the lay-out! very fairytale!


Daffie Online said...

Supermooie layout! EN supermooie foto ook!

D@nielle said...

I LOVE your LO very girly and pretty. I am going to new moon with my mom too, hopefully this weekend or beginning of next week. can't wait !

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Wowwwwwwwwwww!!!!! GORGEOUS lo my love....and YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY for NEW MOON!!!!!! Didn't U just loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee it?????? And no worries....I have always hated Bella!!! LOL!!! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Lilith said...

your layout is beautiful !!

Marit said...

It's a beautiful, romantic layout Fauve! I love the way you tear your paper... it's so YOU! The photo of you is breathtaking... you might attract vampires!

MaRi said...

Girlieee!! Soooo jealous!! New Moon just got released here today !! Probably gonna see it on the 28th!
Next time it will be us together! screaming like 15 year old girls hihih!
Beautiful layout!

Love xoxo

Micayla said...

The layout is gorgeous and the picture look amazing! Yay pretty you.

Michelle said...

It seems that you & I had the same experience at New Moon and we are 1,000's of miles away. How funny! Love the layout and that photo is too great! So glad you are back to blogging.